At night, players can’t help but gasp. How can such a powerful forbidden art be seen through?


But in a second, his words came true, and when he drank the night, he released a powerful black breath of air billow, which actually made these kids get close to each other, and those black people formed smoke and actually invaded his body! ! !
"What’s going on? My skills actually work for you?" The first encounter with Diablo skill effect made Shadow Night feel a strong sense of crisis.
"No, it shouldn’t be an effect, but an offset. From the moment you entered the dead city to challenge the first person, I got to know you in secret. After that, all your actions were in my gaze. I said all your skills and abilities, even the way you attack and think. After I finished the simulation, I confirmed that 100% of the situation can beat you, before I promised you to challenge the facts. I didn’t expect you to perform more brilliantly, but I didn’t expect you to have the degree of Yue Yan."
This sentence caused a sensation, but it also made Yue Yan somewhat dissatisfied, but it was not true that he said it was true, and they refuted it.
"Oh, by the way, you are a dark attribute. Me too!" At some point, he has come to the front of the shadow night, and the sword is already cold and cold! ! !
His words made Shadow Night’s face suddenly change with horror and exclaimed, "No wonder you say it’s offset! ! !”
Chapter three hundred and sixty Death’s hand
The words of the night made the shadow night tremble all over. "No wonder you will offset my skill effect!" ! Dark properties are generally resisted by human roots, even antibodies, but dark matter will continue to erode opponents. Only by interacting with each other can we compete! !”
It’s still a strange night, and that guy is covered in a gloomy atmosphere. Naturally, it’s impossible to have the property of light to resist the dark property of dark matter, but it’s not easy to talk about the same property in special properties, and it’s also kind of intimate.
But now it is more natural to have a sense of crisis.
That guy is getting closer and closer, but he has plunged himself into his dark matter field. This feeling is the first time in other opponents except that he forgot to catch a cold.
And the other party will easily crack his soul tibetan songs. This alone is beyond his imagination, but at this time, Shadow Night suddenly smiled! ! !
It is in such a desperate situation that people have witnessed the man’s mouth smile.
"Can you be so calm before you die? You are a good opponent. If you like, I am very welcome to the death union, but since it is a life-and-death duel, killing you is the respect for you! !” The black smoke from the burning sword is full of strange and new breath.
"Juejian! !”
"The waves! ! !”
With the dark night, the sword in your hand is ringing, and suddenly the waves are freed in your breath, and the blue-black chopping is like the rushing waves flying over the sky and directly killing the shadow night! ! !
"Ha ha ha ha ha opponent? It’s really good. Maybe from this moment on, you are qualified to be my opponent! ! !” In the face of horror, the shadow night suddenly burst into laughter like a fanatic. Suddenly, the figure flashed and the shadow swept away, and people saw the shadow night flying out of the waves and killing the night with a violent attitude! ! ! !
The night was shocked, but I didn’t expect that Shadow Night could still react to the Jedi counterattack. The collision of my own sword resisted the pure broken arm power, which actually made the night retreat ten meters away. The aftermath of the power was still shaking in his sword! ! ! !
"Ah, it’s also true. If even you have this level, it’s not worth my challenge. Come out with all your strength at night and let me climb to a stronger peak! ! !” At that moment, the momentum emitted by the shadow night body shocked everyone around! ! !
"Is there such power?" Surprised, the night gave me a look of horror, but it was only a moment that I could say that his opponent’s strength was somewhat wrong, but the rest would not change.
Even if the strength increases, other unchangeable words will not change.
Shadow night picked up the sickle and made a chop. The night looked at him and sneered, "Are you going to attack remotely? I told you that you can try if you can’t do all your fighting methods. "
"boom! !”
Before the voice fell, a sudden fright called suddenly came and echoed in people’s ears for a long time. When you look at everyone, you are stunned. I don’t know when I hit my opponent head-on! ! !
Yes! ! !
It happened in a flash, and maybe even the night people didn’t react. Although the scar on the chest was not deep, the blood kept splashing out, and it was full of horror.
"You know all my fighting methods, including my calculation mode, but that was before me. Now you may have to recalculate, because I am stronger at this moment! ! ! !” The reverberation of the solemn words is like thunder! ! !
"Ah see sample really need to recalculate a! !” After the fatal attack just now, the night still didn’t hang down, the body shook slightly, and the eyes were full of scarlet luster, which made people feel creepy.
Suddenly, with a violent riot, a terrible arm grasped the shadow night body. This is an exaggerated giant hand, but it is not a human arm. Those strange scales and sharp bone spurs that grow are all numb.
When I looked at the night, I found that his left arm was completely different, just like a monster arm! ! !
"A death left hand! ! !” People around you exclaimed, how many years have the night not made this force? Since the reunification of the League of Death, few people can see the real strength of the night. That gesture finally reminds people that the night is called death. This man’s terror has emerged from the depths of people’s hearts! ! !
"This is?" When his arm clasped to Shadow Night’s body, he felt a spiritual shock, as if it had resonated, and his whole body’s blood was speeding up.
At this moment, he seemed to feel something and broke away from his opponent’s arm.
What exactly was that moment of resonance? Shadow night asked himself another way to answer this question, and even at this time, the night showed doubts, because he also felt a subtle and strange feeling
But this still can’t stop him from trying to kill Shadow Night. After all, this is a battle that can be won or not! ! !
"How long has it been without strength to fight? I hope you don’t let me down, or don’t be torn easily by this hand of death! ! ! !” Say that finish, it will come, and the arm has the power to cut off the whole air and wind resistance in an instant, and the speed of the night will rise to the extreme in an instant! ! !
In the face of the brutal night, avoiding it at once will always cause spiritual shock.
It was that emotional excitement that made Shadow Night lose his mind for a moment and made a fatal mistake.
Grasping each other’s body tightly, but giving up the struggle, he suddenly muttered, "So that’s it. I finally know why I feel this way."
"What are you talking about? Can’t you feel the pain! !” The players were stunned because they saw the picture of death’s hand penetrating his heart with their own eyes, but the night was cold and painless, and they couldn’t say anything shocking!
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Partners
"Can’t you feel the pain?" Even watching from the sidelines, the player couldn’t help shivering with his left hand running through his chest. The visual stimulation spread directly to his heart.
But it seems like a walking corpse to hit the shadow night, and it doesn’t feel pain or numbness, or is it that there is no strength to cry?
Obviously, it can’t be because he’s still mumbling something, just like he doesn’t understand anything.
"So that’s it, so that’s it, so that you can offset my attack and not be afraid of the requiem of death." The shadow night seemed to be white for a moment. He stood still and gradually closed his eyes. Suddenly, a light from heaven and earth fell on him.
When people saw the mysterious holy light, they first froze and then showed their horrified faces. "How is it possible that this is the light of heaven and man?"
The shock of everyone is not the light of the realm of heaven and man, but the shadow night has not yet reached the realm of heaven and man
Mahler has been playing grass for so long that I’m afraid even the night man has never considered what realm his opponent is in front of him. From the perspective of strength, speed and fighting style, this man’s various performances are like players of the same level and realm.
But now there will be a breakthrough in the realm of heaven and man, and the light of heaven will appear beside this man.
"How can this shit not be the realm of heaven and man?"
"How is it possible to lie in the trough?"
"Impossible, impossible, he is not the realm of heaven and man, but he has defeated all the strong men in the realm of heaven and man, including Yue Yan." Many players can’t believe what happened in front of them after their faces changed dramatically.
Especially in the month, Yan’s whole person is already in a bad mood, and his face is as green as iron. If Shadow Night beats himself at the same level, it’s okay, but now it makes his psychological face very uncomfortable. It’s hard to imagine that he was defeated by a player who is less than the realm of heaven and man.
At this moment, people’s eyes are shocked and admired for this man.
Even in the night, there was a flash of light in my mind. "No wonder I think it’s so simple." The night remembered the pre-battle. He released the power of heaven. It was easy to suppress the other party to return the shadow at night. So it was at that time, he actually had some doubts, but the power of the shadow broke out after the night, which dispelled his doubts. But now that I think about it, the shadow will be easily disintegrated by momentum. That root is not the same realm.
Take a deep breath and try to calm yourself down. For the night, the heart shock is far more than this. The thought of his soul state to meet the realm of heaven and man alone is enough to make this little shock stand out from the crowd.
It’s very important to break through the realm of heaven and man. It must be prepared enough to meet the challenge, and it must be a quiet place and need to be protected. But now it is completely exposed to the broad daylight if someone destroys it.
Everyone’s eyes flashed out of jealousy, killing, jealousy, fire spreading in the body, and they licked their lips and had the impulse to kill the shadow night here
"Kill him"
This man is a great threat to everyone in the dead city.

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