Avikas raised his sword first, but the old man stopped when he shouted.


"Aren’t we emperors?"
"You’ll know before me," Ivekas replied, and his head was cut off when the blade fell.
The remnant blood clan didn’t escape. They knelt down and silently faced our heavy blow.
In this way, the flame swallowed them all up.
Two nights after we came back, the three of us gathered the body and burned it again until finally we thought that all the evil worshippers had been finished this time.
that’s it
I said it was a terrible period in our lives that brought me together with Avicas and Mal, which was too bad, too anti-sexual and too painful for me.
I went home and happily continued my painting.
I am very satisfied that none of my guests want to know my real age or anything. I am neither old nor dead. I think the answer lies in that I have too many companions, and none of them can pay attention to one thing for long.
Anyway, after killing the evil children, I need more music than before. I paint more tirelessly and add more creation and design.
At the same time, the situation of the empire is getting worse, and it has almost been completely divided into two parts: the west, of course, includes Roman Latin, while the eastern lingua franca is Greek. Christians clearly feel the division, but they continue to argue about their beliefs
In the end, the situation in my beloved city became unbearable.
Alaric, the visigoth ruler, occupied the nearby port of ostia, threatening the city of Rome. The Senate seemed to say to the city of approaching aggression that slaves might fall to the aggressor and bring us destruction.
At last, at 10: 00 midnight, the gate of Salarian was breached, and the horrible sound of Gothic horns could be heard everywhere. Greedy Gothic and Skitai nomadic tribes invaded Rome.
I rushed into the street and watched the slaughter around me.
Avikas came to my side at once.
We quickly crossed the roof and saw slaves everywhere rising up against their masters’ houses, being beaten by force, jewelry and gold being distributed to crazy victims, but they still couldn’t escape being killed. Valuable sculptures of fate were piled up on the streets, and carriages were soon littered with corpses, and the inevitable fire burned everything that could be burned.
Young and middle-aged people were caught together to sell slaves, but massacres were still everywhere, and I soon realized that I could not help a human I met.
When I got home, I was horrified to find that my home was in flames. My guests were either captured or escaped. I was on fire! All my Virgil Petronius Ap Leus Cicero Lucretius Homer Pliny has been irretrievably buried in the fire. My painting has turned black and broken, and dirty smoke has blocked my lungs.
I don’t have much time to grab some important scrolls. I desperately searched for Ovid, which Pandora liked very much. The great Greek tragedian Avicas helped me. I grabbed more and found my diary, but at this critical moment, Gothic soldiers rushed into my garden, yelling and holding weapons.
My horse drew his sword and hacked at them quickly, yelling at them to shock them with my supernatural voice, while I hacked at them at random.
Ivy Casbi, I’m still fighting hard. Maybe I’m used to this kind of fighting. Soon our feet will be covered with bodies.
But by this time, my house has been completely swallowed up by the fire, and we have to rescue some scrolls, and there is nothing I can do. I can pray that my slaves have found shelter or they will be taken away soon.
"Go to the temple that must be guarded," I said. "Where else can you go?
We quickly jumped on the roof again, and there were tears everywhere that could illuminate the night flame and shuttle through Rome; Rome asks for help; Rome is dying. Rome can’t
Although alaric’s army also plundered the countryside, we arrived at the temple safely.
In the shady boundary of the temple, I quickly lit the lamp and fell to my knees in front of Akasha, no matter what Ivekas might think of me. In this posture, I confided to her the natural tragedy that my human home was attacked.
"You saw the death of Egypt," I said devoutly. "You saw it become a province of Rome, so now it’s Rome’s turn to die. Rome has been in existence for 1100 years, and it’s lucky to end the world now? Who will take care of that thousand of roads and bridge that link men and women everywhere? Who will maintain the big city where men and women can live and work in peace and contentment? Who will get rid of these hateful guys who can’t cultivate and burn the land but know how to destroy it! "
Of course, there is no answer from the divine parents.
But I reached forward and touched Akasha’s foot. I sighed heavily.
Finally, I forgot all the manners and sat in the corner like an exhausted child.
Avikas, come and sit next to me and hold my hand tightly.
"What about Mal?" I asked softly.
"Mal is very clever," Avikas said. "Mal likes fighting. He once destroyed many blood clans. He will never let himself get hurt like that night a long time ago. Mal knows a place that is sometimes like hiding."
We stayed in the temple for six nights
We could hear the looting going on and crying, but then alaric marched out of Rome to bring disaster to the southern countryside.
Finally, the need for blood brought us back to the world.
Ivekas left me to look for Mal, and I found myself in the street near my home. A dying soldier with a spear in his chest had passed out. I pulled out the spear, which made him groan in a coma. Then I lifted him up, put his mouth to the blood and gushed out of the wound.
There was blood everywhere, and soon I had enough to drink. I put him aside and put his limbs skillfully, but then I found that I longed for more.
This time, a dying man can’t do it. I walked through the rotting and stinking body and walked through broken walls’s house until I found a soldier who was carrying a bag of war benefits alone. He wanted to draw his sword, but I restrained him and bit him in the throat. He died too fast for me, but I was satisfied that he fell on my feet.
Then I went back to my completely destroyed home.
What a sight it is when a soldier who is swollen and stinks falls into my garden!
There is nothing that has not been burned.

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