"Ah ah ah! !”


"Luna! ! You fucking bastard! !”
Destroyed by the powerful power of Luna in an instant, the King’s Palace is not only a milestone of the royal family for thousands of years, but also a moment when people are buried in the light meteor group, and the bloody smell is red, spreading all over the earth, and mountains of bodies can be seen everywhere.
With the roar of the little Lord, the powerful power of heaven and man rushed to the sky, but before that, there was a faster figure in front of the little Lord
"My son, you immediately evacuate the royal family. If you fight here, you will inevitably implicate them. Anyway, we must let the blood continue! !” The generosity of the old duke’s remarks is that he is unwilling to let the young duke take the risk of fighting against the moon god, but how can the young duke escape from the battle?
"go! !” The owner of the old city is not only a generation of casters, but also his father. In terms of strength, the old city is still stronger and less casters are still young. Even if something happens to him, he will have a chance to seal the moon god.
"Father! !”
"Get out of here and go to the ancient royal family to find the artifact that can seal the moon god. Remember that it is the most terrible weapon in the world. Only the blood of my royal family can open it. All our hopes are pinned on you!" The old duke’s mind sounds to the little duke’s brain, but when his face changes, he feels that his responsibility is heavier. On the one hand, he is his father and the people, on the other hand, he is righteous with heaven. What he chooses is more painful for the little duke! !
"go! !”
Seeing that he is still somewhat hesitant, a force of horror, generate came out with a strong sense of oppression, and even the little Lord bounced thousands of meters away, and the little Lord could not tell the loneliness and sadness in the eyes of half-flying and staring ahead.
"Father take care! !” He turned around and jumped into the realm of heaven and man. He has a short flight ability. Now the strength of the duke should be able to escape from the desert city. It is the moon god who didn’t stop him.
"Want to go!"
"Moon Mirror!"
Almost all the places where the moonlight shines can be teleported. In the reflection of the moon, the power of God is more powerful, and with the passage of time, his once-sealed power will be restored bit by bit to finally reach the realm of God. I am afraid that human beings in this world will never be able to fight again.
The direction of escape suddenly appeared in the moonlight, and the duke was angry at the moment. At this moment, it was even more difficult to hide the murder. Suddenly, shining golden armor was covered with a sword in his hand, but he had not yet made a move. An old body was burning with flames and appeared in front of the moon god.
"I have agreed to your child to me? Luna! !” Even though he is old, his face is wrinkled and he has lost his former glory, a father of the old duke still exudes a vast and great force. The weapon in his hand is the royal ancestral soul lock. Although it is not an artifact, it is also a rare blue special weapon in today’s creation world!
Light blue mountain exudes soul-locking power.
This time, the little Lord didn’t hesitate to rush to the distance. After he left, the level of the general of the kingdom was strong. Suddenly, a shield rose to heaven on the same front, opening a bright golden light, and protecting the whole Wang Dianbao in it. You can imagine how terrible the confrontation between heaven and man was. The old king had to protect the people less, but from this tight tie, it felt more like the old city owner wanted the moon god to fight to the death, so affectionate.
"Father, you must hold on!" Even if I don’t know the correct location of the ancient royal family, the young Lord firmly believes that he has the blood and blood strength of his ancestors, which will definitely guide him to find the direction of the artifact. I hope that the old city owner and others will stick to it at that time.
Vengeance of Luna is spreading, and sealing Luna is a way to avoid it.
Staring at the escape route of Shaocheng, Luna frowned, but it didn’t have any influence on her. Instead, she said faintly and coldly, "It’s the same to kill you and chase him again. Everything is under my control in this field of reflecting the moon. No one can stop you from trying to seal me again. It’s wishful thinking for human beings! "
"Ha ha ha ha ha! !”
"Luna one thousand years ago, my ancestors can seal it. After one thousand, we desert gens can seal you! !” The old duke laughed without any fear.
"Fuck! !” The moon god Huada was furious and condensed into a long whip composed of moonlight, and the virtual vibration of the whip reflected the moon with a little luster.
Not to be outdone, the owner of the old city ignited the profound power of the realm of heaven and man with laughter, and locked the momentum to the strongest point, locking the soul in his hand and swinging the dragon dance.
"I will leave you here even if I die today! !” The furious old duke looked at the ruins of the city and was full of anger. The people mourned and turned into linear power, burning in the body.
"With you human! ! !”
"Fuck! !”
The luna whip and the soul lock oscillated fiercely at the star intersection. The power of the soul lock is really terrible. Even the luna whip can’t resist it. However, after all, the luna whip is a condensation of light and things, and it can’t compare with the blue spirit weapon to lock the soul. The princess revenge love song.
The confrontation with the old city owner is even more fierce. The dead people and the destruction of the king’s palace, he also gave his life.
"Luna? That’s all!" The old man’s confidence is bursting, and the strength is constantly emerging.
The magic whip moon town soul chain is in a strong confrontation, and the whole star will see the constant exchange of light, shadow and splash of fire. The old duke has become more and more brave and has erupted with all the power contained in these years.
But none of his attacks hit Luna. Instead, his violent movement exposed him, and even a moment was captured by Luna.
"Hum old guy when you are really old! ! Where are you looking at? " Luna sneer at a sudden strange scene. The old duke’s heart was suddenly solidified by Luna whip throughout the atmosphere again.
"When" and other old castellans realized that when the time came, they found that the strength that had been penetrated through the heart was also instantaneous loss.
Luna walked straight past him.
That contemptuous gesture surprised the princes and ministers.
"Did I say let you go?" Just as Luna deviated from the instant, a crashing sound resounded through the ear, and the old duke fell to the ground again, but this time it was full of blood red.
"This old guy actually burned his own strength?"
Luna’s face showed fear! !
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six Luna revenge (3)
Burning the power of heaven and man is something that almost all the strong in heaven and man can do, but not all the strong in heaven and man have such courage!
First of all, after entering the realm of heaven and man, the world outlook will change, and what needs to be upgraded also involves the aspect of heaven. It is not easy for matter to break through the realm of heaven and man, but according to the information left by many breakthroughs, human beings interpret it, that is, before breaking through the realm of heaven and man, it will be ten times as much as before, and at that time, it is necessary to do all the strength.
Yuanli is like the vitality disappears a little, and it will not recover soon. It is not as simple as imagined to want to absorb Yuanli. When the old Lord burned Yuanli, even the moon god showed horror.
"Old guy, it seems that you are old and confused. You don’t want to live because you have burned your life force?" Luna stood in the middle of the moon and fluttered in the wind. If it weren’t for her terrible power, she was really a great beauty.
The old city owner is otherwise bright red, and a violent force emerges around his body, just like the burning red fire sneering at the moon god. "Do you think we still have a chance to live?" Luna! !”
"Ha ha ha ha good consciousness because I really won’t let you live, not only all of you here, this city, this desert, but all the human beings in the whole world. I want to destroy all of you, and you have to pay me back one thousand times and ten thousand times what you have suffered! !”
Luna will never forget how those humans treated themselves when she lost her divine power. They bullied themselves and even violently attacked her body. At that time, Luna was determined to kill all cruel humans! ! "
Hatred has long been planted in the psychological aspect of luna, but now it has just burst out, and luna will never forgive human beings.
"Let me this old bones to see the so-called god power! !” At the moment, the old duke has begun to gradually burn his own force. It is still unknown whether the force of heaven and man, which he has prepared for less than a hundred years, can make him counterattack successfully and push it to the goddess
However, the battle has already begun, and the old duke’s action seems to have exploded even with anger. He disappeared in an instant and did not even leave the wind.
Instantaneous joint and the horrible punch, which seems to be weak, inspired the force. The old duke released a punch so gently that he didn’t finish approaching Luna and set up a shield, but it was still flying out.
"Soul lock array! !”
Lock the soul and spread the chains all over the sky, emitting the same red light as the old duke. These chains suddenly wrapped the moon god around the old duke like a salamander, pulled it back and kicked it to the chest of the moon god.
This move can’t help but remind Luna of those cruel human beings’ bad behavior in front of their chests, which makes Luna angry and adds a copy to the old city owner. No matter what Luna is remembering, he wants to protect the owner or what he has been guarding.
The stronger the force of heaven and man, the faster the powerful tricks will be consumed. The old duke must defeat Luna under the circumstances that Yuanli can support, otherwise he will completely fall after a while.
"The soul of the town locks the meaning!"
"Soul lock day! ! !”
The latosolic red chain suddenly changed dramatically, just like the tiny wandering fire dragons surrounded into a circle and then slowly compressed until the luna was tied into a zongzi-like form, which didn’t stop, but there was nothing in the mouth of the old duke. Suddenly, the black rune appeared in the soul lock and spread to the center and began to condense a word, that is, a seal! !
"Did it work?"
The people cheered the royal hall, and the generals cast their joyful eyes in succession. This is the most powerful seal of the old city owner. Once the seal is successful, the desert people will be saved.
But just at the last moment of the letter, the soul lock suddenly exploded. This shock made the soul lock connect with the old duke and spit out one mouthful blood. The figure even turned back in half! !
"The soul lock was actually" The old duke’s face became ugly, and even the town’s state apparatus was destroyed. He suddenly turned to the sky and roared, "Maybe my desert punishment will be the king of the kingdom?"
"Luna! ! You destroyed my king’s palace and killed my people, and now you have destroyed this thousand-year-old device of town and state. Today, even if I fight for my life, I will make you pay! ! !” Desert punishment saw that the soul lock was broken and completely lost. Only reason was more crazy and burned its own life force.
He is the realm of heaven and man, and the power of Luna is just the realm of heaven and man now. The real difference is that one of them is a mortal body and the other is a godhead.