Otherwise, it’s not a windfall to exhaust yourself in that dark cave.


Heaven’s thirty-three realms reach the netherworld’s ninety-nine. The most snobbish, greedy for beauty, and rich in love have made it impossible to wait for the goods to sell well to buyers.
Dancing like a butterfly, I turned around lightly and was about to go to the bustling, gentle and wealthy village of Hualiu. Suddenly I saw a ghost of a girl who had caused the death behind her, half-covering her face and secretly glancing at him.
It’s true that people are snobbish, even if they become souls after death, they love this appearance.
The girl’s ghost is illusory, but she can still be recognized as a delicate and pretty girl. Her pomegranate skirt is littered with bones before her death, and a piece of white flowers seems to have fallen from the branches without withering.
He evoked a chuckle from his lips and walked towards the girl’s soul. He also deliberately showed off his figure and bent his knees to squat smartly in front of her.
Stretching out Ruoyu’s arm and holding it up pale, the skeleton leaned over to her rosy lips and kissed her gently.
Ah, look at that soul. It’s ashamed to cover its face. After all, it’s an unmarried daughter’s house.
He couldn’t help laughing.
Laughter startled the dead trees and crows.
Shura deity Ling Mo Pupil Elf’s ears stood up with a whoosh. His handsome face was very solemn and his muscles were tense all over.
Qin Xin around me can’t help but feel a little strange when she sees this picture of Shura Shenjun. She said softly, "Brother Mo Pupil, what’s wrong with you?" What is it now? "
Ling Mo’s pupil frowned tightly. "Maybe it’s nervousness. I always feel as if something bad is happening."
Qinxin approached Lingmo Pupil tenderly. "You are so nervous and tired these days that I didn’t feel anything."
Shura God smiled faintly. "Maybe. I’m really tired these days. Every day I see a feather shadow in front of me, but I can’t find her. Where is she?"
Jean also felt a little flustered, but she didn’t say anything.
It’s a long way to go. Where can I find a feather and a dragon to end this world?
They are like digging a big icehouse.
I don’t know how long it’s been, but the greedy light in their eyes is getting brighter and brighter until their faces are left with those flashing green eyes. The hole in the tree is getting bigger and bigger, from only one child hiding in the hole to a big hole. The wet mud is very easy to loosen, and they dig deeper and deeper until both of them can reach the bottom of the tree hole, and the treasure is still missing.
But they didn’t stop. The bigger the snow, the faster they dug. They seemed to be attracted by something, and they didn’t want it to move any more except digging. So the soil was shoveled out, and finally …
"I found it!" The burly man shouted in ecstasy-he looked down at the shiny object on his feet. It was gold! Many good people can’t count the gold! Gold! It’s gold. Gold!
The thin man froze. He stared blankly at the big hole they had dug. He stared blankly at the object called gold. It was not gold. It was bone. With the faint snow light, he saw clearly that it was several human bones.
"You see, you see! I told you there was gold! There is gold! Ha ha ha ha! Rich! Wealth! " The burly man shouted in ecstasy and held his eyes full of bones and laughed wildly.
The skinny man was too scared to move! He was so cold that the goose feather and snow kept hitting him. He suddenly remembered that he was still waiting for his wife and children at home. Although his wife was fat, ugly and talkative, she was really a good wife. He thought of his child, the child who affectionately called him dad every day …
He turned and gasped to climb out of the huge hole they had dug, and his fingers kept crawling in the dirt.
"What do you want? Want to tell others, right? Do not go! You’re not going anywhere! All this gold is mine! It’s me! " The burly man immediately grabbed him.
"You’re crazy! You’re crazy! This is not gold! This is a bone! It’s a grave! " The thin man screamed and tried to climb. He didn’t want to die here. He didn’t want to die in the grave he dug. "Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! "
"no!" The burly man pestered him and pulled him as hard as he could, laughing wildly, "Gold! Look at that! Where are you going with so much gold? ? I am willing to die here! Ha ha ha ha! Hahahaha! "
The bodies of the two men kept wrestling in the mud, and then what happened? No one knew anymore, because the blood and muddy snow slowly merged together. Whose blood was it? How long did they wrestle? Who killed who?
In the hakodate, there was a thunder rumbling and abrupt flash, which accurately hit their shovel stuck in the soil, and another flash followed …
There was a sudden silence all around, and there was no human voice. Without human voice, everything became clear. Some kind of voice was quietly and quietly coming from the ground.
watch from a height or distance
The soil slides inch by inch to the hillside, although it is slow, it is very efficient, so it slides inch by inch and gathers on the hillside one after another.
The old banyan tree fell down.
The old tree that guarded the boundary between man and the underworld for hundreds of years finally fell down.
A few gloomy and soft smiles are erratic and abrupt.
Several monsters and monsters in this underworld have escaped by chance.
Burial graves in the suburbs late at night
Moonlight imitates the plain gauze on the window sill of the young lady’s boudoir, and it is cold, clean, white, sad and charming.
A giant fox with silver fur is half lying in the cold world, struggling and writhing silently.
I cracked my fox skin inch by inch, and my claws and fangs faded a little.
Finally, he became a man again, and he was almost screaming with excitement.
Be sycophantic, be sycophantic, be sycophantic, the fox demon has a natural and stunning face. Although the male body is beautiful after all, it can’t be reborn. His beauty adds coolness and loneliness.
In one hand, he picked up the heavy, ankle-length silver, and in the other hand, he held the newly changed silver fox skin as beautiful as gauze, and the moonlight was swaying.
The skin color is jade-like, the phoenix eye flies slightly obliquely, the black eyes are shining, and if the autumn pool is deep, the hands are raised and the eyes are charming and amazing. All earthly beings believe that the world is male or female, and they can resist the fox demon Mo Yan and smile.
Three thousand years ago, it was sealed by Goddess Jing Xuan, and the underworld was once again in the early days. I didn’t expect that today, two daredevils actually hit this hellish cage and let some evil spirits and demons regain their freedom. If they hadn’t been able to come out today, Fox would have almost forgotten that he had such a beautiful skin.
I didn’t expect that I would see the light of day again.

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