"No smoking here" came from behind Mark.


Mark gave a slight meal with a cigarette in his right hand and then said without looking back, "but I’m very upset now."
with this
Mark turned and looked behind him with a tiny blue elf with long yellow hair that looked like a nurse’s hat.
That’s that blue sis with the stupid blue father.
This group of blue elves who live in Twilight near Twilight Lake has a longer history than Mark Fox.
Smurfs come to be the living elf Sen.
However, after the blue fathers defeated Gegwu, Blue Sister was not the original elf, but the Elven Guardian refused to enter.
All my blue sisters, blue dads, came to this extraordinary world with their blue sisters, and Twilight Sen settled down …
Mark threw away the cigarette and extended his right hand to Blue Sister.
Blue sister climbed Mark’s right hand and sat down directly in the palm of her hand. Then she looked at her eyes and looked like a giant. Mark smiled, "Wow, Mark, you have grown taller again."
Mark corners of the mouth slightly smoke a..
This is another reason why he has not made up his mind to return to Fox Town before.
This sentence is the one with the highest appearance rate among the extraordinary power groups in Fox Town.
No one
Mark smiled and looked around and said, "Is Dad Blue still stupid?"
Blue sister said, "They went to Russo’s house for Christmas. Blue dad and Benben are going to the family wizard dimension to get back our pre-customized Christmas decorations."
Mark smiled.
Blue sister then said, "What about you? I heard on the radio that you just came back and suddenly came here not long ago? "
Mark shrugged his shoulders and was ready to speak.
Blue sister flashed at the moment as if she knew something and immediately said to Mark, "Well, your wife and Alice met."
Mark said directly, "How do you know?"
Blue sister took the tiny device in her ear and waved it in front of Mark. She said, "It’s special to help us do this so that we can also hear the emergency evacuation signal from the town’s extraordinary radio broadcast when we are outside, saying that you are coming to Twilight Sen."
Mark’s face was as black as ink.
What does this take him for?
Just then.
Put the headset back in your ear. Sister Blue looks at Mark again and says, "I should go back."
"… what’s the matter?"
"It’s said on the radio that there are three fugitive vampires coming this way, so please pay attention to avoid them."
Chapter 732 Three wandering vampires
"Three wandering vampires?"
Mark looked at the palm of his hand and nodded his head, then immediately touched himself.
Just from this address, we can see how exclusive the extraordinary life in Fox Town is to ordinary people.
But there’s nothing I can do about it.
After all, Fox Town is an Indian reservation.
It was Mark who frowned and asked Alakazam, the blue sister, "I remember that the extraordinary lives who came from outside and didn’t enter Fox Town through proper channels were all directly killed or imprisoned. Why did you choose to avoid it this time?"

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