Inside the box, there were constant slaps and faint shouts.


Mark glanced at the box and looked at Russell lightly. "There is something you want in the box, but are you sure you want to do it?"
Russell glanced at Mark and his expression was complicated.
Have anger
But there are also people who are afraid of what has not happened yet.
Mark shrugged his shoulders.
Russell’s reaction is human nature.
It would surprise Mark if Russell took out his knife directly from the car.
It is said that when Mark first participated in law enforcement and shot a criminal, telling the truth was also a psychological struggle.
After all, it is a life anyway.
Life should be feared.
But now?
Mark dares to chew his own pizza or hamburger at the bloodiest crime scene …
quite a while
Mark smiled, took his sunglasses, sat dizzy again, and looked at the same place. Russell said, "How to choose is your business. Elena is also my watch. I can assure you that the fate of the things in this box will not change."
Mark has never been here since the law is the proper way.
What’s in the box?
Mark doesn’t know.
Russell certainly doesn’t know.
In the box … Is it life or death?
I didn’t hit anyone before.
And to be honest,
Mark doesn’t like to see an honest man’s hands dyed by certain colors.
not good-looking
What is a crime?
This naturally has an official explanation.
But it’s not a simple thing that happened to Elanna.
The reasons why adults commit crimes are nothing more than the five words of love, hate, hatred and money.
But for special groups,