Fang Qingzhuo straightened his back and coughed a few times. "It was the teachers in the college who told Ye yesterday that he made a mistake and had to be punished."


Just then, a young man next to him began to yell at Gu Chengdong. "You lost your public tolerance by hitting people!"
"It’s disrespectful of you to break things without your husband’s consent!"
"It’s no shame to get dirty and swear at my brother!"
"It’s disrespectful and unfilial to threaten your younger brother not to call you lick the shoes all the time!"
Next to listen to more and more people, it happened that Gu Chengdong was scolded, and the man still had a loud bearing every word, and the sound from his appearance was deafening.
The fifth wife turned red with anger and shouted, "You fart!"
This can be a disaster, and everyone is pointing fingers.
Some people also recognized the carriage with a sharp eye, engraved with Peugeot saying, "Alas! Isn’t this the Dingyuan Houfu carriage? !”
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The fifth wife couldn’t wait to find a place to get in and hide first, but she looked at the whole person and fainted, and she didn’t care about other people who shouted at Fang Qingzhuo, "No matter what, I will be sent home soon!"
Fang Qingzhuo, without looking at her, said, "Madam, as a person, I dare not tamper with it, but the gentlemen in the courtyard have discussed it, and he knows it."
What? Master Wu also knows?
What did you do wrong? Don’t just scold a few words of what brother should be hanging here and being watched by everyone?
Gu Boyong, is he crazy?
Does he know that his future is going to be ruined? !
The fifth wife, conscious of her stomachache, rushed home and broke into Gu Boyong’s room to settle accounts with him.
Five master just came back just picked the crown belt and saw LiuShi rush in and pointed to his big scold "Gu Boyong you black darling you! You are not human! Do you know what your son has become after being hung all night? ! What happened to your hand? What’s the crime of calling someone to scold him? Do you want everyone in Shengjing to know that you have raised a good son? ! You want to be ashamed in Shengjing, don’t you? !”
Gu Boyong knew that she had done something to Gu Chengdong and couldn’t help blushing. "That’s enough!" He stared at LiuShi way "you return not bashful to say if it weren’t for you spoil him he can become this ghost? Do you know that yesterday, the gentlemen were so angry with him that they all signed up to bid farewell to their eldest brother! "
What? Say goodbye to uncle? Liushi one leng
Gu Boyong even more didn’t good the spirit "you tell me how on earth do you raise children? Do you know that he gathered people in the courtyard to fight and beat all the children of other ethnic groups? ! Just fight. He also drove everyone away. Several relatives now blame our Houfu for bullying. Do you know? ! The teachers in the college were so angry with him! Do you know what your expression was when Big Brother told me yesterday? ! How dare you ask me now? !”
It’s like what Gu Chengyu will do. Liu’s one leng and then he doesn’t "hit a few people. What’s the matter with those relatives? They just come to have a windfall and are not attached to our Hou government. It’s not even a fart! Is it worth being so angry with your husband? Is it worth ordering him to be punished yourself? That’s your son! "
"I punish him?" Gu Boyong don’t anger the smile threw just picked crown belt to the ground sneer at a way "this time you can wronged me! The old lady personally asked you not to go to the old lady’s place to pay your respects last night. Naturally, you don’t know! He hit an outsider? Do you know what he did to Xiao Shi? Xiao Shi invited a physician yesterday! It is said that the old lady can’t wait to kill him because she is afraid of falling ill after hurting her heart! "
Gu Boyong’s face was indignant. When the boss called him yesterday, his eyes were full of smiles.
Did he ever get crushed like this by his brother? At that time, I almost went to see Yan with Xiao Shi!
Liu’s heart is stormy and incredibly small ten!
Why is it the second room again? ! I don’t know how she suddenly stare big eyes, "not nine girl out again? ! Can it be that serious in n m? "
She always thinks that Gu Man, a ghost girl, is very strange. She usually brings all the bad things.
Gu Boyong inexplicably frowned. "What’s the matter with her? You taught it yourself. Don’t you know? If you weren’t used to him, you wouldn’t be so rude! Little ten people were smart. Yesterday, yisow cried with the old lady. No, or did he comfort the old lady? He said that he was not punished. He cried the old lady to death on the spot. He used to take the old man to kill her. But it wasn’t so easy for Xiao Jiu to pick up Xiao Shi yesterday. Xiao Shi almost died, you know? !”
How can you die so easily in n m?
Gu Man again! Gu Man again! The fifth wife resented and couldn’t help shivering.
The fifth wife was speechless and scolded by her husband, and she immediately suppressed her stomach.
Former Gu Boyong n m: How dare you talk to yourself like this! It’s really possessed!
She gritted her teeth and said, "Is Xiao Shi all right now?"
"Of course it’s all right!" Gu Boyong took it smoothly and said, "If something happens, your house will be so calm. I’m afraid not only the second sister-in-law but also the old lady will come to see you desperately!"
LiuShi choked dumb half ring to react "that let’s old? Now he’s all right, don’t want to let’s old in the face to continue hanging? That’s your son! "
"I know!" Gu Boyong some fidgety "so you go to intercede with yisow. If yisow promised you, you will go and take that evil back! He can’t go to the hospital. Now the teachers are afraid. He doesn’t like him and he doesn’t know what to do! This is unfilial! "
Plead with yisow?
Ting Yun Pavilion was silent. Wang tucked a quilt for Xiao Shi with black eyes. He found that Gu Man had come in with soup. "You put it away and I’ll be tired when you go back and rest for a night."
Gu Man shook his head and pushed her out. "I’m fine. You’ve been here all night. It’s too much for you. Go back and rest first."
Wang was really sleepy and scared all night. At this moment, he was really dizzy and nodded his head to hold the voiceless hand and went out.
Gu Man sat next to the step-pulling arhat bed, and there was a brocade pestle. He stretched out his hand and touched Xiao Shi’s forehead and frowned. He stretched out his hand and took his handkerchief to the copper basin for a wet handkerchief, which was worrying in his eyes.
Yesterday, when Gu Chengyu was punished, Xiao Shi was already dark. When he got home, he was talking to the old lady Gu. Suddenly, he collapsed and fainted. He scared the old lady Gu so much that he hugged him and called him a darling.
Just gave himself the opportunity to sue hard in front of the old lady Gu, adding fuel to the fire and telling her everything in the hospital.
Jia has long discussed to let those teachers jointly resign with Gu Boxuan because I am stubborn and can’t teach.
These things are all combined, and even the five masters themselves even scold Gu Chengdong as a villain. The old lady is black in the face and purses her lips without saying a word.
Then he prepared himself to punish Gu Chengdong through that foolish goose mouth.
This is the first time that the old lady Gu agreed without blinking and still felt that the punishment was too light.
To tell the truth, Gu Man also feels light.
When she saw Gu Chengfeng fall to the ground, she couldn’t wait to cut Gu Chengdong with a knife! That bastard!
One hundred and sixty princess
Gu Yan opened his eyes and saw Gu Chengyu holding a very cute furry puppy in front of his eyes.
After the joy, it was panic. She looked down at herself and was busy pulling herself up and laughing. "Brother, get out first!" "
Gu Chengyu had to go out with the dog in her arms.
Gu Man called the clouds to come in with the show and waited on himself to dress and wash his face before opening the door. He found Gu Chengyu teasing the dog in the courtyard with a bright smile.
I haven’t studied hard for so many years, but Gu Chengyu’s martial arts exam went smoothly, so I can make a strategy later.
She is confident that Gu Chengyu can feel better and call him "brother!"
She rolled up her long hair, tied it in the back of her head and put a Mulan hairpin in it, which made it look more and more clear.
It is said that Gu Chengyu, who is full of beauty, still feels that her sister is not too rich to make her smile in her eyes more gentle. She should say with a smile, "Why can’t I afford to be a lazy cat today?"