"It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that we can’t bet there isn’t."


The truth is that Ivanovich looked at Tu Yuan with a straight face and thought that the other party must have known the news earlier, but he waited quietly like nothing happened. The reality is that some people admire Tu Yuan’s courage and acting skills.
Of course, Ji Xinghe and others, a group of people are bold.
Tu Yuan’s tone is firm. "I need command."
"the second world war zone?" Ivanovich’s eyes were sarcastic, "You already have it."
TuYuan like didn’t see Ivanovich eyes continue to calm out.
"I want all mercenaries in the alien war zone to command."
"Mercenaries?" Ivanovich’s tone was a little angry. "Do you think they can stop the independent regiment from stopping the imperial surge?"
"No" Tu Yuan looked at Ivanovi, the commander-in-chief, and his eyes felt a little oppressive. "They are the imperial transition base with no defensive forces."
Ivanovich froze.
Whether the imperial transition base really has no defensive forces or not, the current situation shows that if we tell the news to those mercenaries, they will rush into the second canyon like crazy.
Compared with how many imperial mecha have been annihilated and captured/occupied a transition base, it can bring them benefits enough to end their mercenary career and return to Blue Star to enjoy prosperity, which is a luxury for the rest of their lives.
But …
You TuYuan you Ji Xinghe you Li took such a big risk or the imperial transition base?
Now you have to give it away?
No, not giving it away
Ivanovich suddenly realized who captured/occupied the transition base. It really doesn’t matter whether Li Jiahe and Ji Jia don’t know whether to follow Li Jia or Ji Jia Tu Yuan and others.
Does the military benefit it?
They don’t need it. They need the same thing from beginning to end-the destruction of the empire!
Inexplicably produced a little respect. Ivanovich asked, "Can the independent group stop it?"
Tu Yuan felt Ivanovich’s attitude and tone relaxed. "That’s their problem, not ours."
The reason is still the same. A general/commander often doesn’t need to consider whether a hand-to-hand combat unit can win or not. He knows whether to send troops or not to send troops to the battle. For example, once Ji Chenxing accepted the battle.
But this is an independent regiment. If the most powerful ground combat unit in the Federation is destroyed, it will be a big responsibility, let alone Tuyuan. He can’t afford this commander-in-chief
And Ji Rongxinyue is there. If anything happens, Ji Xinghe will really go crazy.
This is different from the sacrifice of Ji Chenxing. Ji Xinghe has good reason to think that this is a’ murder’. Even if Ji Xinghe doesn’t say anything, many fanatical supporters of Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue will do things that will make the Federation fluctuate.
Ivanovic had a lot to say out of his duty, but it suddenly occurred to him that Tu Yuan had said that before he was going to command.
Moreover, Tu Yuanshan’s command is Ji Xinghe’s own decision on this matter and his own absence.
He wanted to understand that if this war ended smoothly and won, Tu Yuan would replace him as the commander-in-chief of the new Federation.
Ji Xinghe, a competitor in his previous cognition, didn’t have a chance because Ji Xinghe didn’t choose to be a general and take command in the rear, but chose to fight as a mecha as before.
Li zhengfan? Renamed Li Yi, he completely lost the opportunity to become commander-in-chief
Li Yuanba? Has become a tool man
So to speak … Is Tu Yuanshi from Andy?
Ivanovic and his apostles at the top of the tower didn’t know that Tu Yuan had become an informal apostle at the top of the tower a long time ago. Otherwise, he might have thought of more, but at present, thinking about these made him just have some thoughts that were immediately dismissed.
His mind turned and he made a decision. "Okay, I’ll give it to you!"
Phase command quickly completed due to dust storms and stopped fighting, but it was tied up because of sudden fighting in the Mountain of Gods, but no one dared to let them go to the battlefield easily. The major mercenary groups in the Federation were indeed forced to go to the second canyon near the original No.3 base as expected by Tu Yuan and Ivanovich.

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