"You want to see! I’m very generous! Let me go, though. Don’t be afraid of the eye of a needle growing in your eyes. "Summer flower stretched out his hand and pushed Xiao off, and he really let her go.


He looked at her with his chest in his hands, and she turned around. The colorful skirt fluctuated like a red wave. He looked at her as light as a fairy figure and smiled. "The red color of flowers is not suitable for you. I think it is best to wear nothing."
"You are a man show." Summer flowers stopped circling and stretched out their hands on Xiao’s unique chest.
"Sao is as boring as Sao?"
"it’s a person like you who looks as cold as ice but is coquettish to the bone."
"Oh," he nodded. "Now I have learned a new word from the mouth of flowers. This word is good and interesting."
He took her hand and blinked at the corner of his mouth and hooked up an evil smile. "How can it be quiet here and not be disturbed as man show …"
Xia Baihua gave her a look. "You think it’s beautiful that someone told me that you can’t be human and someone told me that you are a short-lived ghost." After a meal, she recovered her serious color and looked at him and asked, "Xiao Jue, are you really a short-lived ghost who can’t be human?"
"If I am really short-lived, what should flowers be like?" He looked at Xia Hua as if it were true or false.
"Then I’ll find another spring." Summer flowers laughed.
"Don’t you dare" Xiao absolutely twisted her lovely nose tip.
"Do you think I dare?" Summer flowers grind their teeth.
"It’s always said, but you’re not as good as a husband. Now you know the personnel." Shaw never stretched out his hand in Xia Hua’s low red neckline and slowly leaned his finger in.
"Don’t you dare" Xia Hua hit his hand.
He laughed and said, "Do you dare?"
He tasikmalaya picked her up at the lip corner and reminded her to bend or not, regardless of whether the summer flowers rained down on him. He went straight to a carved bed with a dark gold heart and shiny satin brocade, and he threw the summer flowers gently into the bed and leaned over.
His hands were supported on the brocade quilt, and his body did not press her body.
Her eyelashes flashed slightly. "Xiao Jue, why are you so boring every time?"
"Don’t flowers think I’m not strong enough?" He lowered his body and narrowed his evil eyes. "If you want flowers, you can stand it. I can make it bigger."
Xia Hua left her mouth. "Xiao Jue, I’m afraid you can’t bear reas."
His whole body has been crushed and his mouth is smiling. "Try the flowers."
The words just fell and the palm of your hand covered her thighs like jelly, where she gently rubbed her whole body with tenderness and suddenly thought of cloud catkins. No matter how jealous she was, she couldn’t ignore her words
She pushed him and said, "Xiao Jue, it’s getting late. I should go home."
He looked at her with big black and white eyes and smiled. "Are you afraid of flowers?"
Summer flowers lightly scoff at "Hao, anyway, the day when the old lady marries you, it’s also called a hole in front of the bridal chamber."
He chuckled and couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and poke her pink lips. The other hand turned to hold her waist and shook his head. "You girl can always say such shocking things. What is the so-called Qiandong?"
She smiled with charm, lit her hand a little, squinted at the tip of Xiao Jue’s nose and asked, "Anyway, you are all mine. I don’t mind asking for you before. I really can’t bear to do it because you are so weak."
Her fingertips were exposed to his lips along the tip of his nose, and then she looked down at his throat, clavicle and chest all the way. She circled around deliberately and flirted with her eyes like silk.
He felt that he was on fire with her fingertips, but he listened to her sweet little voice and asked, "Why don’t you wait until you get well and I’ll hurt you slowly? We have plenty of time!"
He didn’t prepare for this. He promised her that he would keep his promise, and if he had a life, he would show her what he can do.
But even if he can’t wait for that day, even if St. saussurea involucrata blooms once in a hundred years this year, as his body has collapsed to the point where he can save his seven hearts, the incense poison is slowly eroding his body. Guo Hao is right that he really lacks life.
It’s tender to look at her eyes as if she were about to drop water. Plus, she deliberately teased him, adding fuel to the fire. He leaned over and stared at her as if he could never see enough, but his heart hurt.
Xia Hua looked at him as black as an ancient well, and there was a faint light in his eyes. She knew what it meant. She thought she had played too much. She had been suppressed for too long like Xiao Jue, and a boring man could not stand much teasing. Once this seemingly abstinent man was inspired, he would even pack up some ideas.
She doesn’t want to really kill him. She still thinks that this man is not good, but she regards him as her future husband.
She moved quickly and set out to escape, but he didn’t move. His hand had quietly touched her face and her lips …
Her body was on fire, her fingers clenched on a quilt and she whispered, "enough is enough."
He ignored her, the girl scratched his heart like a kitten. How could he let her go so easily? Even if he didn’t want her at the moment, he would make her feel bad. He leaned over her and kissed her face, her lips and her …
The more she moved, the harder it was for him to hold on. At last, he heard her sobbing in a low voice, a kind of sadness. He froze all the movements and stared at her with dark eyes. "Flowers, don’t you feel happy at all if you want to cry?"
She blinked her eyes covered with mist, but at the bottom of her heart, she thought that this man was still distressed and respected herself, and her heart also hurt a little. She sighed in a low voice and put away her tears. She solemnly said, "Xiao Jue, I am afraid that you are really dead. I don’t want to marry a short-lived ghost. You have to live a long time and I will go to the old reas." She adjusted her tone and warned, "If you don’t live long, I will go to the second spring immediately after you die."
He didn’t speak and turned over. Xia Hua lay flat on the bed with dark eyes staring at the top of the tent like smoke for a long time. He said faintly, "I will do my best to accompany you to your old age if possible."
She leaned over and stared at him with one hand. "It’s not necessary if possible." She sank slightly. "If you dare to die first, I will whip the body!"
"good!" He slowly spit out a monosyllabic word from his mouth.
He turned around and she gently put her hand on her shoulder and gave her a Gherardini look. "It’s happy to be flogged to death by you."
She rolled up and said bitterly, "it’s not that easy for you to be happy. I have several ways to make you unhappy!" "
"Let’s hear about it."
"I won’t tell you that I am going back."