"You too, Emma!"


After nodding one by one, Mark sat down beside Chin and looked directly at the professor in a wheelchair and said, "Professor, I need the help of a college fighter."
"Of course!" The professor said without thinking, "Mark, you will always be a good friend of Xavier College."
Mark smiled and said nothing modest.
Or that sentence?
By sending the inner world, the mutant should carve a stone statue of himself and give it to the savior forever.
It is not impossible to burn incense every morning and noon.
Of course!
Mark will be happier if the statue is made of gold!
After receiving the reply of borrowing the plane, Mark didn’t leave immediately, but asked with interest, "What did you discuss?"
Charles said with a smile, "Just now we were considering the idea of Director Zheng Xian concluding a friendship agreement."
Mark’s face is dull with a smile.
Zheng Xian doesn’t really want to unify the world, does he?
Chin turned directly to Mark and said simply, "Director Zheng Xian’s idea is that if we want, our inner world can form an alliance with Dongguo Mutant City and exchange goods."
"What do you mean?" Mark still asked some stupid circle.
"Didn’t you find a few mutant students when you came in?" Jean gave a beautiful supercilious look directly and didn’t good the spirit asked
Mark nodded his head and said, "I’m meeting Xavier College."
Professor Charles directly said, "Now our teaching and living base have been transferred to the inner world, and it is just a point of entry and exit."
"… what?" Mark blinked. "Where are those children? Especially Mia! "
Chapter 366 Lift the table
At this moment!
Mutant city
Ikea apartment Yiqi
"Hello, your takeaway is here!"
Right on the sofa and Katie attacked the glass table melon. Mia flashed at the words.
One second!
The whole person appeared at the door of the apartment like the wind. A handsome little brother in a yellow vest handed his hand to Mia with a smile and said, "Hello, take out."
"Thank you …"
"Meal please …"
The takeaway brother looked at the closed apartment door and looked up at the ceiling.
Who said that foreigners will give small?
Takeaway brother couldn’t help but shake his head and watch a mobile phone show the amount of cross-city orders. After arriving at the account, he thought that he would return the magic to his sister and show a smile. Then he directly pulled the aisle window … and jumped!
"Katie Katie …"
After taking the takeaway, Mia put the takeaway box on the glass table, facing the Oriental translation with her arms around her, and blinked and said, "Wow, I heard that Magic Capital is as far away from here as new york to Washington. It was delivered in less than ten minutes."
Katie turned over a supercilious look and said, "Two steamed buns cost $30, but the designated light-speed delivery clerk runs for $200 … Mia’s ticket to the Imperial City of Dongguo to Modu is only equivalent to $200."
Mia shrugged her shoulders and then looked at Katie very seriously and said, "Katie, I didn’t stop eating, but I wanted to see if the environment in the East is as paradise as others said …"
"Then what?"
"What … Woo!"
Geocentric world
Mark came to his senses and was puzzled. Create said curiously, "I remember you said that you didn’t plan to participate in the first mutant contest this year."
When I heard Mark’s words, I was getting stronger and younger. Create smiled. It seems that I didn’t intend to explain this problem, but I set my eyes on the piano beside Mark.
Jean smiled at the corners of her mouth and immediately explained to Mark, "This year is the first mutant fighting competition. Director Zheng Xian invited us to send a team to watch and listen to opinions first …"
Jean finished.
Mark’s face flashed a little weird.
But … He doesn’t care!
A long time!
Mark unconsciously touched Ba and pursed his lips and asked, "Is Emma the leader?"
Jean nodded and looked at Mark with an expression on her face.
Mark’s expression, too!
Mark’s clear eyes shifted from the piano to look at Professor Charles, an old god in a wheelchair, and said, "I’ll return it after the fighter plane."
Things are the biggest in front of the world.
When leaving.
Professor Charles and Create invited Mark to attend the closing ceremony of the mutant fighting competition in Dongguo Mutant City in a few days.
Mark refused almost without thinking.