Master Dingyi slowly drew his sword.


Yue Lingshan’s sword pointed at Teacher Dingyi and said, "Please give me advice."
"Younger, be careful."
Lu da has a heart.
Huashan Paidi knows that Yue Lingshan is good at fencing. She learned fencing from Wang Yuexi.
Wang Yue, that’s the top master of magic teaching, even worse than master Yue Buqun. His fencing is naturally quite powerful.
Lu Dayou’s heart andao "I don’t know if Younger’s fencing is compared with Ding Yi’s teacher."
Chapter 9 Life extension
Abbot Dingyi used her flying skill to turn her sword into a streamer and kill Yue Lingshan.
Hengshan Sect’s swordsmanship is powerful, but it is a Buddhist martial art, and its martial arts will pay attention to being upright.
The Huashan school’s swordsmanship is "strange" and "dangerous"
Yue Lingshan used swordsmanship without any shadow of Huashan school.
Yue Lingshan’s swordsmanship is "steady" and "fast"
Make a clean move without hesitation
"Ding ding ding …"
A sword crossed sound.
Long sword intersection gave a Mars qi fluctuations scattered around a lot of tables and chairs.
"Back off"
Lauder said to Huashan brothers
A younger brother of the Hengshan Sect also said, "We will return some."
Teacher Dingyi is a first-class master, full of true spirit and strong strength, which Yue Lingshan can’t compete with.
Yue Lingshan felt very tired after relying on fencing and Ding Yi’s teacher to block more than ten strokes. Every time a sword collided, he felt that his body was shocked and his qi was floating and he wanted to vomit blood.
Wang Yue’s swordsmanship is great, but Yue Lingshan is now a second-rate master, even the best of her second-rate masters, but there is still a big gap compared with Teacher Dingyi.
No matter how strong fencing is, there is no chance of winning in front of absolute power
Yue Lingshan’s pedaling and footwork blocked the sword of Master Dingyi.
Powerful force to Yue Lingshan slipped after more than 20 meters to stop.
"Snow …"
Yue Lingshan blushed and spat out one mouthful blood, then turned pale. She was not slightly injured.
Yue Lingshan’s arm trembled slightly with a sword, and the whole bust became numb.
"Younger" Lu Dayou shouted.
He sent his brother to Huashan with a worried face.
"Good good Yue Lingshan didn’t expect your fencing to be so severe" Teacher Dingyi said with surprise in his eyes "Today, if it weren’t for strong power, I couldn’t win you. In terms of fencing alone, I’m not your opponent. This fencing isn’t your father’s teaching you and you’re not Huashan fencing! Who is your master? "
The Wuyue Sword Sect has been United in resisting the Shintoism of the Sun and Moon for a hundred years, and they know each other too well.
Teacher Ding Yi is familiar with Huashan swordsmanship. Although she doesn’t know the skill of Huashan Sect, the swordsmanship moves are clear.
Yue Lingshan’s swordsmanship is steady and fast, and his control of power is quite good.
A sword-wielder is like an arm-wielder.
A set of basic swordsmanship is well defended.
If it weren’t for the powerful qi force that shocked Teacher Dingyi of Yue Lingshan, he might not have won.
This kind of fencing is uncertain, and you are all shocked.
In addition to Yue Buqun and Ningzhong, Huashan School has another fencing master.
"I practiced this fencing myself and no one taught me." Yue Lingshan wiped a corner of his mouth with blood.
Hearing Yue Lingshan’s answer, Huashan brothers were relieved.
It would be bad if Yue Lingshan told Wang Yue, but Wang Yue is a demon teacher. If others know that Yue Lingshan and the demon teacher learn swords, then Huashan Sect is not a public enemy of Wulin.
The sound of "Ding Yi Shi Bo" comes.
Abbot Dingyi stopped fighting against Yue Lingshan. She won with the strength of first-class masters. Now Yue Lingshan has been injured. If she attacks again, it will be beneath her dignity.
"And you are?" Teacher Dingyi doesn’t know anyone.
The man laughed. "Home teacher Liu Zhengfeng has arrived at lunch now. My master asked my brother to ask Ding Yi and other disciples to go to dinner."
Teacher Dingyi nodded, "So you are Liu Shi’s younger brother."
"Huashan Lauder if seen teacher younger brother" Lauder if fuels.
Liu Zhengfeng’s brother laughed. "It turns out that all the brothers of Huashan School, Yue Shibo, and the master of Qingcheng School have arrived. Let’s go together."
Lauder nodded "good"
Lu Dayou went to Yue Lingshan’s side to help her and asked, "Younger, what’s wrong with you?"
Yue Lingshan shook his head and said, "It’s okay if I’m injured for a few days. Dingyi Shibo has been merciful or I will be seriously injured."
Teacher Dingyi glanced at Brother Huashan and sneered, "When I see Brother Yue, I think if he wants me to tell him to leave!"
Teacher Dingyi left with his brother from Hengshan.
Laudero also took Huashan Paidi to Liu’s house.
Lin Ping got up and the wooden peak pulled him and asked, "What are you doing?" Linping Avenue "Go find Yu Canghai. I’m going to save my parents."
Wood peak shook his head and said, "Liu Zhengfeng is going to wash my hands of it. Now Liu Fu is a master cloud. You went and died. Let’s take a long-term view."
Quyang mat wrapped in Ling Huchong dragged him back.
Ling Huchong is seriously injured now, and his breathing is also empty. He will die at any time, and there is nothing he can do to save him.
Unless he has Wang Yue’s medical skill.
Quyang came to the second floor of Qunyuyuan and saw Dong Fangbubai sitting on the ladder with a black box in his hand and a cold look in his eyes.
Quyang knelt down and said respectfully, "Belong to Quyang. See the leader."

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