Ling Mo’s pupil face is still smiling. He doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to execute Yan Binghui, but tortures him as much as a cat teases a mouse. His claws are a little bit strict, and Binghui is sucking evil, dirty and angry in his body. The brighter his eyes are, the more frightening he is.


Yan Binghui’s hand planer and pedal hit Ling Mo’s chest with all their strength, but it was like hitting a hard rock. Ling Mo’s pupil did not move.
What kind of person is this? Is it an evil ghost from the region? Yan Binghui felt desperate and afraid.
His life is slipping away …
"Stop it, Brother Mo, don’t!" A jiao drank into the eardrum of Lingmo Pupil. At the same time, a white silk swooped in like a living creature. Like a soft snake, it entangled Lingmo Pupil’s right hand. Lingmo Pupil’s eyes moved with a cold hum. Suddenly, a force "crack" broke Yan Binghui’s neck. This vicious schoolyard bullies spit out his bloody tongue and head, thus ending his sin.
Ling Mo’s pupil lightly throws Yan Binghui’s body to the ground with his own hands.
Look at the restaurant again. All the guys and diners have already run away and met such a terrorist incident. Everyone hates their parents for not having more legs for themselves. Who else has the courage to stay here?
In addition to more than 20 bodies (including singing father and daughter) in Nuoda Restaurant, there are Lingmo Pupil, Suzaku Qinxin and White Tiger Xiaoxi who have just arrived, and of course, there are two places that are not black and white and heady, so that at the moment they are quickly chained to those isolated souls, and they are floating around.
Jean looked at Ling Mo in disbelief. She could hardly believe her eyes. Of the four shuras, the Shura God has always been the most calm and rational. He rarely destroys the rules of the nether world and rarely disrupts the order of human life. Even a cold-blooded killer in the flesh rarely violates the rules, but today he even killed twenty people. Although these twenty people can be judged from the residual breath to be absolute villains, it is too abnormal!
It’s conceivable if this matter is born in the west.
Therefore, Qin Xin felt puzzled. "Brother Mo Pupil, did you forget the ghost king’s reprimand? We shura is absolutely not to disturb the order of human life. Humans can kill each other, cheat, intrigue, injury, illness and death, but we can’t intervene to let them live or die. You have been doing very well, but today you actually … "
Xiaoxi jumped up and jumped back and forth in these bodies several times, laughing hee hee. "Sister Chin Xin is a group of bad guys except this old man and this girl. If I meet them, I will kill them."
Ling Mo pupil looked at Xiaoxi lightly and said, "Didn’t you say you wanted to give that kid a suitable body? There, "he pointed to the singing girl’s body and then turned and walked to the outside of the restaurant. Qin Xin quickly followed closely.
Xiaoxi cocked his head and looked at the ghosts who were busy chaining him up. The ghosts of twenty villains around him were looking at them with a sad and fearful look.
Xiaoxi’s face overflowed with a lovely smile, but when he smiled, two heady messengers couldn’t help shivering. God knows what this little malefic is up to.
Xiaoxi patted two gouhun to make the shoulder tone very gentle. "You are really hard."
The headhunter quickly said, "Ah, what can I do for you if you don’t work hard?"
Xiaoxi rolled her eyes and said with a smile, "Except for the father and daughter, these villains must have died young, right?"
Two heady people cried, "Yes, if it weren’t for the divine king, these people would live to be seventy or ten years old!" "
Xiaoxi said with a smile, "What do you say if this happens?" He has a sly eye.
The two heady messengers looked at each other and said with a sad face, "What can I do?"? What can we do now that it’s the Shura Monarch’s office? Can go back and temporarily deceive the ghost king positions, by the way, looking for opportunities to modify the life and death book "
Xiaoxixiao is very sweet and lovely. He patted two gouhun hands and made his shoulders say sweetly, "It’s very considerate of us to be so kind to you."
The two gouhun messengers complained bitterly, "Shura, today’s events are really too big, and twenty people have died in succession. Plus those cases committed in your hands over the years, we are really too scared. If one day you are killed by a ghost, you will lose your life. You belong to two brothers who dream of a ghost every day, and you will fry us in the oil pan!"
Small west impatiently gave a "line, put your heart in your stomach! If the ghost king positions now you say I coerce you to do "
Gouhun made me afraid to say more, so I quickly called it yes.
The official level crushed the dead (ghost)! It seems that it is everywhere.
———–please keep it.
Ling Mo Pupil is still motionless there, and his face expression is still very strange. He carefully looked at Yan Binghui and said, "But you are a big fish, and your body is much more sinful and evil than these small fish and shrimps. This is what I like best." He said with a very gentle tone that he opened his right hand and bent his five fingers like claws. Yan Binghui felt a strong suction and suddenly sucked his heavy body into Ling Mo Pupil’s hand.
Still don’t respond to his neck. He has been caught by the Shura Emperor. Yan Binghui feels that his throat is tight and he can hardly breathe. His face slowly rises to a purple pig liver.
Ling Mo’s silver head floated up because of the soaring spiritual power. Yan Binghui’s eyes were as evil and horrible as ghosts.