Keep flying at high altitude and speed. Before the arrival of Xinghe, they didn’t worry about their own safety. Those long-range attacks launched by the rebels were aimed at all units on the surface of King’s Landing City. Did they hit them or not?


But it’s different now.
Ji Xinghe has come and can fly.
Thirty-seven imperial fighter planes were smashed by Ji Xinghe’s chopper before receiving the evacuation order and fell to the surface battlefield of King’s Landing. Whether the imperial orangutan will be killed or injured has nothing to do with Ji Xinghe’s smashing, whether it is the imperial aspect or the imperial resistance. For him, he can die!
However, it is a pity for Ji Xinghe and Xingyue that the empire chose to test their strength by making a space fighter formation, and then it was concluded that other imperial aircraft, including space battleship, were effective against Xinghe, and the empire did not send Ji Xinghe to break the formation of space battleship.
This is normal
The significance of Xinghe is to make the mecha have the ability to fight in the middle of the war, and it is not only the theory of Ji Xinghe or Xingyue, but also the design and manufacture of Shen Mushen Xinghe. The personnel of the Federal Academy of Sciences and other institutions agree that the empire may make the spaceship from the third article directly attack the blue star, and the battlefield is likely to be the blue star atmosphere.
The designed target, Xinghe, is to have the integrated combat capability, and it will live up to expectations after its completion.
Unfortunately, due to various reasons, the Xinghe failed to play an important role as expected when it was designed and manufactured, but it came to the Imperial Star with Ji Xinghe and suffered several rounds of imperial fire attacks, helping Ji Xinghe to break a mere 37 Imperial Planes.
Compared with the cost of the so-called Star River fighter, it can really be said that there are 37 planes in front of it, even if it breaks 370 planes, it is more and more, but it is just a mere one.
It’s like suddenly waking up, the empire didn’t kill them as before, but Ji Xinghe kept putting in all kinds of forces. Ji Xinghe expected that the formation of space battleship didn’t appear, and even the formation of celestial fighters disappeared, let alone driving the third spaceship, Emperor Wudi III himself.
King’s Landing is left with Ji Xinghe and his target empire fire attack.
This is of course a pity for Ji Xinghe, but it is an unimaginable victory for the imperial resistance.
Imperial days have been under imperial control, just like alien days have been under federal control for more than ten years.
In this era of war, it is really too important. Without the jump gate technology, the strength is not as long as that of the imperial Federation. It is called’ great victory’ because it has mastered the system.
But now Ji Xinghe Empire Star has mastered a certain degree of system and is expected to go further.
"satellite! Let Ji Xinghe attack the satellite! "
Wakayama’s idea was recognized by all the leaders of the resistance, especially all orangutans and monkeys.
When he got the news, Tu Yuan was able to connect to the moon and the moon in the battlefield of Junlincheng through their communication network, but Tu Yuan didn’t reach the order and didn’t even give advice on the war.
If you want to ask, if you make a star river? There are generals in the Federation who can answer it, but how can we make Ji Xinghe to the maximum? The Federation can do it, maybe he has one, maybe Andy, but Andy is not on the battlefield of the Imperial Star, and the federal advance team has been alone again because of the closing of the interstellar transition door.
All Tu Yuan can give full play to what Ji Xinghe has-believe Ji Xinghe!
Tu Yuan didn’t say anything, he didn’t need to do anything, and he couldn’t say or do anything, but he believed that Ji Xinghe knew very well how to fight this battle better than he did.
As Tu Yuan had expected, there was no rival in King’s Landing, and he did not hesitate to climb the flying height on the Star River.
Xingyue is equally excited because of the exclusive communication network of the imperial army. Her invasion of the industry did not achieve the desired effect, mainly to prevent her from being discovered by the empire. Although she and Ji Xinghe both recognized that the empire was finished, she could be sure that she was an imperial star, but this does not mean that she can really be reckless.
Be cautious about unknown humans, and artificial intelligence life also needs to be cautious.
The method completed the data invasion, and the moon and the moon chose to make the physical invasion, that is, to control the Xinghe and rush to the higher sky of the Imperial Star.
In order to prevent the interruption of communication, she has come to the Xinghe Department, which is designed by her and has the ability to let her fight side by side with Ji Xinghe. Of course, she has the ability to make various functions and intellectual machinery.
The constant roar suddenly disappeared and the whole world was quiet for a moment.
He came to the Imperial Star near the Earth on the Star River. He is no stranger to the Imperial Star Environment, which is no different from the Blue Star Empire Environment.
In Ji Xinghe’s eyes, there are satellites belonging to the imperial satellite, and so are the stars and moons.
"Master, do you think the two of us can force the imperial cosmic fleet out?"
The tone of the moon and the moon is that they are not worried that the imperial space battleship will bring them harm. The main body is made of tungsten, steel and gold. It has two most advanced federal technologies, namely, the energy shield and the imperial engine. The Xinghe is a very aggressive’ space battleship’.
Space battleship, a seven-meter-long ship cutter, may be difficult to cause a fatal blow to space battleship in terms of his size and the battle environment. After all, all cabins in space battleship can close the floodgates at any time, and it is impossible to lose the flight ability if the outer armor of a certain place is broken, which ensures the life ability of orangutans and monkeys.
But the weapon of the Star River is more than the chopper in the hands of the champion Hou.
Hou, the champion, is the champion of martial arts. Hou, the cockpit, Ji Xinghe, is also a weapon, and they are all powerful weapons far beyond the ship-cutting knife.
And the power source of the imperial engine-the nuclear bomb Ji Xinghe didn’t supply after he arrived at the alien, but he didn’t accelerate to the extreme in the process of going from the blue star to the alien, so he didn’t run out of nuclear weapons.
Ji Xinghe replied in a very positive tone. He believed that the former imperial fighter planes could not make Emperor Wu III see the real power of the Xinghe, and Emperor Wu III would certainly further test it.
This is different from the atmospheric environment in Junlincheng, which is more conducive to the environment in space battleship. There is no reason for Emperor Wu III to let him constantly destroy those imperial satellites that have almost no defense and attack capabilities
The ship-chopping knife waved again, and the moon and the moon controlled the Xinghe to fly synchronously with an imperial military satellite at a very close distance, which made Ji Xinghe’s attack very random and effective.
He drove the champion Hou’ jump’ from the Star River to the military satellite, and then waved the ship-chopping knife. He didn’t even cut three knives. The Star River military satellite of the Great Empire became a wreck and a waste.
Then Ji Xinghe once again drove the champion Hou’ jumped’, and the champion Hou’s propulsion engine lit up with a light blue arc, like jumping directly back to the Xinghe and being caught by the Xingyue controlling the Xinghe.
There is no goal in taizhong.
Once again, the Star River quickly flew towards their goal and invaded the Imperial Ping rebels’ command. Although we can’t know the invasion of these military satellites, we can know the orbits of these military satellites and the detection ability of the Star River when the Imperial Star cruises in near-earth orbit’ see’ more imperial military satellites.
One after another, just like the fighters in front of Ji Xinghe in those days.
Although the battlefield environment has changed dangerously, the difficulty of the battle has suddenly dropped a lot, because these military satellites do not have the ability to defend and attack. They are all targets in front of Xinghe. When the speed of Xinghe is synchronized with them, they all change from moving targets to fixed targets.
If it weren’t for saving the Xinghe, there wouldn’t be much firepower, and at this stage, the imperial space battleship and other aircrafts didn’t appear, and it didn’t need to be completed. It was really thrilling and jumping.
"A master, I successfully controlled a reconnaissance satellite."
The joyful tone of Xingyue reported that when Ji Xinghe attacked, she also launched her attack. Not all the target satellites were destroyed by Ji Xinghe, and all the attacks were false appearances, in order to win the invasion opportunity for Xingyue.
The process of invasion and control is constantly taking place when the micro-robot flying out of the Xinghe can also be said to be ejected and reaches those military satellites that have been destroyed by Ji Xinghe by the Empire.