Mark saw the old man wrapped in a white robe and sweating all over his face


This is la?
Are you kidding?
Mark’s eyebrows are beating slightly.
Say yes, it’s the sun god.
Pulling the sun is called the sun god?
Is it called the moon god to have a man pulling the moon in a hurry?
Zhetemiao pull it.
After spitting, Mark once again followed the path of the underworld breath.
A little while
Mark saw an oasis in the desert.
river water
And …
Mark looked at what he was looking at and was a little confused.
Twist a head and look around.
Where is the origin of coconut again?
Mark looked down at his hands, shrugged his shoulders and walked forward on both sides.
But mark slowed down at the moment he approached the oasis.
His eyes rested on a coconut tree, wearing a gorgeous gown and a wheat-skinned woman with a amorous hairstyle.
96 points
Mark stared at the woman with her back to his back and gave her score instantly.
He could have given ninety points.
But …
Mark walked behind the woman and stared at the direction where the woman was looking. He said faintly, "Lady, I feel your sadness."
The husband Seth had the sixth cold war, and Nefertis quickly recovered and his body froze instantly.
Mark looked at the colorful wings behind her with some amazing eyes and could not help but exclaim, "The keeper sees you and I like seeing a real goddess."
Deputy armed Nefertis listened to Mark’s words, and his face was even more instantaneous. A heavy hand and a blow to the spear were severely blasted out.
Mark did not move.
When Nefertis spear was less than a foot near Mark’s chest,
Colorful light seems to be … some reluctant to bang out and cover Mark.
Nefertis spear was shattered in an instant.
Mark’s eyelids jumped straight and he questioned the so-called 365-degree protection system. "What do you mean, it crashed temporarily?"
A line of words has popped up in the recognition system for a long time.
[According to the instructions of Nine Sisters’ adult, whenever you have exchanged female attacks and I was just calculating this]
Mark’s eyelids jumped straight again. "You are discriminating … no, wait, what are you calculating? I just met this woman for the first time. "
Recognition uniform milli-reaction
Mark took a deep breath and quickly recovered.
Be in a panic
But Mark, as steady as an old dog, looked at the woman in front of him with a gentle smile and waved her hand at the wine and said, "Madam, I have wine and I have something to listen to your story."
Nefertis stared at a head taller than her. Mark seemed to be thinking something.
Mark still smiles.
quite a while
Nefertis changed her clothes again and put herself on the gorgeous armor. Mark said, "Who are you? I haven’t seen you before."
Mark shrugged. "I like to travel alone. It is understandable that there is no fame among the gods. After all, I like silence just like your breath now."
"… are you a tourist god?"
As soon as Mark’s words fell, he saw Nefertis’s colorful wings coming straight at his face again.
Nefertis said sullenly, "I think you are a god of lies, and the patron saint of travelers is min."
Bang one more time.
After Nefertis returned from the attack, Mark accepted the good advice and sighed at the sight of you, saying, "Well, you caught me. I am a god of lies. Every lie will be traced back to me."
After Mark finished this sentence, Nefertis stopped attacking.
Mark sighed.
I always feel that the bottom of the lying god is very LOW.
But …
forget it
Will do.

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