The scattered demon knew that the situation was unfavorable to him, so he said to Xiao Lingyu with a bitter gourd face.


"Little brother, can you tell me that I can’t tell you enough?" San Mo nodded and replied.
"It’s our The Hunger Zongte Pursuit Mirror that will present you to the Pursuit Mirror, and the Pursuit Mirror will find the place where you have been." The scattered demon replied very cooperatively
"Besides you, did the Black The Hunger Sect send other masters to kill me?" Xiao Lingyu asked again
"strength?" Xiao Lingyu continue to ask.
"Ha ha!"
The scattered demon didn’t know whether it was because he was afraid of death or because his lies were exposed. His yellow face finally became purple with blood.
"What?" Xiao Lingyu asked.
"Ha ha, of course, you don’t reveal that I can’t search your soul, but if you don’t cooperate with me, there is nothing to continue asking. Let’s die slowly." Xiao Lingyu smiled and turned around.
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Chapter 74 monty disintegration solution
? Chapter 74 monty disintegration solution
"It’s our The Hunger Zongte Pursuit Mirror that will present you to the Pursuit Mirror, and the Pursuit Mirror will find the place where you have been." The scattered demon replied very cooperatively
"Pursuit spirit mirror should be so magical? !” Xiao Lingyu looked surprised, but she will be back in a moment …
Chapter 75 blackmail
? Chapter 75 blackmail
Xiao Lingyu’s anger and annoyance in his heart at this time can be imagined. He slowly walked towards the magic baby with the phoenix feather.
"I warned you, but you didn’t listen. Do you regret it now?" The magic baby is estimated to know that there is a place to die, and there is no fear, and the words are more extravagant.
“ ……
Chapter 76 The windy valley line risks recruit 1
? Chapter 76 The windy valley line risks recruit 1
"As I expected, this place has been surrounded. If I show up, I will be surrounded by those experts immediately. It is also the case in the field of repairing the truth!" Xiao Lingyu shook his head and sighed.
In this case, it’s impossible for him to leave the mainland by sending troops to fly feathers …
Chapter 77 The windy valley line risks recruit 2
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No one can tip Xiao Lingyu off, and he doesn’t dare to get too close to Nanping Town to find out, but his feet can also think that Ge Yunfei must be stared at by many masters, and those monks who seem to be practicing meditation must be constantly alert to Xiao Lingyu in their own consciousness if they want to enter their perception range, they may be found.
Hand over the fairy, and you can let yourself and Ge Yunfei go?
He can think more of Is the cloud treasure Zhai, who are still playing the idea of ice-cold wild silkworm. He should not only hand over the fairy phoenix feather, but also hand over the parallel wild silkworm.
The deadline is getting closer and closer, and Xiao Lingyu is getting more and more anxious. He must leave the mainland of Feiyu early, otherwise the master of black The Hunger Sect will definitely find the door to himself. If he leaves late, it will be in vain to rescue Ge Yunfei.
"Er … you’d better forget it. It’s more like ice silkworm." Xiao Lingyu paused and shook his head and said.
Xiao Lingyu smiled slightly. He knew that the serpent was worried that he would forget it if he had ice silkworm. Who made it less powerful than ice silkworm?
"It’s really too dangerous there. Du Jie experts are in groups, but if ice silkworm is not injured, we can actually get a large number of experts." The serpent said angrily.
Xiao Lingyu frowned inexplicably and then suddenly realized, "You mean to let ice silkworm help us catch the monster beast?"
"That’s right! Why didn’t I think of this bifurcation? In the barren forest, it is not a problem for us to let ice silkworm catch an army of monsters in the Du Jie period and Mahayana period! " Xiao Lingyu said excitedly
"I’m injured, but I’m not dead. I can’t form it after I recover from the injury." Xiao Lingyu was still very happy.
"Hey hey, it’s not that there’s no way for ice silkworm to recover quickly. I can make it recover quickly by adding a strange cold material or medicine." Xiao Lingyu laughed easily.
"What’s the plan? Just go and find a strange cold material or medicine. I hope I can come."
"Swallow Tianlong, you have lived in Feiyu mainland for many years. Do you know where there is a strange cold place?" Xiao Lingyu driving idolize asked the serpent while flying.
"Well, you don’t explain. I know, but I’ve heard that there should be a place where there are extremely cold materials or medicinal materials."
That place was told to Xiao Lingyu by Jiang Lanyue when he was in the cave of the ancient gods, but she warned Xiao Lingyu that it was very dangerous for Mahayana masters. If the serpent knew that there might be strange cold things in other places, Xiao Lingyu would not take risks. Unfortunately, the serpent did not and Xiao Lingyu did not have much time to look for it, so he could take risks.
After arriving here, Xiao Lingyu slowed idolize down and removed idolize’s defensive cover.
It didn’t take long for the wind to suddenly change, and Xiao Lingyu didn’t feel strange. Just let idolize turn around and continue to move against the wind.
This is the windy valley. Many strong people know that they have been here and have been here, but they can’t find the strangeness here. If the temperature in the windy valley is extremely low, the strong wind can blow the energy shield of the monks in Du Jie period, while the cold can transfer the skills of the monks in the robbery period. It is also a Jedi in Feiyu mainland, and it is easy for a monk to never dare to get involved.
Although idolize is a very clever weapon, Xiao Lingyu knows that all spiritual powers or magic weapons driven by spiritual powers will not work well in the windy valley, and idolize’s defense shield will soon collapse after entering.
Xiao Lingyu’s capability has reached the middle of Du Jie, and he can naturally withstand strong winds, and his chaotic energy is much higher than spiritual power. The defensive shield composed of chaotic energy will not be easily broken by strong winds.
In fact, the extreme cold and strong wind are not the most dangerous in this valley. Occasionally, there are colored winds blowing out here. These colored winds are the most dangerous. Even in Mahayana, the defensive shield constructed by the Godsworn’s immortal spirit force will be easily torn by those colored winds, and even the extremely clever weapon will be difficult to persist in those winds, let alone the Godsworn’s body.
Xiao Lingyu soon reached the deepest part of the valley and saw a very smooth ice wall.
Xiao Lingyu knows that this colorful wind is like having eyes. If there are monks nearby, they will directly pounce on them. Don’t expect to be able to dodge and hard connect. This is also the most important reason why the powerful people in Feiyu Mainland dare not come here.
Xiao Lingyu drink a lun to phoenix feather against the blue strong breeze swept past.
A little while later, Xiao Lingyu heaved a sigh of relief, and the phoenix feather was indeed not an unusual fairy device. It stirred up the blue strong breeze in the chaotic energy blessing suspense.

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