Zhou Zhiruo laughed. "The three masters are really reasonable. In that case, let’s do it."


Zhou Zhiruo looked at Zhang Ji and Wang Yue.
Zhang Ji wants to save Xie Xun, not afraid that he won’t contribute, but Wang Yue wants a place. If Xie Xun can’t save Wang Yue, you can’t get that county site. Wang Yue will also contribute.
Wang Yue said to Zhang Ji, "Master Zhang, you are responsible for resisting the three masters and I am responsible for attacking the three masters."
Zhang Ji nodded and asked the two of them to entangle the three eminent monks in Zhou Zhiruo and rescue Xie Xun easily.
Zhou Zhiruo drink a Wang Yue and Zhang Ji at the same time a ghosting fly to three monks.
Du E Avenue "Two younger brothers King Kong fell into the magic circle! Never let them rescue Xie Xun. "
The three monks chained their hands and turned to Wang Yue and Zhang Ji to attack.
Zhang Ji roared, "Gan Kun has moved a lot!"
Suddenly, Zhang avoid Fiona Fang’s ten-foot-long light distortion, and the powerful twisting force unloaded the crazy flying iron chain.
Wang Yue sneers that once Zhang Ji blocks him, he can rest assured that he will attack boldly with fencing.
"stab the sword!"
Dozens of sharp firm but gentle attacks on the three monks.
Firm but gentle has not yet reached the body Du E three people feel the skin was cut sting.
"Be careful, two younger brothers!"
Du E said.
Wang Yue’s shock wave attack is the greatest threat to the three eminent monks.
Wang Yuejian is too fast and too sharp.
For the first time, Yang Xiao and others saw the great master Xiu Zhang Ji display the great move of Gan Kun.
Gan Kun’s big move changed the magnetic field and distorted the light. It’s incredible that the iron cable with hundreds of thousands of pounds of force was unloaded.
"The leader is really amazing. Even if we master Yang, it can’t be worse than this." Yang Xiao was shocked.
Yang Dingtian naturally has no Zhang Yujiang. Yang Dingtian didn’t become a great master in those days.
Yin Tianzheng was both delighted and worried that Zhang Ji’s martial arts had reached such an unfathomable level, and worried that the three eminent monks’ martial arts were no worse than Zhang Ji’s.
Facing the attack of three great masters, one who is not careful will die.
"Avoid you can’t have something" Yin Tianzheng heart andao.
Zhu Yuanzhang’s face became very gloomy, and the more powerful he was, the greater the threat to him.
No matter how powerful Wang Yue is, he won’t rob the country with Zhu Yuanzhang, but Zhang Ji is different. Zhang Ji is the leader. If he can’t let Zhang Ji give way, Zhu Yuanzhang will always be Zhang Ji, and it is impossible for him to become a god root.
Of course, Zhu Yuanzhang can also start a new stove, but even if he leaves teaching Zhu Yuanzhang, he may not be able to get the foundation.
Although the chain was removed by Zhang Ji, there is still a small part of that powerful force that needs Zhang Ji’s body to bear the great move of Gan Kun, but it is impossible to remove all the attack power.
"The martial arts of the three masters are so strong that they are not much worse even if they are not too severe. I seem to vomit blood every time I take a blow." Zhang Ji’s heart andao
A sword sounded to Wang Yue’s hand and turned into a light to stab Du E.
The Vajrayana Magic Circle is dominated by Du E, and two of his eminent monks will cooperate to make Du E chaotic, and there will be loopholes in the Vajrayana Magic Circle.
Du E one leng, "Wang Yue found the weakness of the Vajrayana circle and asked me to make a mess. This Vajrayana circle is even broken."
The iron chain in Du E’s hand is like a black dragon winding around and madly attacking Wang Yuegong.
"Hum, I don’t care about these attacks. I just want to attack you and let you defend."
Wang Yue quickly avoided the attack, and the ghosting continued to attack Du E.
Du E can defend.
Sure enough, after Du E’s chain was removed, Zhang Ji felt pressure greatly reduced.
"Good chance to see me if I block these two chains."