Fang Yin looked at him with a smile and nodded gently "well".


Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine The real show moths grandma
Fang Yin found Grandma Zhong Xiue in the back row by the window.
Half a hundred sideburns have become a bun, a simple wooden hairpin and an indigo cheongsam. The sideburns are gray and old, but it is still difficult to hide the dignified and elegant temperament.
Grandma is like a big lady coming out of a ten-mile foreign exchange. When she is old, she will always have a face. Her proud back is still unwilling to bend because of her age.
Impressed with prosperity, it is amazing and the years are indifferent.
She seems to be a little carsick and uncomfortable. Her elbows are on the edge of the window, her eyes are closed, her head is locked and her face is not good.
But it doesn’t affect Grandma Xiue’s temperament in an old man’s house.
No wonder the old man said it was time to find Xiue’s grandmother.
When she appears, you are not allowed to ask and look for her deliberately, and your eyes will fall on her. The seal will almost instantly confirm that she is the special NPC they are looking for.
Xiue grandma’s side seat is a side seal slipped away, and she gently touched grandma’s arm next to her, and then put down the sound, darling Qiao Qiao shouted.
Nuonuo is like a child.
Grandma Xiue opened her eyes and was startled by Fang Yin’s sudden appearance on her side. She took back her arms and crossed her hands on her legs. She looked at Fang Yin and Qin Xugui with a puzzled face. "What are you?"
"Grandma Ang, your name is Xiue, right?" Fang Yin hurriedly laughed
Xiu-e squinted her eyes and was so old that she could still reveal three points of vigilance in her muddy pupils. She looked at the two puzzling young people and nodded and asked, "Who are you?"
She doesn’t remember knowing these two handsome young guys. They don’t look like bad people sitting there, and they accurately called out their nicknames and changed their names. Few people have known her name for so many years. After thinking about it, Grandma Xiue relaxed and looked at them.
"Hello, we’re here to give you an umbrella." Fang Yin looked at the young man’s eyes and motioned that he would hand out two umbrellas that he had been holding in his hand and give one to Fang Yin.
Fang Yin took the umbrella from Qin Xugui’s hand and handed it to Xiue’s grandmother. She said, "We met a grandfather at the bus stop a while ago and asked us to bring it to you after we stopped by. It may rain for a while, but we can’t do without an umbrella."
Obviously, Grandma Xiu ‘e clearly knows who sent her an umbrella by the client, and her face opened with a happy smile, even her eyes softened when she looked at Fang Yin.
She took the umbrella in her hands and carefully held it in her arms and nodded at Fang Yin. "Then I know. Thank you for your trouble. You see, I have nothing to thank you for … or …"
Grandma Xiue carried a bag when she was driving. She looked left and right, but she couldn’t find a gift bag suitable for sending out. It was thick and looked like a textbook for an elderly university.
Obviously, this is not the right gift to thank others.
She muttered rummaged through her bag and frowned when she couldn’t find anything suitable.
Fang Yin hurriedly stretched out his hand and stopped Xiue’s grandmother. "No, it’s not a big problem for Grandma to drop by, and Grandpa has given us an umbrella as a thank-you gift."
Grandma Xiue stopped rummaging through her hands when she heard this, and once again expressed her gratitude.
Fang Yin smiled and nodded, said goodbye to her, and then took Qin Yang back to his original seat.
"Finished?" Fang Yin looked at Qin’s words and was a little excited, but he felt that things would not be so simple.
Qin Yougui looked at the young man and nodded and said, "Done."
His face is also dignified, and obviously he doesn’t recognize that this fantasy will be so simple.
After they handed in the umbrella, the bus was still running smoothly, and the surrounding area did not fade as before, and finally it became dark.
Obviously, it didn’t go to the end, but they already gave the umbrella to Grandma Xiue according to the old man’s statement.
If he is an NPC, the dreamland should have been completed, or … Grandpa and Xiue grandma are not NPCs in the fifth dreamland? Did they get the wrong person?
Fang Yin picked his eyebrows and shrugged at Qin Xugui. His eyes and movements were asking what Calais should do.
Qin Xu returned to hold his fingers one by one, and his eyes swept around the car, pulling Fang Yin up again.
"We’re going to cross the bridge." Qin Xu returned to the low road.
Then he took the square seal to the hammer position.
"If you can fly, you can’t fly. Hold me tight in my arms."
Qin Xu returned there and watched the bus getting closer and closer to the bridge. He pinched Fang Yin’s hand and made a few gestures at him.
"Driver master!" A woman who was sleeping by the window suddenly woke up and rushed to the driver and shouted, "Master, can you stop a car? I’ve been there!"
"The horse will arrive when you cross the bridge ahead. Please sit back. There is no way to stop you without a side!" The driver’s big brother explained in a good temper that he was still driving.
The woman obviously didn’t accept this proposal and stamped her foot and said, "It’s not the eldest brother, I’m going to be late to pick up the children! Will you please stop before? "
"It’s not you, it’s my sister, it’s not that I won’t stop for you. It’s really impossible to stop." The driver’s eldest brother is also quite resistant
This has crossed the bridge.
Fang Yin looked at the driver’s right side of the Kuang environment and opened his eyes wide. There was no division between the driver’s position and the bus guardrail.
He looked at Qin Yigui and just wanted to say something when he was pulled by Qin Yigui.
"Jumping" Qin Yougui did not hesitate to pick an hammer.
At the same time, the woman reached out to the steering wheel and pushed the driver. Before the passengers in the car could react, the bus was out of control and rushed to the edge of the bridge.
The broken glass alarm roared, the woman screamed, the man roared, the passengers panicked and called for help …
Mixed together like a bomb exploding in the cochlea.
At that moment, the vehicle crashed into the Qin Dynasty and pulled him out of the window, feeling weightless and pulling his heart.
Fang Yin was even a little stunned when he was already protected in his arms.
It seems that it rained and Fang Yin heard a roaring thunder.
Thunder masked the noise.
In that warm embrace, Fang Yin found her reason.
Wings "bang" to open to draw a radian to raise the body position.
"Are you all right?" Fang Yin heard the muffled sound of Qin’s return.
He nodded his head.
Thunderstorms are suitable for goofy guild to be killed.

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