"Does this mean that there is a bottom line for organizing apostolic human beings at the top of the tower?"


"There is no bottom line, so it is more in their interest."
"There is no bottom line for them. It can be proved from the fact that they destroyed your new mecha. If you drive a new mecha today, we can finish killing the orangutans chasing those dogs."
"They should have guessed, but Ivanovich will not make nuclear weapons kill out because we are alive at this time, which is more valuable to them, and it makes no difference to make nuclear weapons earlier or later."
Ji Xinghe asked, "Are you a little scared now?"
The moon and the moon suddenly reacted. She seemed to be wordy and didn’t launch an attack. She should launch an attack.
In the course of the dialogue, Ji Xinghe has already driven Xingyuejia to the battlefield and joined the independent regiment faster. Ji Xinghe did not choose to fight, but kept passing through the imperial positions and passing through the imperial mecha.
Within 50 meters, many imperial mecha did not attack the Milky Way, but their attack range was also the effective range of Andre 293 magnetic rifle.
But she doesn’t have a gun.
"But I’m a little scared because this is the first time I really have the possibility of dying."
Xingyue was shot when she said this sentence.
This time, she didn’t dub, and two imperial noble mecha equivalent to the federal Mountain View were broken.
"But on second thought, I don’t need to be afraid of the cause of death. I’m sure I won’t die today, master, and you won’t sacrifice us. There’s a great chance to kill us."
The attitude of the moon and the stars has undergone great changes in this short half minute.
She dubbed again.
"bang! Hey! "
Two shots were fired 35 meters and 43 meters away from Ji Xinghe. Two imperial noble mecha were penetrated into the cockpit by tungsten-steel alloy bullets, and then they threw themselves into the cockpit and got up again.
"Yes, we won’t die."
Ji Xinghe’s tone is still calm. He finally killed three fighters who were fighting to cut the mountain armor. He quickly broke their opponents and took them to join him in cutting the mountain armor.
"Stay close to me"
It is very inconvenient to make the communication of the elevator undisturbed, and the chaotic battlefield is not clear enough, but at least it brings some command ability
The pressure behind the three mountain armor-cutting bodies closely following Ji Xinghe suddenly dropped a lot.
Directly ahead, Ji Xinghe suddenly pranced and fell to the ground after being bombarded by several shells.
The body made of tungsten, steel and gold didn’t suffer much damage. The impact of the shell hit the cockpit and didn’t affect Ji Xinghe.
This prance was meaningful. He saw the position of his independent group mecha.
Turn to four people to become a tiger
Soon, they killed the position of another group of independent group mecha, and this group tried to converge. With the arrival of Ji Xinghe, they wanted to divide their imperial mecha and were destroyed in an instant.
"Stay close to me"