"Let" xu sunset when didn’t hear Qin Shaojie words still cold tone said


"Ah," Qin Shaojie sighed and said with regret, "How can a good big girl be so individual? Is it unacceptable?"
"Let" Xu Sunset sound cold again for a few minutes as if Qin Shaojie would kill Qin Shaojie directly with a big move if she didn’t let her.
"Go home. If you don’t welcome me, I won’t go. Is it worthwhile to get angry with your parents? They are all eldest." Qin Shaojie earnestly persuaded them.
"…" Xu Sunset looked at Qin Shaojie so coldly without talking.
"Go back."
"…" Xu sunset still don’t talk.
"Well, I’m afraid you can’t leave," Qin Shaojie said. "You’ll have a flat tire."
Before Xu Sunset came to Qin Shaojie for nothing, he heard a "poop-poop" and then the Audi was short.
"What did you do?" Xu sunset looked flat to four tires cold asked.
"I’ll tell you if you want to go home." Qin Shaojie walked over and made a deal with Xu Sunset, but the expression was really obscene. It was like a wretched uncle looking at a cute little girl and saying that he would let his uncle touch an uncle and buy you a lollipop.
However, Qin Shaojie didn’t expect that Xu Sunset was not a little girl herself or a strange uncle. After listening to Qin Shaojie’s words, Xu Sunset snorted and stepped on high heels to "pattering" and bypassed Qin Shaojie and continued to walk to the gate of the military compound. Don’t even want a car.
Qin Shaojie one leng but the horse will react andao this woman is so stubborn.
"Hey, if you take another step, the heel will break." Qin Shaojie shouted in situ instead of chasing it.
"pattering" Xu Sunset ignored him, and his high heels still struck the ground rhythmically.
"Pa" just walked two steps and suddenly felt her feet tremble and then her body fell to one side, but fortunately, she was not wearing the kind of high-heeled shoes with ten centimeters in city girl, but the short heels made by the art troupe, which made her sway and not fall.
In order to make her unable to walk, Qin Shaojie broke the heel of one of her shoes, so that Xu Sunset started to walk with one foot high and one foot low.
"Come back," Qin Shaojie continued to persuade.
How can the sunset be so soft? If you have a good plan, I will cross the wall ladder. Isn’t that just a pair of shoes?
Xu sunset stubborn temper way directly in situ lift their feet to take off their shoes, and then a natural and unrestrained cut those broken heel shoes by Qin Shaojie was thrown into the roadside grass by her feelings, and I don’t know how many flowers and plants were smashed down.
Damn it, this woman is cruel enough
Qin Shaojie was surprised by Xu Sunset’s performance. He had never seen such a woman with personality.
Your sister forced me to kill you.
Suddenly, the dark clouds covered the crescent moon and the wind changed color … (It’s nonsense all night) Seeing Qin Shaojie’s waist and horse sinking into the abdomen and shouting "If you dare to walk again, it will be your pants."
If you really lang to make the enemy, you still have to have a unique skill to kill him with one blow.
Qin Shaojie’s abnormal shameless words really stopped Xu Sunset.
"You …"
Although it was already dark, Qin Shaojie’s binoculars still clearly saw Xu Sunset’s face was abnormal and his eyes were red with wind and anger. I don’t know if it was because of Qin Shaojie’s words that he was going to erupt his anger or because he was molested by Qin Shaojie’s words and felt ashamed and wanted to cry.
"I what I you say you can’t go back?" Qin Shaojie said with no grace, "If you don’t believe me, turn around and take a step and try again, if I don’t say that I will follow your surname from now on."
Suddenly, the sunset froze, and then the angry expression disappeared, but the eyes became redder and redder. The last two lines of tears ticked down the red eyes.
Xu Sunset cried. Qin Shaojie was depressed. Why do women cry so much? Qin Shaojie secretly thought.
"Cry pants off again" Qin Shaojie threatened 1 again.
Sure enough, this trick has been tried and tested. What’s the same move for a saint twice? It’s all nonsense. Xu Sunset is not a saint. Qin Shaojie can be regarded as grasping her weakness. This kind of blackmail threatens her.
Looking at Xu Sunset sobbing there, Qin Shaojie asked, "Can you go back?"
Xu Sunset didn’t speak, but it was a "bitterness" that saw Qin Shaojie one eye and then stepped back by the original road.
"Xu Shu, we are back." Qin Shaojie said to Xu Hui with a smile when he entered the house.
Xu Hui saw that her daughter had really listened to Qin Shaojie’s words, and she was so happy that she knew it, but her face didn’t show it.
"Just come back and have dinner," Xu Hui said with a straight face.
"I don’t eat," said Xu Sunset, and he didn’t go back to the building. It seems that he is not going to come again.
Wait until you hear the floor door Xu Huicai laughed.

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