Jiang Lanyue, after all, is the reason why Xiao Lingyu actively cultivated to the divine world-now Jiang Lanyue has such unfortunate things that he can never calm down.


See Xiao Lingyu so positive and excited performance Cui Yue heart andao "indeed as expected there is a problem" and then show affection to lead the way in front.
Qing Xuan also followed her face closely. Although she was calm, her mind was dark and she guessed, "Does this guy want to add another room?"
Also didn’t go far Cui Yue with Xiao Lingyu Qingxuan out of the hospital and then into an ice cave on the top of the mountain.
The extreme cold pressure on the top of the mountain is naturally resisted by Xiao Lingyu to help Qing Xuan.
Deep in the ice cave, Jiang Lanyue is lying quietly on the ice lotus platform, while Jiang Lanshang is standing by.
Xiao Lingyu hurried to the lotus platform and swept Jiang Lanyue’s body, then frowned and said, "Why are you so hurt?"
If it wasn’t too badly hurt, it would make Cui Yue feel very difficult in the holy period.
"Don’t play dumb, it’s not because of you!"
Jiang Lanshang stared at Xiao Lingyu angrily and said, "If it weren’t for your fickle lover, would my sister impact the realm of God Emperor without authorization? If it weren’t for your king’s eggs, how could my sister not resist the demons when she attacked the emperor? If it weren’t for you, heartless guy, how could my sister end up like this? "
Jiang Lanshang is also impatient because of her sister’s condition. Before adding her, she was angry with Xiao Lingyu. Speaking at this time will naturally be impolite and will not worry too much.
Cui Yue went to the crowd and scolded him in a pretentious way. Actually, he also wanted to hear the story.
Jiang Lanshang felt a little wronged when she heard her master scold, and tears flashed in her eyes.
"Xiao bro, don’t take arashi petticoats for granted. It’s always a child’s mind that is not sensible. Please forgive me," Cui Yue said again as if to make amends.
Xiao Lingyu is also a little surprised that Jiang Lanshang’s reaction was so intense that he was a little caught off guard.
However, Xiao Lingyu naturally won’t bicker or quarrel with Jiang Lanshang. He took out a holy pill and gave it to Cui Yue. He said, "This holy pill should help her stabilize the injury, and it will also help the soul trauma."
Cui Yue was overjoyed. "It’s good to have this elixir and the old man to spend some energy and time. Lan Yue can really recover. Thank you for your generous help!"
Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said, "She saved my life. A mere holy elixir is nothing!"
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Chapter 22 and other disasters
? It shouldn’t be as simple as saving lives, should it?
Qing Xuan is a lot of history. From Xiao Lingyu’s eager expression just now, she did not hesitate to come up with a more precious elixir. She can see that Xiao Lingyu is very fond of this woman lying on the ice lotus platform. For 151+ watch the net, I have a saying that the update speed is n times faster than other advertisements.
Plus Jiang Lan petticoats just now denounced Qing Xuan, which can also be inferred that the seriously injured woman should also have affection for her husband.
See Xiao Lingyu took out the elixir to treat his sister Jiang Lanshang’s hatred for him, so he didn’t scold him again.
Cui Yue helped Jiang Lanyue to feed Shengdan and helped her to dissolve the medicine of Shengdan.
Xiao Lingyu suffered such a heavy injury that he was cured by the holy pill. At this time, the powerful medicine of the holy pill is also not disappointing to Jiang Lanyue. Only three days later, Jiang Lanyue’s broken tendons have been continuously connected, and the medicine of the holy pill actually distributed less than one third.
The holy Dan also has a strong effect on the recovery of soul trauma. In addition, Cui Yue gave Jiang Lanyue an extreme soul before, and the soul of Dan Jiang Lanyue was already ill.
It’s also thanks to the presence of the holy elixir and a sacred master. If the ordinary God king fails to attack the God Emperor, it’s impossible to save his life.
Jiang Lanyue gradually woke up, opened her eyes, looked around slightly confused, and then silently bowed her head and said nothing.
This time, it was a walk on the edge of life and death. When she failed in the period of attacking the Emperor of God, she actually stepped into the abyss of death.
"This time, thanks to the help of Xiao Laodi Shengdan, otherwise your life will be lost. Come and thank humbly." Cui Yue woke up to Jiang Lanyue.
"Thank humbly what it is because of him! If anything happens to my sister, I will never die with this fellow! "
Jiang Lan petticoats said angrily.
Cui Yue raised his arm to fan Jiang Lan’s mouth, but Xiao Lingyu stepped on Cui Yue’s wrist first.
Cui Yue didn’t want to really hit his female apprentice. He didn’t really make a move. After being stopped by Xiao Lingyu, he took back his arm.
Jiang Lanshang’s stubborn face shows that her always kind teacher wants to beat herself. She feels even more wronged and tears are streaming down her face.
"Xiao bro let you laughed" Cui Yue said with difficulty.

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