Jack has been thinking about his wife telling him about the job, and he is thinking about whether to jump ship or not.


After all, Jack is under great pressure behind Mark.
This feeling has become more intense since he was promoted to deputy director of the Ministry of Justice.
after an hour
Federal special plane
Mark looked up at the blue sky and white clouds outside the window and asked "Debbie"
"hmm? What’s the matter, boss? "
"How long have you been with me?"
"… I haven’t calculated it, but it should be twenty-two years."
"Yes, it’s been 22 years." Mark nodded and smiled at Debbie sitting on the left. "Have you ever wanted to live a different life?"
Debbie was stunned and then said incredulously, "Boss, do you want to fire me?"
"… what? No, no,no. "Mark was shocked and immediately waved and said," What are you kidding? You are my favorite to dismiss you. I won’t even dismiss Jack without you. "
What a joke
Jack and Debbie have been following Mark ever since he left the Federal College.
Although jack, who was trained by himself in this process, has been seduced away by a woman’s gender advantage
So far, there has been no male or female jumping out and seducing another Debbie who has been trained by herself.
As Mark said before.
Debbie gave him loyalty. Mark will live forever.
Mark immediately laughed. "Have you ever wondered where your boss went four years ago?"
Debbie smiled shyly. "I checked secretly, but I’m sure the boss hasn’t had the earth in four years."
"oh? What? "
"All your ex-girlfriends don’t know you left."
"Sorry boss"
Mark quickly took out a towel to wipe the wine stains on his collar. This suit is pure cashmere.
quite a while
Mark took off his suit jacket with a sigh and looked at Debbie and said, "Do you want to see another world?"
Debbie’s quick answer really fooled Mark. After all, it’s another world. Don’t think about it?
Debbie replied, "Boss, you know my parents died when I was a child."
Mark Moran
For Debbie and Jack’s family, Mark is very clear.
Mark shrugged his shoulders and revealed part of his identity as a hades and the events of hades in another world that was expanding rapidly to Debbie.
soon afterwards
Mark poured himself another glass and took a sip and said, "Give me an answer. I can’t give you immortality in this world for the time being, but I can do it in another world now."
Mark may have thought about waiting for him to ascend to the throne of hades once, but now he is not.
Debbie is one year younger than Mark, but she is thirty-seven now.
It was when Mark saw Debbie’s waistline that he suddenly realized.
Former Debbie is a wasp with a small waist.
And now?
Although it is still a small waist, it is not a wasp.
This made Mark realize a problem.
Although mark wanted to give a happy ending to others who were loyal to him, he didn’t say it.
What will Xiang Yu fail?
What will Liu Bang succeed?
Historical results have actually given the answer.
Mark decided to give this award before it was a peace of mind.
Good half-day
Debbie was able to digest this information.
She knows that her boss is not an ordinary person.
After all, Debbie, who has been with Mark for so long, is not a member of the supernatural world, but if she is asked to tell what is in the supernatural world, Debbie is a doorman.
Their boss has dabbled in the whole extraordinary world and is safe and sound.
we should like to ask
Will Mark be an ordinary person?
But …
It’s unrealistic to say that Debbie hasn’t had second thoughts before when she saw her eldest brother, Ka, in her most handsome years.

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