Ling Mo’s pupil breathed a sigh of relief. Exactly, he grew up together, and his close comrades knew and understood himself so well. He also smiled faintly, "I can’t drink casually after I get drunk."


"By the way, brother Feng Pei, the ink pupil, let her go just like that. What should I tell you in front of the queen? " Jean heart watched ling mo pupil expression carefully ask
Ling Mo’s eyes wandered again, and he thought lightly, "I have told Ghost Jun that Feng Pei is in my hands, so you should stay out of it, otherwise it will get worse and worse. Feng Pei is a master, and I am on my way. My strength has been absorbed into the feather body by Feng Pei, and now my strength is far less than that of Xiaoxi, and your roots are intact. Unless you destroy Feng Pei and destroy the feather, I will never get my strength back. This result is that you want to see it.
Qin Xin was speechless for a while. She didn’t want Ling Mo to receive Ding Dian’s injury, and Qin Xin didn’t want to do anything that was not good for him.
"But what shall we do?" Qin Xin is worried
"There will be a way we have to get the dragon first? Want a dragon? Feng Pei is very simple. "Ling Mo said with confidence.
"Finally ask you a question about the human girl? Is there a little love affair? " Qin Xin finally got up the courage to ask the question that has been bothering her for a long time. "You see that girl has a special eye. I have never seen you look at me the same way. Others have never looked at me like that."
"Oh, is there any difference?" Ling Mo’s pupil lowered his eyes. "I think I look at all the same people. How can I love human women if I am a god? Ten levels of hell, "he replied softly, but he couldn’t help but" thump "in his heart. First, ten levels of hell should never be super-living!
Autumn rain seems to have hung a rain curtain for several days, and the sunshine seems to have been long gone for people.
A thin figure of Xiunv Peak, dozens of miles away from Changling, keeps trying to climb. He has been soaked by the rain, and Zhongshan Road slips without leaving his feet. The steep mountain peaks will make people fall to pieces if they are not careful.
Who is he? What, climbing the dangerous and steep Xiunv Peak in this weather? Are you dying?
It turns out that he lives in Changling, a villager named Zhang Laoliu, a wussy villager who usually lives on a few acres of barren land. Although the days are hard, the best hope for a family to be happy is a ten-year-old son Xiaorong.
Xiao Rongsheng has fine features, is very cute, intelligent and outstanding. He knew a lot of words when he was only three years old. Mr. Private school said that he must be a champion when he grows up.
So Xiaorong became a family member who hoped to flatter the future.
But these days, Xiao Rong suddenly fell ill for no reason, lying in bed and foaming at the mouth. Zhang Laoliu invited several doctors in succession, but no one could see what disease Xiao Rong got.
Three days later, Xiaorong was dying and became a bone. Finally, the old doctor sighed and comforted Zhang Laoliu. "Let’s prepare for Xiaorong’s funeral!"
When I heard the old doctor’s words, my family was crying, especially Xiaorongniang and grandma had fainted and Zhang Laoliu hugged the old doctor’s legs. "Sir, please show Xiaorong again. He is still young. How can he die like this when he is ten years old?"
The old doctor looked at Zhang Laoliu with great sympathy and said, "Please forgive me for my limited medical skills and I can’t see what is wrong with Xiaorong!"
Zhang Laoliu cried sadly, "Is there no other way?"
The old doctor suddenly remembered what it was like. He quickly patted Zhang Laoliu on the shoulder. "When I was a child, I was a doctor. When I was a doctor, I heard the teacher say that there was a kind of’ resurrection grass’ on Xiunv Peak outside the ridge that could save the dying. I don’t know if it was true or not, but Xiunv Peak was too steep and dangerous for few people to climb."
Zhang Laoliu seemed to see hope after hearing what the old doctor said. He said firmly, "I’ll go, I want my son to pick the’ rejuvenation grass’, and I must try."
"But now the rainy mountain road is more slippery and dangerous." The old doctor regretted his proposal very much.
"I’m not afraid to have a little hope to save my son’s life. I’m going to try to trouble Mr. Wang to draw me a sketch of’ rejuvenation grass’." Zhang Laoliu is now nine cows and can’t pull it back (poor parents! )
The old doctor couldn’t draw a bunch of flowers on a white cloth. It was a bunch of soft long leaves that looked like orchids. The old doctor handed it to Zhang Laoliu and said, "To be honest, I have never seen this picture of’ rejuvenation grass’. It is also my memory that the master drew a picture for me. Its leaves are deeply shallow and purple. I heard that there is a cliff on the mountainside of Xiunv Peak, but you should be careful!"
Zhang Laoliu thanked the old doctor for his kindness, picked up the pattern and told his family to take good care of Xiaorong, so he braved the rain and left home and went straight to Xiunvfeng.
Even the beautiful Xiunv Peak is very steep and dangerous to climb. In this rainy day?
Every step is dangerous to slip.
Zhang Laoliu gritted his teeth and thought about his lovely smiling face, trying to climb his body is already mud, and his hands have been scratched by sharp rocks.
I don’t know how many times he slipped, but he bravely got up again. Finally, he saw a small piece of purple fairy grass-rejuvenation grass.
———-please keep it.
"Qinxin, I’m sorry I was drunk last night." Shura Shenjun was as cramped as a child at this time.
"No heart, I know, I know, you’re drunk, rest assured, I won’t rest assured." Qin Xin said frankly that she didn’t want Ling Mo pupil to feel difficult pressure, which has been the case for thousands of years.
Although I love him, I never want to hold him back. I hope I can see him often and I will be satisfied.