Rapid-fire muzzle billowed smoke.


The gate of the base was silent …
NBE1 warehouse
"1652, we are losing pressure."
"Quick, quick, quick"
"The freezing system is out of order. We are losing NBE1."
Arriving here with soldiers, Agent Simmons looked at the heavy weapons being carried and shouted, "Take your positions, 40 mm armor-piercing bullets, put them on that table, board armored vehicles and bring all the ammunition."
Even if there is a source in the base.
The lamp is still flashing.
Ling mark directly withdrew his eyes and immediately appeared behind NBE1, which is Megatron.
The dark gourd is once again alive.
"The gourd is that gourd."
"Damn it, call me."
Simmons has now put all his attention on the incoming crazy robot.
Feel overwhelmed for a while.
Even Mark and Tony are suspect.
Bang, bang, bang!
Chug chug!
Metal storm swept the gourd place.
But it’s still like entering a quagmire.
One second
Simmons’ eyelids jumped.
It’s as if a strange wind suddenly appeared and bound the frozen Megatron bracket to make teeth sour.
A steel bar that bound Megatron’s arm directly cracked.
soon afterwards
It’s like a chain reaction.
The hundreds of steel bars that bound Megatron broke in succession.
The burst steel bar directly roared in the warehouse and even penetrated the abdomen of a very unlucky soldier.
Simmons quickly bowed their heads and said "squat bunker"
There are uninvited guests breaking in outside.
There is a gourd with a strange origin in it.
Simmons felt that his head was about to explode at the moment.
The suction of the dark gourd is crashing, and the ice slag has fallen off Megatron’s body layer by layer.
If anyone has that luxury of watch the monitor.
You will find that
NBE1, that is, Megatron’s core temperature, is rising at a speed visible to the naked eye.
As if Megatron had just been salvaged from the water, he was shining all over.
Megatron’s mechanical arm suddenly moved.
One second!
Megatron’s pupil opened a flame and suddenly appeared in the pupil.
"Hey!" Megatron’s roar from the relaxation of his limbs seems to announce the return of the fanatics.
Megatron looked down and got a little confused.