It’s not malicious words in the heart of Xingyue, but a promise that she can really have such ability if she wants to live.


Although it is impossible to smash the Imperial Star into powder, the theory is that if a meteorite emperor engine with a diameter of 10 kilometers pushes and hits the Imperial Star, the Imperial Star Base will enter a disaster that will lead to extinction.
It doesn’t matter whether the Imperial Star is smashed into powder or not. What matters is that Xingyue should let the Empire know what consequences it will bring when space battleship is smashed at her master.
It is important that all orangutans die.
Although this revenge plan will take a long time, the moon and the stars are the most indispensable. If Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue have a limited life span, what is the empire before the moon and the stars?
Xingyue really wants to see what’s going on outside, but she can’t see the communication being blocked. She can’t see anything unless she climbs out of the gap in Xingyue’s body.
But in that case …
It’s broken
Although the moon and the moon can’t see anything, she can feel that the cockpit door of the moon and the moon is finally broken by Duke Jia.
Then all the attacks on xingyuejia seem to have stopped.
It’s obvious that Duke A saw a man in the cockpit and confirmed that Xingyuejia was driven by Ji Xinghe, and Ji Xinghe was now punished by God.
After a short pause, there was a vibration accompanied by a slight explosion, which made Xingyue confirm that the intelligent core of Xingyue A had been broken.
Has opened the communication shielding device imperial mecha like anger and completely put an end to the possibility of Ji Xinghe’s dismemberment.
"The target god punished Jia Ji Xinghe for closing the communication shielding device inside."
Zhenbeiwang stereo is an imperial language, and it can be heard and understood by the moon and the moon. As the communication shielding device is closed, she’ sees’ the picture of God’s punishment. She really wants to tell Ji Xinghe to leave quickly, but she can’t say it.
Because she knew that now Ji Xinghe couldn’t leave, she knew that if she sent a signal, it might be detected by the imperial mecha who were very close, and then she knew that the intelligent core of Xingyuejia had not been completely destroyed, so she guessed some possibility.
Perhaps the only good news is that from the current situation, the empire really doesn’t know about her.
But now she has lost her fighting capacity.
Even if she had a chance to get into a cockpit of Duke Jia that she broke, now she can’t do exercises and watch Ji Xinghe fight alone.
She saw that Ji Xinghe was constantly breaking, but there was no joy.
Because the real key is not fifteen duke armour in the front channel, nor five duke armour of Xingyue armour, but five prince armour.
Master …
Worried by the moon and the stars, the master is not worried at all now.
Ji Xinghe also heard the shout out of the town north young-fly-Wang, which was probably understandable. After the imperial mecha broke the cockpit, it was not found that the moon and the moon had completely given up the moon and the moon armor.
This also means that the moon and the stars are really safe.
If one must be sacrificed today, he hopes that it will be his own moon and stars. Only when the moon and stars come alive can his granddaughter Ji Rongxinyue safely complete his revenge.
Leave a last word for Ji Rong Xinyue to give up revenge?
Don’t say it’s a last word. Ji Xinghe is alive. Tian Tian Ji Rong Xinyue said in his ear, Don’t take revenge. Ji Rong Xinyue can’t give up.
Not to mention that Ji Xinghe sacrificed Ji Rong Xinyue and had to take revenge.
Yu Ji Xinghe lived to sacrifice the stars and the moon?
Then there is really no way to get revenge. Ji Xinghe will get revenge if he wants to live, but the problem is that even if he can kill Emperor Wu III, he can’t achieve the real revenge-victory to end this war.
The importance of the moon and the stars far exceeds that of Ji Xinghe.
Some people think so, and so do they themselves.
All right!
Ji Xinghe thought again and thought about fighting.
He has broken the Duke armor in fifteen long and narrow passages, and he can move on with each broken Duke armor.
It is definitely the most suitable battlefield for Ji Xinghe to limit the mecha’s transverse maneuvering passage, because it gives him one-on-one opportunities again and again.
In this respect, whether it is armor-piercing or armor-piercing battle, he is an enemy. He is an enemy before Emperor Wudi III.

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