A read this all dare not have the slightest contempt for Yang Muyu.


"Drag the body out, bury it and wipe it clean!" Yang Muyu commanded ghost servant way
The ghost servant is busy doing it, and here Yang Muyu’s eyes sweep all the people, and all the people are busy bowing their heads and having great awe.
"It is good that you should do your own thing. Recently, if you have something at home, you have to work hard for a few days to wait for the master’s funeral. I naturally have a lot of rewards, but I don’t want to see such a messy scene today. Isn’t it ridiculous for me to undertake a funeral in Qingyao City in one thousand? You shameless I want this face? "Yang Muyu cold way.
"Yes!" They are busy together to promise.
"All right, let’s go first. Are the people sitting at night in front of the mourning hall arranged in shifts tonight?" Yang Muyu asked again
"Report back that the public department has arranged to attack 32 people sitting at night and 16 people taking turns in two shifts." Old Jane was busy devoting herself to the crowd and reported.
"Very good!" Yang Muyu nodded, "Du Yun is simple and now you are temporarily leading me to find the right person to replace you in a few days!"
Du Yun busy promised that everyone bowed to Mo Qing and Yang Muyu and backed out.
"You also go out!" Yang Muyu took a deep breath and told Li Sandao, "Don’t take advantage of the conflict between me and the housekeepers here, or I will spare you too."
"It’s male!" Li San agreed to turn around and walk away.
At that time, Yang Muyu and Mo Qing were left in the temple.
"My son is so angry today." Mo Qing couldn’t help but touch the nose and wry smile way.
"Angry?" Yang Muyu didn’t good the spirit tunnel, "If I get angry today, I will learn to guard the mourning hall like you. If you let it go with one eye open, can you get by? Can I still get by?"
"Well, MuYu, don’t be angry. I didn’t think it would be you taking care of the family." Mo Qing Shan Shan tunnel
"I don’t take care of it. Tell me who takes care of it?" Yang Muyu asks.
"This ….." Mo Qing didn’t know what to do for a while before he shouted, "Didn’t Jin Di take care of everything when we didn’t come back?"
When Yang Muyu heard it, he really didn’t know anything about this cheap Torre. "Don’t you know that Jin Di is wrapped up in a master’s mourning hall and didn’t allow the funeral to be broken because he is the emperor of Qingyu Empire, not the heir of Qingyao City?" He’s just waiting for you to come back and hand things over to you, and then there’s nothing for him. Well, by the way, I don’t know if he’ll come to mourn tomorrow … "
Where did Mo Qing know these things for a long time before touching his nose and wry smile, "I don’t know"
The fifth chapter can’t cross the dusty crossing
Yang Muyu sighed. If it weren’t for the anger in his heart, he was smashing things again. This man-how can the world be unreasonable? Or is it really too high to be cold for a long time?
"I know you don’t know! You are not a mortal, but you are a fairy. "Yang Muyu was so angry that he couldn’t help but sarcastically said," But you don’t know. It’s just that you are the housekeepers. It’s too difficult for me to ask someone a question. I don’t know! I’d like to know that everyone doesn’t know what to do, so who will tell me what you do with a lot of money to support these people every year? They don’t know what to do. Am I supposed to be the unlucky one who knows what to do? I deserve bad luck? "
Mo Qing couldn’t say a word with a passive smile. No wonder he was angry. It turned out that these short-eyed butlers gave him anger, but he didn’t need to take it out on his head. How did he … know how to be filial to the funeral and naturally have to watch the mourning hall?
Blame the blame. No one in Sunny Yaocheng is in a mess once something happens. Thought of here, there is a person in Sunny Yaocheng who can hold the overall situation well and don’t let Muyu suffer such injustice.
"The day will be more hectic than today," Yang Muyu sighed. "Let me make it clear to you first that whoever dares to tell me that I don’t know whose tongue I will cut, don’t blame me for not giving you face." It’s up to you! " Mo Qing sighed, "that-what should I do?"
Yang Muyu slammed his account book on the table and asked, "Do you know that these gifts have to be registered?"
Mo Qing shook his head. Do you still have to charge for the gift?
"Look at what you’ve done," Yang Muyu fumed. "What did you say you’ve been busy with all these years?"
"He is busy calculating, such as catching me!" Yang Chenyin sounded in the Piandian, and then a flash of water flashed across Yang Chen. He had changed a white gauze wrapped around his waist, and white linen appeared in the Piandian. Although he was not surnamed Mo, he was also a Mohist master, and he changed his costume.
Mo Qing smiled wryly and saw Yang Chen appear immediately and stared at him ruthlessly. If it weren’t for his family, it would be like this.
Yang Muyu sighed, and he knew now that he had said nothing, it was better to work harder than himself. This complicated and sunny Yao City had to have someone come out to take care of it. Those two people were immortals who didn’t eat people. Fireworks couldn’t tell the difference between grains and secular reasons. It was no use telling them and scolding people. It was also a waste of water.
How can he be so unlucky to stand up for such two repairs and ignore worldly affairs, dad?
"That’s all. I’ll take care of it for you for the time being." Yang Muyu is too lazy to talk to the two of them more. He is sitting in a chair and still planning to spend an afternoon selling silver flowers like running water. This is afraid of many disadvantages. It happened that he smashed a lot of money to handle affairs and benefit nothing. If it is still like this, he doesn’t care to kill a few more people.
After the master’s funeral, he had to thoroughly investigate this fine Yao city’s wealth. Although he knew that the important treasures of Fine Yao City were hidden in your personal machines, the local property, annual income and treasury were not a small sum of money. Fine Yao City had its own bank, which was even more serious.
Money is not how to spend it.
"Where have you been hiding all this time?" Mo Qing is also very dissatisfied with Yang Chen. "Mu Yu is so busy that you won’t help him?"
Yang Chen didn’t speak. He wanted to help, but he also didn’t know that he was worse than Mo Qing in this respect.
"Forget it, count on his help?" Yang Muyu raised his eyebrows and sat in a chair. "I’m still counting on sows to grow trees."
Yang Chen’s face is a bit would argue irrationally. "Sows can naturally grow trees when they are immortal."