"This is a great event, Youmei. Take two fathers-in-law to have a cup of hot tea in winter!" Dong ling’s eyebrows andao should be about the same when he does the math as expected.


Two eunuchs eyebrow eye smile thank reward long Dong Ling smilingly took a sip of milk tea and others walked away before winking at Lian Yan Jing.
"This big New Year’s day emperor will be happy when counting." Dong Yuling lamented that Xu Liangyuan’s calculation was even intentional!
Knowing that the emperor didn’t like the queen’s rushing to step on one foot to pay her respects, she fainted and was suspected of being a diaphragmatic.
I’m afraid Xu Liangyuan’s surprise has also been hit hard. She certainly didn’t expect that the heir was more difficult than the emperor to make his princess pregnant, and there were three at one time, which made her no longer unique.
Carefully calculating a show-off failed but lost his value. Xu Liangyuan should cry.
"It seems that the emperor’s problem has really been solved." Lian Yan Jiing sighed slightly. After so many years of trouble, she finally had a chance to change.
"It’s time for the effect to come out. It’s almost two months since the emperor raised his body. I want to come to these princesses for a while. It shouldn’t be long to say that others were invited to have a safe pulse before they knew it." Dong Yuling nodded and counted.
"But this New Year’s Day is really happy." Lian Yan Jiing really rejoiced for the emperor. Those people in the imperial clan should find no reason to say something!
Dong Yong’s forehead is full of thoughts of Yu Guifei. I don’t know what kind of mood this true love is when she hears that her man has let other women have children. Anyway, there must be a sense of loss and sadness!
"Why? You look weird? " Lotus Yan jiing can’t help but ask directly without reading it.
"I wonder how Yu Guifei feels when she knows that other women have their own men and children?" Dong Fengling sighed that royal women are hard to do unless they really don’t care
"…" Lian Yan Jiing didn’t answer the words this time, which seems to be specific to say something wrong.
Silent for a while, Lian Yan Jing changed the subject and said, "It is estimated that the emperor is in a good mood. This court minister’s day has passed recently. He has been staying in the house for treatment. Today’s weather is not bad. Shall we go out to play?"
"Yeah, I haven’t been out for a long time either." Dong Yuling nodded. It takes time to go shopping. She didn’t have time to pay attention to the emperor’s stall.
Look at this little eunuch. She’s here to give good news, and she has to reward silver. Is this a good news?
As a result, Dong Ling quickly changed his clothes and pushed Lian Yan Jing to go out.
To others? It is the right way to fall behind or protect in the dark, but you can’t disturb the interest of the two masters
Coming to the street, Dong Yuling actually gives birth to something like a lifetime ago. It’s really too curtilage recently, which is not good …
"What day is it today? Why is the street so busy? " Dong Yuling wondered that the street was much more bustling than before!
"Today is nothing, but the Spring Festival is coming soon, and shopping and selling will increase. Everyone wants to have a lively year," explained Lian Yan Jing.
"Oh, that’s right." Dong Yuling suddenly realized that at this time of the year, she naturally didn’t mind shopping in Qishan, Dou Yun.
Go to Tianyi Pavilion, Lian Yan Jiing went in without hesitation, and directly ordered several sets of luxury clothes. Finally, she said to Dong Yuling, "It is always guaranteed to order two sets of clothes for the Palace Banquet for the New Year."
Dong Yuling looked at the atlas, but she felt that there were mainly cloud embroideries, and she felt that Tianyi Pavilion was nothing.
However, Dong Wei’s spirit is not good enough. Lian Yan Jing also ordered two sets for herself and Dong Wei Lan at that price. She couldn’t help but smoke. It’s not as good as making it herself. Anyway, there are so many good fabrics in the county main house!
Once I went there, it was a jewelry store, just like Tianyi Pavilion. The capital city is very famous and is sought after by many people.
I’m a little interested in Dong Yuling’s statement that she won’t do what she wants, but she loves to go shopping and go to these stores. She has a woman. Chapter 195 Don’t stroke the tiger’s beard.
Lian Yan Jing was dumbfounded by Dong Yuling’s strange eyes. "I like to visit the county magistrate. Didn’t you often visit jewelry stores?"
Dong Yuling’s expression is stiff, and the corners of his mouth are drawn together. "Where can I visit such a good store? I just want to buy something unusual to reward. "
"At home, it’s either the Queen Mother’s reward or other people’s gifts. It’s too rich to reward people. How much money is not enough and you have to buy it now."
Lian Yan Jing suddenly "so that’s it", which makes him still love to visit jewelry stores!
"Why didn’t you tell me that my house is full of dust in the warehouse? It seems too bad to give gifts to reward people and you can’t pick one?" Lian Yan Jing took the initiative.
"Oh, Wangfu is rich. When I don’t get a reward one day, I’ll ask you to get something for the time being. I’ll buy a lot of it before I finish." Dong Yuling said that while flipping through the books in the store, it’s popular to announce the style of the books now, and then let the store get the real thing.
In a short time, Dong Yuling stared at a set of pink jewelry, which should have everything. It is made of pink jade and pink gemstones and pearls. The quality is very pink and just suitable for her sister.
Lian Yan Jing looked at the probe. "Do you like this?"
"I think it’s just right to take Xiaolan to the Chinese New Year’s Palace Banquet …" Dong Yuling didn’t look at the price and wondered if Dong Yulan would like it.
Now, this day is not as hard as when I first crossed it, and I want to break it in half. Now she is not short of silver.

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