"But it will affect your healing of your own body."


"I know my body."
When it comes to this, Yingzhou will not be able to stop it, but after a little hesitation, he still said, "If General Ji wants to try to treat General Li Zhengfan, we must limit General Li Zhengfan’s ability to act."
Li Zhengfan’s body was examined and there was no explosive device, positioning device, weapon system and so on.
But Li Zhengfan’s weight is now as high as 13 tons, and he has made a lot of tungsten-steel alloys have the ability to act and the ability to fight.
This is also the reason why the Federation is very suspicious of Li Zhengfan. Tungsten-steel alloy is really precious. Even if the Federation has obtained the formula of tungsten-steel alloy and verified it, it is unlikely to maintain mechanical life.
Imperial tungsten and steel alloys are not plentiful, and the number of Duke armour is scarce, which can already be seen.
Li Yuanba didn’t get mad at Yingzhou for this sentence, but his eyes were even colder.
Ji Xinghe’s expression "Do you think I can still go to war if all this needs to be restricted?"
This is different, okay?
Yingzhou couldn’t say the rebuttal in his heart because of Ji Xinghe’s eyes. He sighed, "It’s up to you."
Ji Xinghe lifted his feet and went to a closed state. The treatment room went through disinfection procedures and changed his clothes before he could enter.
Li Zhengfan could not know what was happening outside, nor could he hear or see it, but when he saw Ji Xinghe, he turned white.
"I’ve been exposed to the power of Qi several times. When I was dying, Emperor Wu III gave it to me, but I couldn’t recover it."
His voice is completely different from that’ I’m back’, but the same is that the phenomenon of both is very serious. It doesn’t sound like a person speaking it, but it sounds like a mecha intelligent core program.
It’s not that we don’t want to do more detailed processing, but that the interviewer is not sure whether to ask others to configure the sound. Li Zhengfan’s sound is more recognizable mechanically.
Ji Xinghe walked straight to Li Zhengfan’s side lying on the operating platform without any pause.
It’s an operating table, not a hospital bed
Even if the alien gravity is one third of the blue star and the standard weight is 13 tons, it is difficult for Li Zhengfan to make the conventional hospital bed worse. What he needs most now is repair rather than treatment?
"How many times?" Ji Xinghe asked questions in a light tone and directly said, "Yes, I am a mechanic."
Li Zhengfan laughed, but it was like Chen Xunxiao. No one could see it.
"I know you are a mechanic empire, and I know all your information."
"Tell me?"
Ji Xinghe carefully checked it up. Although his machine maintenance ability is more inclined to the mecha, it is like he changed from repairing cars to repairing the mecha.
Li Zhengfan makes the life support system similar to the federal individual exoskeleton armor technology, and this technology is the predecessor technology of mecha, which is not difficult for Ji Xinghe.
Compared with the team of professional mechanics who have formulated the phase plan, its advantages in this respect are naturally nothing.
But he still has two advantages: Qi and Kung Fu.
Federal independence one two
Li Zhengfan didn’t refuse again, but said that people outside were all absorbed. The specifications of the professional analysis team were not lower than that of the previous meeting between Ji Xinghe and Emperor Wu III.
After all, no one expected that Emperor Wu III would appear at the other end, and this time the Federation was prepared.
"You used to be an auto mechanic. At the age of sixty-five, you chose to join the army because of your sacrifice. A federation wanted to make you a mascot to announce the recruitment, but later …"
Everyone knows what Li Zhengfan said, but people are a little flustered because the empire should not know such detailed information.
But now no one delves into this point, and people want to know what it is.
People like Li Zhengfan can naturally be white.
After telling the story of Ji Xinghe, he noticed that Ji Xinghe was still checking carefully and talked about his own affairs.
"Thirteen years ago, I was in a coma, and when I woke up again, it was already an empire. According to them, when I was in a coma for a year, I would have died if it hadn’t been for Emperor Wu III himself. I also confirmed this afterwards. I was really in a coma for a year.
When I woke up, I was already like this, which was different from when the technology was not mature and the material was not tungsten steel alloy. I was able to sit in a wheelchair for the first three years and didn’t say anything. After asking several times, Emperor Wu III stopped asking, but brought me to it for me to see.
I have seen a lot, and I want to see more, because I think what I can see is meaningful if I can come back.
But in the second three years, Emperor Wudi III refused to let me watch it, so I said that I spoke a lot, including the dragon language they had mastered. It can be said that I taught the nobles in the imperial orangutans to receive gifts, and their intelligence and memory were very good, so they all learned quickly.
Three years later, three years later, three years later, I said a lot and saw a lot until you captured Adakang alive and exchanged Adakang for me, so I came back. "
Li Zhengfan seems to have said nothing and said everything.
Some people suddenly understand that all orangutans, including Kazeman, Berrossi IV, Dongguo Cilian and Adakan Empire, can speak dragon language and rarely speak Eagle, another official language of the Federation.
Some people thought that Li Zhengfan was doomed to be miserable for thirteen years.
There are still some people who are angry. The first thing that needs to be solved is the language problem. When Li Zhengfan taught the imperial dragon language, the empire seized those dragon language technology products, which will inevitably be deciphered by the empire at a faster speed.
How can this be?
People are more angry than sorry because the hero has become a traitor?
Ji Xinghe’s expression has always been calm and his eyes have not changed at all. He has been giving Li Zhengfan a physical examination. He is like facing a lifeless mecha.
Those words are like wind.
Li Zhengfan has some accidents.
"General Ji Xinghe … aren’t you angry? Because I really said a lot. "
Ji Xinghe whispered "I know"
"You know?"
"You said you were alive before."
"Ha ha ha ….." Li Zhengfan suddenly laughed. Mechanization made him laugh. It sounded a little weird.

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