Captain Rogers also won.


But this time Captain Rogers appeared as an iron warrior.
Pepper watched Jarvis help him get familiar with the star-spangled banner steel suit as soon as possible. Captain Rogers smiled and said, "This armor was made by Tony, and there is no attack template installed in the memorial hall."
Captain Rogers put his shield across his chest and said, "I have this."
Shield hand
Statutory five-five plan
Pepper then looked up and said, "I don’t know when Tony will come back."
When I came over and heard this, Saul said, "I just confirmed with Heimdahl that Tony has returned to the Nine Realms and should be able to come here directly through the Rainbow Bridge soon."
Saul said, and then he said curiously, "When building the holy garments, that guy was sneaking around and never showed it to me, and he didn’t know what this guy’s holy garments were like."
Pepper turned and glanced at the steel army behind her, which was intelligently controlled by Jarvis.
Tony’s aesthetic?
Pepper said that he did not expect it at all.
in ten minutes
Aegis people and tile Kanda king Tezara get together for the final power deduction.
Everyone gathered around a countertop, which was a satellite map taken by satellite here.
Captain Rogers, the commander of this battle, pointed to two places that were wearing Panther-made T ‘Challa, and said, "Your fighters in the Royal Palace are mainly on the periphery to prevent Chery Tower people from entering the border between the two countries."
T ‘Challa nodded. "Our frontier tribes and river tribes have already settled here."
Captain Rogers immediately took one look and grabbed a big bone stick. Hulk shouted "Hulk"
"Hey!" Hulk threw a big bone stick and roared directly.
Captain Rogers glanced at the huge demon Hulk and immediately said, "Hulk, you just have to smash whoever is the biggest and hardest to hit."
Hulk roared again, "Hulk has the strongest surface!"
All "…"
Chapter 99 Tony arrived at the time
Is Hulk the strongest on the surface?
No doubt
However, this 30-hour relationship has also given people a short-term understanding of Hulk’s sexuality, which is a tacit understanding. Everyone nodded in agreement with Hulk’s sentence.
The demon Hulk is more cheerful.
Captain Rogers even said to Hulk, "Hulk, you are the strongest and most difficult enemy on the surface, so I will leave it to you."
Hulk watermelon head a jilt.
half an hour later
Captain Rogers looked at Murnonick Frey and Ms. Hill and said, "Director Frey and Deputy Director Hill, do you have anything to add?"
Two people shook their heads.
Captain Rogers has experienced the test of war, and the roaring commando team he led has already proved the fighting ability of Captain Rogers.
After the final distribution is completed
Captain Rogers looked at the crowd and sighed and said, "I woke up and the war was already over. Who knows …"
They didn’t speak.
Even King Wa Kanda didn’t stab them. After all, they were led by Captain Rogers, who once saved the world.
This is also the main reason why Nick Frey didn’t intervene.
In the final analysis, he doesn’t have the charisma that Captain Rogers has.
quite a while
Natasha and Hawkeye, the black widow, take a fighter plane and prepare to go to the periphery for monitoring.
Pepper is also directing Jarvis to replace his department with new energy sources one after another, which can last for a long time, and the steel soldiers will be promoted and attacked.
Thor Yu?
Cut and rub one!
Change into a Raytheon shirt, holding Muir Sol and the demon Hulk in the front row.
The demon Hulk dumped watermelon head and glanced at Saul with him.