Qing Ming also forget it. How can you even be jealous of this stranger Yu Shengyan?


"Mystery, you …" Seeing Mystery’s eyes clear in the clouds and deep breath in the moon, he tried his best to relax himself. The other party hasn’t shown the fox’s tail yet. He must not be in a state of disorder, although he was in a hurry about Mystery and Yusheng Smoke.
"Let’s go, let’s find out the identity of Qing Ming first," said the month in the cloud, grinding his teeth slightly
Wait until the moon in the cloud and the mystery enter the cat cabinet, and Yu Shengyan rushes to the mystery with a slight nod and does not follow.
It was after the mystery left the line of sight that Yu Shengyan’s eyes stared at a place where she had been narrowing her eyes and slightly opened her eyes. There was a flash of light and Yu Shengyan said softly, "The time is coming soon."
"Uncle Bering Jun!" Cat pavilion mystery surprised way
Yushengyan is a monk’s mystery in the practice of divination in Tianjige. It is not surprising that Yushengyan met in Tianjige, but Bering Jun’s appearance here made the mystery very unexpected.
After all, Bering Jun gave mystery a feeling that he was not addicted to the secret and pinned his hopes on Brother Destiny.
The mysterious sound made Bering Jun look back, and at the same time, a bunch of lines of sight looked at the mysterious sound, and he didn’t notice that Bering Jun was not alone.
It’s different from being dressed in a Confucian robe. It’s elegant and modest. Bering Jun is surrounded by monks who seem to be … officials.
Look at the Bering Monarch Center again.
Bering Jun bowed his head slightly and I don’t know what mystery he told those people, but he saw Bering Jun coming to her and the moon in the clouds.
Mystery is a little worried. "Uncle Bering, am I disturbing you?"
"It’s almost done. I’m no longer needed there, but I don’t know what the moon pavilion owner in the cloud is doing with the mystery to the cat pavilion?" Bering jun rushed mystery slightly nodded and smiled at the cloud on the way
If Yunzhongyue has something to do, you must bring more mystery. Either Yunzhongyue has to do things and mystery this time, or Yunzhongyue and Mystery are very close.
Bering Jun sincerely hopes that it is the former.
But I don’t know if I’m not old enough to leave sequelae before spring. Now what does Bering Jun think of the moon in the clouds? Something is wrong.
I didn’t feel this way before it was strange.
"I’m here to check things and mystery. It may be more accurate to have a mystery in the secret." The cloud and the moon don’t change color, and I don’t know what’s in my heart.
After all, before Bering Jun came to him, he asked about the feelings between teachers and students. As soon as he had given Bering Jun advice, he started stealing from himself.
Bering jun’s eyes rested on the cloud and his face didn’t know if he believed it or not.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two
Mystery borrows the power of the moon in the cloud to make moves against Bering Jun, but Bering Jun didn’t do nothing.
Just before Bering Jun was sucked into the room, a yellow ofuda suddenly wound around the mystery waist and brought it in with him.
Bering Jun is conscious when he does this.
But when Bering Jun opened his eyes and saw the scene in front of him, he immediately knew how wrong it was to drag the mystery into it.
See mystery wrapped around his waist ofuda is sitting on his thigh, two people at this time near Bering jun can easily smell the unique fragrance of xuan fuselage.
Bering Jun’s body is suddenly stiff, just like being fixed, and he doesn’t move.
On the contrary, the mystery in Bering Jun’s arms was not affected at all. Seeing Bering Jun freeze, he poked his finger with great interest.
This Bering Jun finally returned to absolute being, and his eyes fell on the mysterious fuselage, and his voice was slightly heavy. "Mystery is such a scandal."
"I’d like to go, but I still have martial uncle Bering Jun, and you are lucky." Mystery sighed.
Bering Jun’s Fuofuda made the mystery inseparable from Bering Jun. It was not that the mystery deliberately wanted to take advantage of Bering Jun.
Mystery the words sound just fell and waist yellow ofuda turned into a light to fly back to Bering Jun’s sleeve, Bering Jun’s robe moved and motioned for mystery again.
The mystery finally got up and left the moment, and Bering Jun suddenly breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart. Today, he has never had such close contact with any female practitioner, and he just didn’t react at the first time.
Bering Jun reflected for a moment in his mind, got up, lowered his eyes slightly, gathered his robe and arranged the instrument, and when his mood calmed down, he looked around.
See him and mystery is a room.
Room filled with incense and Bering jun body Mo Dao incense.
The room layout is very simple, but Bering Jun looks at the mystery. "How can I get out of this place?"
"This is about Bering Jun’s Martial Uncle. You have to find the answer yourself." Mystery laughed. If she would tell Bering Jun, she would get Bering Jun in again.
As Bering Jun asked, even if there is a door in this room, you have to give a real answer before you can go out. After all, the moon in the clouds is also a ninth-order Taoist environment.
If the moon in the clouds is fighting head-on, it may not be Bering Jun’s opponent, but in the middle world, it is not a problem for Bering Jun to be trapped in the moon in the clouds.
Knowing that you can’t get the answer from the mystery, Bering Jun took a look back and walked to the rack. Then Bering Jun randomly pulled out a book from the rack and flipped it without looking at it for a few times.
After Bering Jun choked back a sense of foreboding at the bottom of his heart and smoked a few more times, he hurriedly turned his face slightly heavy and said, "I overestimated the moon in the clouds."
Such a large frame is full of romantic words, but there is no formal record.
Don’t say there is a mystery in the room now, even if there is no mystery, Bering Jun won’t read it carefully.
Mystery aside, "Martial Uncle, why don’t you look for it? Maybe the clues to go out are in these."
Don’t say it’s really possible according to the personality of the moon in the clouds. Bering Jun is slightly white with his fingertips.
"Mystery, I think you know the way to get out of here. You’d better say it. I’m bound to win. If possible, I really don’t want to hurt you." Bering put his hand back on the shelf and looked at the mystery road, obviously trying to break through the mystery.
"Martial Uncle Bering Jun, according to this rule, you can’t move a muscle for me. You don’t have an advantage here." Mystery said with a smile. This is what she has to fear. In the middle of the month, the world makes rules and directly erases the strength gap between her and Bering Jun.
Bering Jun tried his consciousness, and sure enough, his Fuan power was weakened, with a second-order power at most.
The second order can’t even break the mystery basic defense.
Thought of here, Bering Jun frowned and quickly took back ofuda, then suddenly dropped a pen in his sleeve.
Mystery saw surprised, "Uncle Bering Jun, do you want to rewrite the rules of the Chinese world? It’s a pity that you can’t change it in a realm without clouds."
Sure enough, Bering Jun can’t write with his pen dipped in ink root.
This time, Bering Jun was not impatient, but tried again and again to have the energy to take care of the mystery. "Few people know about my good deeds, but I told you in the clouds?"
"No, I saw the information in the romantic pavilion, saying that Martial Uncle Bering is equally good. Why didn’t others know about it all the time? My nephew wondered if it was related to the moon in the clouds."

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