"Yes! But I advise you to restrain yourself. It’s no good for people in this industry to offend! " Perez appealed to the way again


"Well, I don’t want them to buckle my hat for nothing. Every time I write news, I praise me more! I will be very kind to them if I say that I am excellent in thinking and morality and can win the Golden Globe Award! " Sun Yao glanced at his mouth. "But look at them one by one. I’m GA, one by one, a black boyfriend, one by one, and a party! I don’t think I can be good with them! "
"Ha ha, you are really unlucky!" Perez smiled.
"It’s sad enough!" Sun Yao kicked the ball in front of him into the goal. "I’m really looking forward to the late game!"
"I hope you can have a good play! It takes hard work to complete those two indicators! " Perez laughed
"must!" Sun Yao cold way
After adapting to the field training, it is a pre-match press conference. On such occasions, juan carlos Garrido usually chooses a more obedient player or a captain to participate in captain Ai Du such as hernan perez. Although Ai Du is the captain, this guy is actually inarticulate!
Therefore, the juan carlos Garrido Belt of this conference is hernan perez.
Sun Yao? If juan carlos Garrido dares to take this guy to the pre-match press conference, the whole press conference will be ruined!
Juan Carlos Gary doesn’t have the courage.
Sun Yao is happy to relax. Sun Yaocai is too lazy to attend the boring press conference.
press conference
"Mr garrido! We heard that your team Sun Yao said in this game that he must lead the team to win and he will score goals! " A reporter got up and asked
"I don’t know who told you this matter! But I can assure you that I didn’t force him to say that. It was just his own will and didn’t represent the tactical arrangement of the whole team! " Juan carlos Garrido replied angrily, thinking in his heart that damn journalists are really pervasive. It seems that the team has a little’ ghost’ when it comes to the core secrets!
Of course, this kind of news will not cause much harm, but if the opposing coach knows it, I’m afraid he will guard against it
"Mr. Coach! Do you have the confidence to win this game? " Another reporter asked
"We thought it would be a very difficult game in this game, but we still have a three-point goal! I believe my team members can do it! " Juan carlos Garrido polite said again.
"Mr. hernan perez, will you start this game? Did you attend the party held in Sun Yao? " The reporter fired a serial gun.
Hernan perez took the microphone and smiled at the reporter or patiently said, "First of all, Sun held a small party at home, and our teammates and some friends attended it! It’s not a party! I hope that journalists and friends will not be wrong. "
"Second, whether I will play this game or not, I have to wait for the final arrangement of the coach! I am ready for the game! " Hernan perez is quite professional in front of reporters. Of course, this also makes juan carlos Garrido choose to let hernan perez attend the pre-match press conference instead of bringing Sun Yao, who often commits two crimes.
The press conference is going on. Sun Yao has returned to the hotel with other teammates. It’s just noon. Seville, the capital of Andalusia in the south, is not far from Valencia in the southeast. Therefore, it’s only noon to leave for the training of adapting to the venue in the morning.
Generally speaking, a country like Spain can take part in the league by bus.
Unless those big teams cherish the team very much during the break or are really in a hurry, they will choose to fly.
Sun Yao is resting in the team couch hotel.
I don’t care about the press conference
There is even a news report about this game.
Experts are still discussing the big names of both sides and the possible starting lineup.
Sun Yao watched with interest and found that the exposure of his name was still quite high.
Of course, with some negative news, there are also so-called football experts who have a bite of a party, a love affair, a call to Jimen and a photo of a racing party!
"Look at these two idiots and analyze your tactics. What a mess!"
Sun Yao is also feeling nai.
Of course, people will also infer the state of Sun Yao in this game from these things
"It is doubtful whether this Sun Yao can get a chance to play. After all, these complicated things will affect his state. If juan carlos Garrido puts him on the starting list, it is a huge risk!" An expert commented coolly
"There must be no good state. After all, how can you have the heart to play football when you are riddled with scandals!" Another expert said
"Hehehe, we have the same opinion!" That an expert also said
"What a bricklayer!" Sun Yao disdain way
When the starting list was announced, the media also expressed that it was somewhat unexpected
Sun Yao actually started!
But if you think about it carefully, Sun Yao is the only one who can play this position because of the full camp on the left side of the road. It’s really nobody!
Immediately, the reporters were relieved that "Villarreal B team was greatly troubled by injuries!"
I’m afraid Villarreal B is running out of luck in this game!
At this time, even some handicaps are not optimistic about Villarreal B team. Of course, these are no longer considered by Sun Yao
Sun Yao is excited to giggle in the locker room "finally starting! Here we go! The first two games were all substitutes. I scored three goals when I came off the bench! "
"Now finally starting! I am going to be mad! " Sun Yao mused.
"Sun race horse! We will support you! " Hernan perez patted Sun Yao.
Sun Yao also smiled "brothers for support! This game must be won! "

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