Ivanovich didn’t promise him, saying, "If you want to prove you and you, I don’t think it’s necessary. This is a war, and some things should not be bet on the situation of the independent group."


Tu Yuan was not surprised that Ivanovich could say such a thing. His tone was full of confidence.
"I would have said that Ji Xinghe can sacrifice independent groups, and everyone can sacrifice to bring them victory, but you have too many scruples, so you don’t know how to Ji Xinghe and you don’t know how to be independent groups.
Now I’ll teach you one last time. "
Tu Yuan’s elevation is like a speech and a kind of announcement.
he said
"We can fight Ji Xinghe and his independent group can fight. We can’t fight Ji Xinghe and his independent group can also fight, whether it’s an imperial anti-Xinghe army composed of Earl armour and Marquis armour or an imperial royal guards camp composed of Duke armour. If they appear, then give them to Ji Xinghe and give them to the independent group.
This is the significance of Ji Xinghe’s independence with him. "
Chapter 743 Bow no arrow back
"Xingyue, do you think we are bad people?"
When driving champion Hou Jirong Xin to run at a high speed every month, I asked.
In the middle of the moon, the moon glanced at the champion in front of her, like seeing the expression of Ji Rongxinyue in the cockpit.
"Of course not."
"But we hid the truth, violated the military orders, and went back on our word. Uncle Tu Yuan’s argument with Commander Ivanovich was like a poor fight for profit in ancient court plays."
Have you ever seen this kind of thing?
Xingyue is really surprised, but it is obviously not the time to discuss this kind of thing. She hesitated for three seconds and still couldn’t answer Ji Rongxinyue’s question.
She asked, "What do you think?"
Ji Rong Xinyue was silent for three seconds before saying, "I don’t know if my idea is correct."
"Tell me about it. If I can’t help you, we can ask the master."
"My idea is …" Ji Rongxinyue hesitated. "It is right for us to win."
Xingyue praised, "Your idea is absolutely right, so we are not bad people."
"But this is the result theory."
Psst, this is a philosophical problem. The interpretation of the stars and the moon is naturally very clear, but the interpretation is one aspect.
Just like Ji Rong Xinyue, she is an 11-year-old child no matter how talented she is. Her world outlook and outlook on life are in the process of forming, and when she encounters some important problems, she will have self-doubt and incomprehension.
As old as Ji Xinghe, 70 years old and experienced, isn’t it still hesitant in front of some problems?
"Master said that it is best to suit yourself when teaching others to fight." She said that the moon and the moon are overclocking the CPU. "So should the process theory and the result theory also find something that suits them? Methodology is that we can sum up both process theory and result theory into methodology, which is a way to solve problems and understand the world. "
Ji Rongxin month was quiet for a moment and laughed.
"Xingyue, that’s very kind of you."
"Xinxin, you are also very good, very good."
When the knot was solved, two federal scholars/two-level mecha who were marching in a state of speed had already arrived at the middle section of the second canyon before the independent regiment.
Although there is a dust storm cover, you can still clearly feel the earthquake and faintly hear the roar from the front when you are here.
Because the front detection eye has been destroyed by the empire, even the stars and moons can’t see what is happening in front, but you don’t have to look at it to know that these vibrations and roars are all caused by the deployment of mines and automatic weapons before World War II.
With the increasing transport capacity of the Federation, the productivity of the Federation’s alien industries has been rising, and both the Federation and the Empire have reduced their conventional forces, and the number of conventional weapons such as mines, bombs and shells has reached a point where it is no longer necessary to save.
Dense mines in the Second Canyon is the first difficulty that the Imperial Mecha Corps needs to face. Although they have prepared mine-clearing vehicles and other devices, they also cooperate with the Mecha Corps of Engineers, but not all mines can be detected and eliminated.
In the cognition of harmony, it is necessary to step on the surface to activate and then lift the foot to explode the mine. Many mines arranged by different federations for mecha have the function of active activation.
The hidden induction device can not only capture the movement of imperial mecha, but also have certain computing power, which can be activated remotely based on the pre-setting program.
There are also mines buried deep, and it is difficult to find traces from the surface. If you want to March quickly, the Imperial Mecha Corps has no time to explore mine-clearing vehicles in detail. After the safety of ordnance, you can’t wait to run.
Until the Imperial Mecha Corps passed the vanguard troops, and the vigilance was reduced to an extreme.
Bang …
Just as the former Ji Xinghe used to call it’ floor washing’ array mines to blow up the Imperial Mecha Corps.
The attack mode of automatic attack weapon is much simpler.
They also have the ability to detect that imperial forces will start the preset attack mode at the first time, or heavy machine guns or continuous artillery or magnetic pulses … and so on. Automatic aiming and attack have brought a lot of trouble to imperial forces and also affected the means of demining of imperial forces.
Apart from the limited lethality, it is easy to determine the attack mode and then be destroyed. This automatic attack weapon base has no shortcomings.
That is to say, the communication interference in the second canyon is too serious, otherwise, if there are stars and moons who personally operate these weapons, their lethality will be greatly increased.
The marching speed of the Imperial Mecha Corps was slowed down, and at the same time, some unlucky Imperial Mechs were damaged, but all the Mechs continued to March according to the previous orders except some really ineffective Mechs.

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