Even if a master can make an empirical prediction on some tracks, it is mostly the road ahead. But it can be seen that the track in Sun Yue’s hand is more than 30,000 meters, and it is approaching 40,000 meters. How can this be predicted?


Listen to sweet potato and say, "Before the missile comes, there will be a missile line that will light up first. If several missiles are side by side, the missile lines will actually light up at the same time in the front section. But we can all recall that when Sun Yue saw the missile lines in front, those lines actually lit up first and last, which means that the missiles in front will be called in a’ left and right’ distribution. If we can know this, it is not difficult to select a player like Sun Yue at the track.
The audience heard the news with horror.
Damn, although it is true, those missiles that flew obliquely came at almost the same time, and the lines before they appeared seemed to light up at the same time! If we say that when so many lines are lit up, we can still see them in sequence, how good eyes do we need?
Maybe just now, the Great God Sun Yue saw this and dared to jump like that?
This is simply going against the sky!
On the scene, the audience whispered to each other, and the two people in front gradually came to the section of about 50 thousand meters. These two people ran out so far, but they didn’t make any mistakes and hung up. I have to say, this is very rare.
At this time, however, Mo Tianyuan’s eyes were fixed on the front, and the curious color of Chao Tian’s brow was even more obvious …
"Boss, have you found that Chao Tian seems very nervous and uneasy?" Slightly thoughtfully mo Tianyuan asked Xie Xiaofeng
According to the information they got earlier, this evil shadow team is enough to beat the strong team of Tianya team in North China Division and has no less strength than Qingfeng Pavilion, and Chao Tian is the first player among them. Theoretically, such a strong team should be very confident or a little arrogant during the game, but it seems that this Chao Tian’s face is written with a little anxiety and a little worry. What is going on?
A few people don’t understand, so sit down and continue to look at the two people in front of you.
57 Chapter 57 Division Grand Slam!
After Mo Tianyuan woke up, Xie Xiaofeng also found the problem that appeared in Chao Tian’s face. He shook his head and was puzzled.
But at this moment, he and Mo Tianyuan have such a feeling in their hearts. Is this evil shadow team not strong in the classic mode? They are not so confident?
A few people know that this evil shadow team is the second fastest team in the country with strong strength in the speed mode, but they know little about their accomplishments in the classic mode. They guess by themselves that they should be a good player in the classic mode.
After all, classic mode and speed are the closest two modes. Many players who play better in one mode will also have strong strength in the other mode. For example, the country recognizes that the speed-first team, the crazy team, has the same top level in the classic mode.
But how can Chao Tian, an evil shadow team, behave so flagrantly?
Just as the two people wondered in their hearts! When we reached more than 56,000 meters, Chao Tian accidentally hung in a flash strange place!
The audience was crying, but Mo Tianyuan and Xie Xiaofeng looked at each other after seeing this situation, and they had a faint feeling of knowing something …
"Let’s take a look. If the same is true of their players in a game, then maybe the team’s speed strength is really not very strong," Xie Xiaofeng said
The second game of the flurry team was played by Mo Tianyuan, while the second game of the evil shadow team was exactly what they had heard about Yun Nie, the second master of the evil shadow team in the past two days!
However, this group of people was originally a master boy, and also hung in the hands of Mo Tianyuan without running to tens of thousands of meters …
The audience was stunned and obviously questioned the strength of this evil shadow team
"Are you kidding? Is this why Zhou got six strong points? "
"Yeah, it doesn’t look like much strength. I really don’t know how they won in North China last week. Is it because the teams assigned to North China last week are weak?"
"With this strength, maybe I will be better than them!"
At this time, it was obvious that some people were boiling, which meant that the two games were beaten by a two-to-one! This result is obviously a little dissatisfied with the audience who came all the way from North China to watch the strong confrontation between the evil shadow team and the flurry team. Besides, even if you can’t beat this flurry team, it’s okay to stay on the track for a little longer, right?
However, the eyes are not only lost, but also lost at about 50 thousand meters, which is too inconsistent with your so-called strong team style! ?
However, although the audience complained, they also knew that it was acceptable now, but after this game, the evil shadow team Zhou just accumulated a lot of popularity, even if it was obvious that it would fall back a little.
Explanation action hurriedly chin way "oh! It’s really unfortunate that today, the two players of our evil shadow team seem to be in a bad state … Yeah, but I think although they lost some today, there is no doubt that they are still one of the top teams! Let’s give them some applause! "
However, Jin Dou said that after the game, the palm was sparse and depressed.
Taiwan Xie Xiaofeng several people sit together to watch Cheng Wen see this result shook his head and said to himself, "It seems that I still don’t have enough information about them …"
After defeating the evil shadow team, no one in the northwest division can stop the footsteps of the flurry team this week!
In this classic mode reference competition area, they have become the most unshakable hegemony. On the fourth day of the competition, they still met a strong team, that is, the Ling Sha team where Linghan several people are. After all, Linghan several people are also state-owned famous cool running gods, and they are also good at the classic mode. When they play against them, they can obviously feel their strong strength.
However, I don’t know if the game between Zhou and the flurry team has already cast a shadow on their hearts. After two games, Mo Tianyuan and Xie Xiaofeng once again beat them a two-to-one!
Then this is a little awkward …
However, several people in Linghan also seem to have expected this result. Generally, it turns out that there is no decadent cause. In this week’s game, they also got a good result and finally won 6 points in the Northwest Division!
On the other hand, the flurry team is even more horrible. In this week’s competition, they actually lost and got a grand slam score of 7 points …
Although this situation has made many teams greedy, it is also white that these young people have this strength. It is even more difficult to win points from them in the classic mode.
On the sixth day of the competition in the Northwest Division, Zhao Zhenguo, the boss of Haifeng Shadow Club, also learned about their situation this week. He smiled and congratulated them on winning. You know, this time, the flurry team went to several major divisions in China to participate in the war, but it was his Fengying Club! This means that the better the performance of the Blast Team, the greater the influence on the Wind Shadow Club …