Kate took a deep look at the corners of her mouth, and Mark made a crazy body language, turned around and took Mark’s hand receiver and walked towards the bedroom without looking back.
The bedroom door is closed
Mark and Lilith, who are heating milk, look at each other and burst out laughing.
Just then.
Mark’s cell phone rang …
Mind traction directly took the mobile phone with the living room sofa to take off to Mark’s hand.
Mark glanced at the phone number.
Slightly one leng
half an hour later
50 kilometers from Narchino, Obi Canyon
Mark Canyon rock fell to the ground and immediately saw the Irina Kaptelova at the edge of the canyon
Kryptonian general Irina Kaptelova zod, to be exact.
A black combat body made of nano-materials has a zod family badge flashing with cold light …
Irina Kaptelova turned around.
"Are Dorothy and theodora asleep?"
"Uh … asleep"
"That’s good."
"… what’s the matter with you?"
"Nothing. When Dorothy and Theodore grow up, tell them that their grandmother loves them very much."
"… I’m not too white"
Mark felt the ground tremble after saying this sentence.
Irina Kaptelova, with his head down, squeezed his hands to drive the rhythm of the earth.
Mark’s brow wrinkled deeply.
Which play is this?
Irina Kaptelova looked up at Mark and said lightly, "You said that if I met the evil keeper again, you would come to my side, didn’t you?"
Mark frowned. "Irina Kaptelova, what’s wrong with you?"
Irina Kaptelova smiled and shook his head and said, "I once saw that black dragon."
Mark instantly one leng.
Irina Kaptelova smiled again and then restrained himself and said, "It’s time for my people to take revenge."
with this
Irina Kaptelova is moving towards the Kryptonian Superman mode …
Mark’s eyelids are pounding.
What happened in the window?
Play with an eggplant here?

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