JiFan pulled pull mouth with a double foot soldiers, a god-given spearmen fat one walked towards inflammation village.


—————————————————————————————————————————————————— The dividing line.
Back to the village of inflammation JiFan pulling Wang Qiang and Lu Xun ran back to the warm hall with a sigh and said "warm, comfortable, Shu Tai! Boyan, why are you waiting outside the village? How cold it is! You will work here after you go to work! "
Lu Xun smiled faintly and did not refuse to say, "Your Majesty has worked hard!"
Ji Fan waved his hand and said, "I’m glad that I can help you with some small things if I can’t make it. After all, this is my inheritance. You don’t have to work so hard, but if I don’t even help you with this small thing, I’ll feel guilty!"
Lu Xun looked at JiFan eyes faint tears and said nothing in the bottom of my heart!
Wang Qiang hey hey smiled and said, "I am also very hard! How to reward me? "
With a wave of his hand, Ji Fan said, "Go to your concubine for a reward on a holiday."
Wang Qiang hurriedly drooling hello didn’t play away.
JiFan sigh a "gentle township hero burial! Hey! Fortunately, I don’t have the mind to say something about Nanpihan’s house with you. "
Lu Xun looked at him and listened carefully. After listening, he said, "Mutual benefit! Master, at present, we have nothing to do except understand the surrounding shanzhai branch. "
JiFan gawk Lu Xun some scratching their heads what do you mean?
Lu Xun smile.
———— dividing line—
Pingyuan city
A commander of the city wall looked into the distance and muttered to himself, "How are you, Brother Fan? It’s winter! Remember to wear more clothes, but you are most afraid of the cold. I remember last winter, you stayed indoors for three months and stayed at home all the time. Brother Fan, you should be patient at home and don’t collide with Ji Wu again. My father was bought by him. Be careful! Brother Fan, I’m sorry for you. Brother Fan and Ji Qingqing, I’m sorry for you. "At some point, I unconsciously left two lines of clear tears and wiped them hard. After looking at the surrounding situation, I sat down to wipe up the pike’s canthus and left it to a figure. I quickly turned my head and found that there was no figure there.
A woman hiding in the corner couldn’t believe it. She looked at the deer and said, "Why is he here?"
"Lingling, why are you here? It’s dangerous outside. Go back to the enemy to attack the city first!" A teenager looked a little anxious and came running.
The woman looked and thought to herself, "Brother Fan"
"Meowed" is at the moment there was a long horn Jilu immediately dispersed the distractions in my heart and looked ahead.
The city saw a large number of foot soldiers appear in the distance and quickly set up camp.
After the camp, there was a roar and drum roll in the other camp.
"Knock, knock, knock"
With the roar of drums, about 1,500 steps away, a large number of troops were killed in the camp just yesterday.
The number of people who will flag "Xu" is about one thousand.
The war is on the verge!
———— dividing line—
In the fiery blacksmith’s shop, Ji Fan suddenly found that his heart was inexplicably sour.
The blacksmiths struck while the iron was hot to pull Ji Fan’s thoughts back, pulling the bellows to assist in casting and casting pig iron into armor.
In the middle of the blacksmith’s shop, there is a big stove, a bellows and a bellows. When the wind blows into the stove, the flames soar. To forge the iron, first, the red-hot iron is burned in the stove, and then the blacksmith moves it to the big iron pier. Generally, the blacksmith holds the hammer in his left hand, flips the iron with the iron tongs, and holds the hammer in his right hand. While commanding the apprentice to forge, the hammer modifies the key position to make a square iron into a round iron bar or a thick iron bar into a slender iron bar. It can be said that in the hands of the blacksmith,
With the need of heating, the bellows will be accelerated in a gentle and balanced rhythm. When the iron is hot, the iron shovel will quickly clamp the big iron pier, and a hammer will ring a string of nails. A sweat and rain will float. The master will put the iron into the sink and suddenly rise with the "squeak" of white smoke to quench. It is very important for the blacksmith to complete the quenching and tempering technology, which is generally difficult to master with practical experience.
The blacksmith master in Yanyi Village was brought to Yanyi Village by Lu Xun because of the scarcity of iron ore in Yanhuang Village. Yanyi Village was left as a junior blacksmith and blacksmith apprentice.
Now Ji Fan is supervising the blacksmiths to print the names of the two armies in the armor of the two armies and emphasizing the unification of the styles of the armor of the two armies in the future.
In this case, the blacksmith’s salary is still very high. The blacksmith’s master spends an average of 5 yuan a day, and the blacksmith’s apprentice spends 2 yuan a day to build the armor.
And Ji Fan is thinking about one thing, something that makes Lu Xun very serious.
Eyeliner and traitor among villagers
Lu Xun’s new deputy, Jin Min, is trying to investigate.
In the afternoon, JiFan spit out a sigh of relief and wiped her sweat and ran towards the hall.
—————————————————————— The dividing line.
"Whether to sacrifice 1 money for immediate summoning!"
"In the immediate extraction, in the immediate extraction"
"Extraction succeeded"
"Target Zhen Fu (Zhen Shi) dominates 15 forces, 4 intelligence, 71 politics, 66!"
"Call estimated 3 minutes"
"Get a limit of 1 when you try to flatten Jijiazhuang"
Ji Fan swore "your sister!" That meat in my heart hurts! Ten thousand dollars is gone.