But the escaped master didn’t know it.


Besides, worthington has turned to ashes.
Dead people can’t talk!
Generally speaking,
The money must be replenished somewhere.
half an hour later
Ray breslin was once again brought to Mark by the three soldiers.
"… who are you?" Ray rubbed his wrist and glanced at the three soldiers who left completely. Then he looked at Mark, who was wearing sunglasses again, and said with a heavy heart.
Mark smiled faintly. "Mark Lewis, the director of the FBI in New York State, is also your creditor."
"… what do you mean?" The thunder frown is magnetic.
Mark said faintly, "Mr. Breslin spent 30 million dollars to get you out. Do you think I am your creditor?"
Ray breslin "…"
After the fighter plane
Ray breslin glanced at the prison freighter which was completely taken over by the French coast guard and asked, "What will happen to them?"
Take the co-pilot and put away the IOUs. Mark replied in a rare and beautiful mood, "They will be sent to France for trial."
This is a good condition just now.
Romantic and famous French people will appear so soon?
Stop it
After the word romance, the French themselves flatter their faces.
It’s romantic to put it mildly.
To put it bluntly, it is laziness!
This time
Mark gave each other a big cake.
Even if the CIA doesn’t admit this grave prison for no reason, they did it
This freighter is worth a lot by betting hundreds of criminals.
Is a worthless prisoner worth the CIA’s efforts?
To put it in a fashionable way,
The prisoners in the tomb prison are all full of talents and have a good speech …
What to do with this tomb prison in France is not considered by Mark.
Is it a deal with the CIA?
Or make a deal with the prisoners in the tomb prison?
Can’t this finish Mark’s business?
The world is not destroyed by ordinary prisoners inside.
Besides …
And that face boasting about protecting the earth is being looked after by SHIELD.
Say that finish this sentence after Mark grabbed the mysterious spar put aside and watched it carefully.
It is this thing that stops the invasion of the mind.
"What is this?" Manipulating the aircraft rotary Xavier genius college jean glanced at asked.
Mark shook his head and said, "I’m not sure."
"What surface should this be inlaid with?" Jean pointed to the spar and said so toward Mark.
Mark took one look and nodded!
If the spar turns red, it will be a big ruby if you don’t look carefully.
But after looking closely,
Will find out!
The red spar was covered with dense black lines like a hair on its head.
To mark, it feels like …
Smells like hell!
Hold the red spar mark suddenly eyebrows a wrinkly.
The picture is coming again!
fierce/wild/violent wind

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