In Hao Ren’s mind, there was a little black voice "Just arrived here"


"I don’t want to see it later when Hardy is still alive," Hao Ren ordered.
"No problem. I heard that this" fire demon "is very good and can also strengthen yang, but what does the boss mean by strengthening yang?"
Hao Ren felt that several black lines had emerged in his forehead, and once again he waved an ultimate slaying chestnut, but he still hit the air.
At this time, the Gangduo Life Temple received a notice from the Temple that the new 8 Saint-Snow had left the Temple. Every Saint had to travel all over the mainland, and all branches along the way should cooperate with the Saint and ensure that the Saint’s safety was attached. All localities should be vigilant when they learned that there were no forces that wanted to harm the Saint.
At the same time, the temples of life all over the mainland received the same news, not only the major forces of the temples of life and the top leaders of the major empires, but also the news of the trip to the mainland of the Saints of Life.
Dwarf Shield Defender, Barbarian Fear Warrior, Bi Meng Shaman, Templar Knight and Mage are the five occupations that suffered the most in the jihad. They sacrificed for the victory of the jihad, and the Templar Knight came from the temple of life. They are the knights blessed by the life woman who claim to have the most tenacious vitality. Except for the head and body defects, they can be regenerated through prayer. The difference is only the length of time and the degree of piety of the knights.
Generally speaking, wounds are visible to them, and there is no need to lose too much blood, and there is still plenty of life and divine power. It is no problem for women to escort them. Disciplinary power has an effect on formal life, including soul state and element life, which makes Templar knights the main force in the early days of jihad. Undoubtedly, because of their strength, they have become the first target of chaos corps and the difficulty in training Templar knights. There are less than 100 Templar knights in the temple today.
In the late jihad, the emergence of light magic combined with the simplification of the training methods of the Templars resulted in the creation of paladins who made the light holy. They were Templars, but simplified but better than training. At the same time, they also produced life sacrifices. After the light priest, the paladins and the light priest became the main human forces in the jihad, which played an important role.
After the end of the jihad, all the forces in the mainland were weakened. At this time, the paladin and the priest Guang joined forces to set up the Vatican. They did not recognize themselves as the temple of life, nor the goddess of life. Instead, several forces behind the Vatican secretly supported the establishment of Mount Yas, the sea embankment in the central part of the mainland, and renamed this place Guangdian. Because it was in the cracks of several empires and all countries were recuperating, the Vatican rose from now on.
Nowadays, there are temples of light in mainland China, and many principality kings and archduke have become followers of the god of light. It can be said that the influence of the Holy See is no worse than that of an empire.
Compared with the temple of life, it is as low-key as ever. Most of the life sacrifices are traveled everywhere, but even so, the temple of life still plays an important role in the road. Because they have only three of the nine artifacts in the mainland, it is said that they never leave the temple. The high priest is a sub-god figure
The saint of the temple of life is not only a title, but also the person who holds this title has won the artifact star, which is a strange artifact with a strange origin.
Wearing it, no matter what the attribute is, the mage can reduce the consumption of magic and spirit in releasing magic, and it can also have six 14-level magic in the "Star" in advance, and the 14-level magic includes 14-level magic, and it can be instantly released when it is released, that is to say, wearing the "Star" theory can instantly release six 14-level magic, which is simply a trap.
However, these are not the most attractive places for the stars. The stars have blessed a magic or a forbidden spell or a life light forever. What do you mean, this magic can also be called a forbidden spell? This magic has no level of life light effect and its scope is controlled by the owner of the stars. The price is that the messenger’s physical energy theory, whether it is quarrelling, magic or magic, can drive this magic effect, which is to strengthen healing. Of course, there is another kind of energy, which is vitality.
When the messenger drives the vitality, the life light is upgraded to a forbidden spell. The life balance is to heal all ranges. The specified vitality does not exceed the messenger creature to kill all ranges. The specified vitality does not exceed the messenger creature. Simply put, it is a judgment. If your vitality exceeds the messenger, it will not affect you. If it does not exceed it, it will be affected.
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the alternate domain name.
In the jihad, the five major occupations, Dwarf Shield Defender, Barbarian Fear Warrior, Bi Meng Shaman, Templar Knight, and Mage, are recognized as having more life than the highest occupation. There are thirteen saints who died before and after the previous jihad. In the last jihad, it was guaranteed that the mage could complete the seal and the saints came out.
What are children? Because there are five saints here, they have returned to the goddess’ embrace of life, the temple to worship life magic, and desperate prayer can reach the sub-god level when all their life energy costs. The stronger the strength, the longer it lasts. This is the life goddess’ favor to sacrifice, and at the same time desperate prayer and life light are simply golden partners. When desperate prayer gains limited vitality, the balance of life judges that no creature can escape.
When a virgin dies in battle, the "star" will return to one hand with the letter of "star", and the virgin horse will go to the battlefield. When the virgin sings the sound of despair and prays all over the battlefield and reaches the sub-god level, the virgin will fly into the battlefield like a comet, as brilliant as a comet, and as fleeting as a comet, the allied soldiers will be cured and the invaders will be tried.
When the "star" appeared in the hands of the sixth saint of the Temple of Life on the other side of the land, there were allied forces, kings of all ethnic groups knelt down to pay tribute to the new saint and discuss how the mainland will change after that. The Saint Empire of the Temple of Life will always enjoy the status of duke and be treated as equal to duke, while the Saint of the Temple of Life, that is, the common saint of all mainland allied forces and religions, will be regarded as the common enemy of the mainland.
Until today, nearly 10,000 years have passed. At the beginning, the empire was jointly published. Now there is not a map of the mainland empire, and I don’t know how many times it has been redrawn, but this is still valid. No one dares to disclose the enemy of the Temple of Life.
The fiftieth chapter (35 words for recommended votes+collection)
At the beginning of a noon fleeting lantern, it is also the busiest time in the Red Chamber. It can be said that this time is the real day for the people in the Red Chamber.
As the saying goes, keep warm and lust, but the meditation ended before lust. Justin and Judd have returned to this box and ordered a sumptuous dinner. I believe that the news that "Fire Devil" has been destroyed has not come out yet. At least, both of them have that kind of smirk on their faces.
It can be seen that Justin was well relaxed this afternoon. At least the bloodshot in his eyes was reduced and his dark circles were greatly improved. Judd still smiled as usual.
Halfway through the meal, a man came in and attached it to Justin’s ear to report what waved away the servant Justin, suppressing his excitement and saying, "There he is!"
Hao Ren did Sarah laugh. I’m so stupid!
However, when Hao Ren inadvertently glanced over Judd, he found that Judd was bowing his head and drinking. Judd seriously revealed something called contempt, and the object was Justin.
All three were quiet and didn’t talk. Although the table was full of delicious food, it was obvious that everyone was not in the mood to enjoy the delicious food. After eating it hastily, they ordered the waiter to withdraw.
Hao Ren sat aside and closed his eyes. Judd was still smiling. Maybe playing with a cup hand could reveal a little. He was much more nervous than Justin and kept looking at the door.

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