With such a powerful force, even if Chen Yan reaches the peak of practicing kung fu, he will feel bad if he is hit.


Maybe you’ll get hurt
Chen Yan closed his eyes and raised his perception to capture the whip trajectory.
It’s a test for yourself to compete with three old monks who are hard-working and Zen. Chen Yan cherishes this opportunity.
Chen Yan’s posture is full of artistic conception, as if with some strange frequency. Three whips are drawn from his side every time, which does not hurt him.
Chen Yan’s moving distance is not large, which is why Chen Yan’s posture is really high.
As he dodged, he said, "These three people have the same mind, and the three whips work well together. The seams are really great. It would be dangerous if I didn’t practice" Health Guide "and my body flexibility was high."
Whip is a soft weapon, which is the most difficult to practice.
However, the hands of three old monks with three whips are full of spirituality, and it is impossible to practice whipping to such a state without thirty years of hard work.
However, when the three-person whipping method meets Chen Yan, it often fails.
It’s been half a cup of tea, but they didn’t draw Yan Yan once.
The three whips returned to the sleeves of the three old monks like snakes.
"Amitabha Buddha", the white-browed monk read the Buddha’s name "Mr. Chen’s posture really opened my eyes to the old woman, so we have to contribute"
Chen Yanxiao said, "Good warm-up exercise is officially over."
Chen Yan’s words caused an uproar among people around him.
"What was a warm-up just now?"
"Chen Yan and the three monks are so powerful that we can’t understand the level!"
"I wonder who will win in the end?"
Chen Yan stretched out his hand and said, "Give me a long sword!"
Is it more appropriate to break the magic circle with bare hands or swordsmanship?
"Big brother takes the sword!"
Zhou Zhiruo’s finger flicked his sword out of its sheath and flew to the hands of Ulrich.
Chen Yan’s eyes suddenly became sharp with a sword in his hand. "Three masters please."
"Mr. Chen has offended"
Hundreds of meters away from the back of Shaolin Temple, a woman dressed in light yellow is looking at Chen Yan intently.
There are four maids behind her.
"Miss that Mr. Chen makes what posture? Good mystery "a maid asked little.
The woman in yellow said with a smile, "I haven’t seen it. Maybe it’s his own way. I didn’t expect that I could see such a superior person as Yan Yan in Zhongnanshan this time."
"I don’t know how this Mr. Chen’s martial arts compare with Miss Chen’s?" Another round-faced maid said
The woman in yellow said, "I haven’t broken through the Nine Yin True Classics, and the last one, Chen Yan, hasn’t made a bad judgment."
Chapter 147 Sword skill almost way
Chen Yan’s mentality is not static, but can change with the change of environment, which is called taking advantage of the situation.
With the sword, Chen Yanshen’s temperament is no longer gentle and becomes very sharp.
The change of Chen Yanshen’s temperament is like a student suddenly becoming a peerless swordsman.
Chen Yan is not a pure swordsman, but he is proficient in boxing.
As the saying goes, one phone calls all the information.
It’s very simple to play sword after mastering boxing.
That’s why Chen Yan’s swordsmanship is more powerful than those pure swordsmen.
Three whips flew out of the sleeves of the old monks like angry snakes. The attack speed of the whips was faster and stronger than before!

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