In this way, the enemy will inevitably want to shorten the fighting time as much as possible, otherwise the loss will be too great


However, the Emperor of Heaven can no longer break through the defense of Xuangui Shield, and it will fall on Xuangui Shield.
Similarly, this law has initially mastered the magic of Leitian Zuqinglian, which is completely broken out. The speed is far faster than that of Leidun, and it is much stronger than Master’s rainbow Kyushu Emperor.
It was Qian Leitian who was absolutely delighted. After all, he had more money to run for his life, but now he doesn’t think so. He has come to be a stubborn stone. Now he has become a peerless fairy soldier and won’t avoid difficulties again.
The second one is to wear the sun, and the master elder brother is obviously from the origin. His talent is much higher than that of Luo Xiu and Zhu Lie, who wear the sun to see the sun, laughing and being a sword.
The sword in his hand has turned black and the golden light will be scattered at any time, but he knows that this is the final form of XuanTianGe’s sword.
Leitian put the Xuan turtle shield in front of him and it was split by the fierce piercing Yang. The Xuan Tiange was separated from the sword and a firework flashed into the fierce piercing Yang’s eyebrows.
Thank you, teacher younger brother, for wearing Yangxin fiercely. With the help of such a block as Leitian, he finally scattered the sword spirit in the sword and re-entered the body for refining. Wearing Yang fiercely in that warehouse was a tough one. Although the sword spirit entered Xuantiange from the sword with help, I don’t know when it will be completely.
Leitian is also a smile, and the sword is saved. I don’t know how many Zhou Yuan sword spirits release power. Although it is residual, it is not now that I can resist it. If it is not the mysterious turtle shield, I will definitely be seriously injured by the sword.
Brother, try your own strength. This sword comes from the heart. It is the true sword fairy who cultivates into the Emperor of Heaven. There is no such means as Brother.
It’s a pity that my final choice is gun skill. Although Liuyang is as powerful as Lei Jian, it’s not my own life.
Master fencing is finally inherited by people.
After wearing the sun fiercely, Luo Xiu is holding a halberd in Luo Xiu’s hand. It looks like a halberd, and the blade of the halberd is burning with a blue flame, which makes the temperature drop sharply.
The lunar marrow leitian surprised that the treasure was found in this warehouse according to everyone’s needs.
Luo Xiu’s cultivation is the method of the Taiyin killing gods. This Taiyin essence is a cosmic moon star condensed at the end of the Zhou Yuan, and many immortals who can survive the disaster of the Zhou Yuan may not get it.
Then Xiao Yu Zhu is now in the hands of a light rain, and a short eyebrow-folding sword is gone. This short flame is very hot, which offsets the halberd cold in Luo Xiu’s hands.
This must be the true marrow of the sun. I am worried that two people have no fighting capacity and three people are not balanced in practicing magic. Now he is finally relieved that the speed of practicing these two things will be flat.
Zhu Leitian didn’t see anything over there because Zhu Yuan felt more vigorous.
Zhu smiled and shook his wrist with a emerald bracelet. Brother, guess what this is.
Leitian shook his head, but Zhu didn’t speak. It was a proud wrinkle and a wrinkled nose. Her bracelet was the same sword. She cultivated the whole fairy sword array and turned this bracelet into a thoroughfare.
Then came Hung Hung, who smiled at everyone and said, You have been waiting so long.
Even the fierce sun is curious about what Hong got in this warehouse.
Hong shook her head gently, and the hair scattered around her. Suddenly, the hair cut and sank one by one, and the cracks moved to form a large array of ofuda.
Elder martial sister, you changed your swordsmanship. Leitian was surprised and asked, This is not a distant sword.
This is the eternal sword, which can be reversed. Time is divided and the number is taken. The flame in the virtual space is far from being comparable to the fire.
Everyone nodded. The murder of the immortal sword didn’t leak at all, but it meant immortality. Now that the purple eyebrow is not here, I wonder what benefits Master can get here.
When everyone stared at the warehouse door, the warehouse was shaken. Seeing that the warehouse door was completely missing, it suddenly cracked, and the purple eyebrows stepped forward.
He laughed and the rainbow lit up. Obviously, he was not allowed to perform magic by this rule.
Leitian and others already know that the law here is powerful, and they followed the rainbow without hesitation. The rainbow shrank and left this fairy mansion.
Rainbow six people congratulated the purple eyebrow reality. Just now, the purple eyebrow reality broke the door of the fairy house. He has once again advanced his strength and reached the peak of the Emperor of Heaven. Maybe his savings are not as rich as that of the Jade Emperor, but he will not be easily killed by the Jade Emperor.
It was the last sword that proved that everyone was also worried about what caused the saints to be unhappy and quickly turned away from the world. Even if they felt it, those saints would not come back immediately to settle accounts.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-four Vortex
Leitian and others have just left a big hand, and now this big hand of light fills the air in the fairy house. After searching in the fairy house, I didn’t find that the purple eyebrow reality can leave bitterly.
Purple eyebrow real rainbow telescopic suddenly came to this big mirror mouth and quickly returned to that state without hesitation.
The purple eyebrow is a real person, and the mirror of the universe has condensed an ofuda and stuck it on the mirror of the universe. The mirror of the universe was just about to shine when it was pressed back and turned into a humble sample again.
Leitian this just know purple eyebrow reality is not a provocation to break through the library mansion door, but when it will not come, if you stay in the mirror of the universe, the breath of the mirror will be leaked, in that case, this breath will definitely break the boundaries and be perceived by the jade emperor.
Although it is difficult for the purple eyebrow real person to be killed by the jade emperor today, after all, it is impossible to always hide after the strength gap is returned.
This mirror is worth a strong method to resist its temptation.
The purple eyebrow mirror tells the dialogue. The jade emperor asked Bai Chen for thirty-three days, which is calculated. Today, you will cut off these thirty-three days in Kyushu, and you can’t stop what Bai Chen is going to do.
Leitian was slightly surprised and immediately said, I’m afraid Bai Chen is already the realm of the Emperor of Heaven, and I can’t stop him from doing anything.
Well, I’m afraid he has to face trouble, or you caused it. His victory is good for the jade emperor. Of course, his great defeat and physical death will affect your mood and make you never catch up with the jade emperor.
Purple eyebrow reality will discover the key and everyone will frown, especially Luo Xiu. She never worries about Bai Chen on the surface, but it is her son and the only offspring in the family after all.
It’s okay that Xiaoyu can produce today. It’s almost impossible for the Emperor to have a child.
This is heaven and heaven. Can God give birth to children at will, or can other gas refiners live?
Let’s get involved in this matter. Even if Kyushu is still connected for 33 days, we can’t find the Jade Emperor for 33 days. This plan is to get to know what Baichen wants to do.

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