"Did you find out the man’s last address?"


"… wait and find it!" Walter turned his head with excitement and said, "Reagan Industrial Zone …"
Mark fixed his eyes on the screen and patted Walter on the shoulder and said, "Can you hack the monitoring here …"
"Thank you!"
"… wait!" Walter glanced at it and grabbed the backpack next to him. He was ready to blink away from Mark and said, "You don’t consider how many people are there in one party?"
"No need!" Mark said with a straight face!
"…" Walter!
Go into the garage and look at Chevrolet and blue fields for a few seconds!
Hit the blue field and put the backpack on the co-pilot and then went out!
"Directly knocking on the door is not in line with your personal design." Looking at Mark’s driving route, Jiumei was surprised that she almost couldn’t even close the bus!
Wearing a pair of sunglasses, Mark laughed coldly. "It’s not wise to take a long-term view when someone knocks on the door, but it’s unintelligent."
"… you should know that your death is not within the scope of my guarantee."
"This is not his own death, this is forced to fight back!"
"although you say so, it seems to me that this is a sign of anger!"
"… unlock my mind!"
"After the unsealing, your current body can last for up to ten minutes."
"… that put half!"
"Is this the second request?"
"… yes!"
"All right!" Nine younger sisters nodded and threw the shovel aside!
Took out a small one from her pocket, turned over two pages, and Jiumei remembered Mark’s second request …
Out of the spirit bead.
Looking at the sea of God with colorful light at a glance.
While driving the car, Mark felt a refreshing sensation in his mind and an unprecedented feeling instantly enveloped Mark.
At this moment, Mark felt that he could fly side by side with the sun …
Chapter 43 The lion’s mouth
Just as Mark was about to drive and knock on the door!
The words rang again!
"… Mark, I checked again. You said that Brahmaputra data was smeared by the CIA …"
"… thank you!"
After hanging up, Mark directly filled the steering wheel and immediately attracted the traffic to scold!
Synthetic tetrodotoxin There are also three R&D laboratories in new york that have the ability to produce it.
One of them is the biological laboratory of Aosi Industry!
The other is the Medical Laboratory of new york University!
And …
The last one, which Walter found out, is a hidden N&Y laboratory.
According to the behind-the-scenes information, this figure who is hiding and secretly manipulating the N&Y laboratory has a CIA style!
The federal building!
Mark directly pushed Carlisle Downer to report to the director’s office as a chair, green hat man Franklin.
"Louis, this is the director’s office!"
"Fuck off!"
Mark kicked Franklin directly to the chair and kicked the green hat man directly to the ground.
Laughing coldly, the chair looked at Carlisle with a gold-rimmed glasses.
Franklin was surprised and angry.
Although he knows that Mark’s character has always been so reluctant, this is the director’s office.
Not in an alley.
He’s the director of the supervision office!
Not a cat and a dog!
"No more than four people know where I live!" Mark half squinted and stared at his expression. Carlisle pointed his finger at the desktop and said slowly, "Chief, are you sure that the CIA was attacked when it moved Hatu instead of … Hatu was CIA?"

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