Pang Yulong shook his head and said, "Let them leave, so it serves to show our sincerity! If it is blocked, it is not beautiful! "


Shu ‘er laughed. "I didn’t think so much because I thought Li Furen wouldn’t lie to us, but after hearing what you said, I did the right thing."
"Your heart is still so soft!" Pangyulong way two people smile at one another.
I don’t want to be awakened by a noisy noise outside when two people just fell asleep at night.
Faint heard hurried footsteps yelling, sword collision Pang Yulong a tingle stood up and quickly dressed the bed.
A look back, Shu ‘er has been sitting up blankly. "What’s wrong with this outside? What happened? "
This is something that has never happened before. Shu Er can’t help being a little jumpy. Chapter 137 mutiny.
"Don’t be afraid of me going out to see" Pang Yulong patted her hand and strode out.
Where did Shu-er sleep? She called Pearl Shi, dressed in a hurry, and went out with her hair tied.
Outside, hippocampus, Fu Wei and a large group of brothers are surrounding Pang Yulong. I don’t know what the dispute is. The lights inside and outside are shining and the figure is falling. Obviously, there are many people outside.
Shuer’s heart is slightly cold. Are they going to rebel?
Quietly go to PangYuLong body audit hippocampus calm face asked "eldest brother you tell the truth Li Furen and the name is cui hiding in sister-in-law? Did Grand Duke Liang come here today? Brother, how could you do this! How can you betray your brother! "
"That’s right! Do you want to take our heads to the government for credit? "
"Take charge of how can so! Do you have the heart to follow you for so many years? "
"Is there any misunderstanding? You are a master, but you can give everyone a vernacular! "
"Not bad!"
The passionate sword waved Pang Yulong, unable to hold back, angry, anxious and angry.
Fu Wei saw Shu Er coming over and pointed at Shu Er and sneered, "Don’t you deny that you are wronged? This lady is a young lady of four families, isn’t it?" You have long wanted to surrender to the government! "
All qi qi exclaimed discoloration can’t believe look at PangYuLong and shu son.
Shu Er’s face went white with a quiver, and she could hardly stand.
Pang Yulong clasped her waist with one hand and held her tightly. "Don’t be afraid when I’m here!"
"Have you had enough!" He drank cold and stared at Wei Dao with cold eyes. "Help Wei, you son of a bitch! If I had known you were so heartless, I shouldn’t have taken you in! Shu ‘er is not a Miss Le Zhengjia. She is just an ordinary girl from Nanhai County. She saved me five years ago. Everyone on the island knows that you have to tell the evidence! I really want to say that you are helping your family. I also want to ask you a question: What are your intentions in mixing with our rejuvenation island? "
Everyone can’t help but call it several pairs of eyes to help Wei.
Fu Wei was angry and anxious, from Shu Er’s appearance, temperament and behavior to the information he overheard with Haima in the evening. Looking at this comprehensively, Mrs. Pang is definitely Miss Le Zhengjia. Yes!
After listening to Haima’s words, he was suspicious, so he couldn’t help coming to this yard tonight to find out if he could hear anything.
Don’t want to be so lucky I just heard his husband and wife talking about Lian Fangzhou and them. He was ecstatic at that time, fearing that he would not be found. He hurried back and told Haima some analysis and provoked Haima. He was shocked, angry and disappointed, and finally he persuaded him, so he had an eye situation.
This is a godsend. Pang Yulong needs to take the hippocampus and become a master. His brain is not what he says and what he listens to!
When the time comes, don’t say that killing Li Fu and regaining the position of the supporting family is the rejuvenation island, and it will also become an unfavorable weapon in his hands. With this group of people, who will dare to confront him?
Fu Wei immediately shouted, "Don’t change the subject! Whether you are a master or not! It’s hard to prove it at all. It takes a portrait to try to make Le Zheng’s family recognize each other. It’s not urgent to prove this at the moment. Let’s not do this for the time being! Let’s say whether Lian Fangzhou, Cui Shaoxi and Duke Liang are willing to hand over people? "
Hippocampus also said, "Yes! Brother, hand over the people! Let’s stick to the plan we agreed to, and forget it happened tonight! Big brother, don’t let the brothers chill! "
They listened to all at that time, and they were clamoring for it.
Fu Wei’s heart is still fiercely. I didn’t expect the hippocampus to be so stubborn. At this time, I still naively want Pang Yulong to make up. This is something he absolutely can’t allow!
Help Wei "swish!" A draw out a sword and cried "hippocampus eldest brother said yes! Master, hand over those three people! The other two have saved their lives for the time being, please take charge of killing Xiao Biao, whose surname is Cui, and are determined to hand over all the matters to Brother Haima for disposal, so we will believe the words of the master! Otherwise, please ask the master to give a reasonable explanation of what to help them hide? "
Pang Yulong was so angry that he secretly regretted not killing Fu Wei early!
He stared at the hippocampus and others coldly and said, "Just listen to his words and provoke you to believe him and doubt me?"
A stagnation of words in hippocampus
Fu Wei sneered, "It’s wrong to be in charge, not to provoke, but to hear it with my own ears! I doubt Mrs. Pang’s identity and want to come and find out in the dark to see if there is anything, but I overheard your conversation so coincidentally! Don’t blame us for being rude since the boss refuses to hand over people! I can’t believe I can’t find out if a mosquito can’t fly out! "
"Don’t you dare!" Pang Yulong Shu’s face changed greatly.
No one knows better than them, even Fangzhou and the three of them can find it in the backyard!
Suddenly I saw the figure shaking in the backyard. Pang Yulong flashed a light in his head and stared at Wei nu way "Help Wei! How dare you send someone to search! How dare you! "
Pang Yulong was surprised, angry, flustered, shouted, waved his hand and went to help Wei.
Fu Wei screamed and flew out, and fell to the ground with a tragic smile. "Are you angry and want to kill someone?"
"You shut up!" Pang Yulong will start to listen to "big master!" After a low drink, I turned my head and stared at the money and whitebait. "You dare to hold my woman hostage!"
A few people came in from behind the hall to search the Luo Luo hippocampus. She quickly asked here, "What’s the matter? Yes or no? "
He was so nervous that his mind was at a loss and he didn’t know if he was looking forward to it or not.
Before a man spat out a sigh, he said, "I didn’t see anyone, but there were traces of people living in two houses and there were a lot of fresh water and sea food prepared in the kitchen."
All face is a change at PangYuLong eyes also become complicated.
Help wei face upwards. "Take charge, what else can you say? I didn’t expect them to escape! It seems that they are not so convinced that they are in charge. 138 Chapter 138 Coercion
PangYuLong cold way "these words wait for you to catch the current to say again! Is it time to give me an explanation? "
I didn’t catch that even Pang Yulong and Shu Er, three people in Fangzhou, were greatly relieved. I didn’t take it to heart to help Wei provoke that root!
For whatever reason, it is good for them that the three of them are not here!
Fu Wei sneered, "The fact is already in front of us, and you have to justify it?" Isn’t there a maid in this hospital? Isn’t it clear to catch it and ask? "
As soon as his voice fell, someone pushed and escorted pearls with messy hair.

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