Fire Xuan hasn’t hit the target yet. Ling flew up with claws and tails pointing at the trapped tree-top python beast. He called them one by one, and it was completely changed. Even the owner didn’t recognize it.


The fire Xuan beat up the python beast, and at the same time, the black dress person wore a tie with two men in black, and Muhuan played a role in attracting Muhuan. Naturally, she could not rely on the "poor thing" to resolve the killing. She had already pulled out her waist and soft sword Nini helped the three men to fight.
Everyone saw MuHuan spinning her soft sword, darting straight, slanting and changing, sometimes hovering like a dragon, sometimes dancing like a phoenix, her figure was light and moving, and she drank into a soft sword, flowing with strong force, seemingly moving, but hiding poverty and murder in her gentle dance.
Black dress person leader and MuHuan training while secretly observing the changfeng sunset rain position while following the pattern turned to rush at changfeng sunset rain.
This scene happened to fall into Su Yiming’s eyes. His figure suddenly stopped them. "Princess, be careful!" Su Yiming pushed the long wind and dusk rain into the crowd.
At this moment, Su Yiming’s back was exposed, and the leader of the black dress person immediately stabbed the sword. Before Su Yiming arrived, he quickly turned around. I didn’t expect another black dress person’s sword to stab him from the side. He waved his arm and dyed his clothes with blood.
"Daming!" Mu Huan was surprised that Su Yiming was injured and immediately drank a "fire Xuan to help Daming!"
Before MuHuan called it Fire Xuan, it flew from the tree. When it saw that Su Yiming had been assassinated, it had already guessed that MuHuan would want to help him himself. Anyway, no one can hurt the name Su Xiao, but he still has to help.
See the fire xuan flew to Su Yiming side looked up and looked at the black dress leader, a wave of his tail will stop him from going any further. The black dress person was surprised and tried his best to break through this constraint, but Rao broke out in layers of cold sweat but still couldn’t move.
He didn’t want to help when he saw something wrong. He didn’t want to fly red light at them with a wave of his fire claw. The men in black were all fixed there and lost their ability to act.
Su Yiming took advantage of this stall to point out several big holes in his body. At this time, he raised his hand, aiming at the throats of men in black, seven colored balls of projectile size flew to the throats of men in black and fell down one by one.
Fire Xuan jumped to MuHuan side again to cooperate with MuHuanJian recruit to the three men in black blasted off the red ball of light, and the men in black collapsed, and a puzzling assassination ended in less than a lamp of tea.
Then there was a noise, and a large number of body guards rushed over. Su Yiming pulled out a few pills from her arms and fired a red smoke at them. They immediately found that the smoke around them gradually dissipated and their strength gradually recovered.
At the moment, everyone looked at Su Yiming and Muhuan’s eyes full of awe. No wonder this Su Yiming is so arrogant that people do have such a strong medical skill and practice.
But the most surprising thing for everyone is that the plain looks don’t show mountains and water. Mu Huan is actually a master. Not only does he have a snow silkworm, but also a magical beast. How powerful is this pair?
The former provocative Su Yiming male turned pale at this time, and the warrior Cangxi mainland offended such a master. It is conceivable that his intestines are already regretful at the moment.
"I hope you will be punished if I am frightened by the late arrival of the rescue!" Just arrived at the body-guard leader. When he saw Changfeng Ao Enron, he was relieved. He knelt before Changfeng Ao in the first half.
"Get up and have a good look at who these assassins are, but they are still alive!" Changfeng proudly held the injured cold rain Chen and looked at the queen and the toffee’s arms. "Ma Xuan cures too much!"
"Yes!" The leader of the body guard got up and ordered his hand to "surround the palace and search carefully to see if the assassin had any accomplices!"
Then some guards searched others and pulled black veils to check their identities.
"Daming, are you okay?" Muhuan walked beside Su Yiming in two steps and looked at him anxiously.
"Don’t worry about a little injury," Su Yiming said, putting a pill in his mouth and rubbing Muhuan’s head. "Qiu Er, you surprised me again."
"I …" Muhuan was about to say something. Su Yiming stretched out her hand and bowed her head in her arms. She whispered in her ear, "Don’t explain anything. Be careful. The walls have ears."
Muhuan bit his lip. Su Yiming simply handled the wound. Seeing that Su Yiming was so uber, a stunning woman was so infatuated with Muhuan, but think about how amazing Muhuan was just now, and everyone took it for granted.
"Sue door Lord Qiu girl, thank you for saving the palace just now." Changfeng Sunset Rain has recovered her composure and walked to the front of the two men, blessed with a face of gratitude.
"It’s a trivial matter." Su Yiming waved his hand. "The Princess Hall needs to be polite."
"But Sue door Lord was injured by the palace, and the palace was deeply disturbed." The words of Changfeng Sunset Rain were somewhat apologetic.
"The princess temple theory is that whoever meets this matter will protect you. The injury is not heavy. You don’t have to feel guilty." Su Yiming hooked his lips and smiled. "But the princess who was hurt more than the seat should go and see him."
"I’m going to the palace." Changfeng’s face turned red at dusk and thanked Su Yiming and Muhuan again. Just before I went to Changfeng Ao and others, I leaned over and pulled up Lengyuchen’s hand with tears and softly called "Brother Yuchen, how are you?"
"Sunset rain sister wang ok you? Are you hurt? The king felt that the assassin was aiming at you tonight. "Although Leng Yuchen was stabbed by a sword, he didn’t get stabbed. When he was proud of Changfeng, he sealed his acupoints. He always looked at Su Yiming soberly and stopped the men in black for Changfeng Sunset Rain. He was very confused that these men in black wanted to catch Changfeng Sunset Rain.
"Brother Yuchen, I’m not hurt." Changfeng Muyu held Lengyuchen’s hand tightly and sobbed. "Do you want to repay me for protecting me from serious injuries?"
"The Imperial Guards have caught another assassin!" At this moment, the body-guard leader wheeled a bound black dress person and they all turned to see MuHuan immediately froze. Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine How is the assassin him? !
Feeling a stiff body in her arms, Su Yiming looked down at Muhuan. "Do you know this assassin, Qiu Er?"
"I don’t know," Muhuan shook his head at once. "I was wondering if we had solved all the assassins just now. Where did this man come from?"
Without waiting for Su Yiming to speak, Changfeng Yu wiped her eyes in the arms of Taifei and pointed to the black dress person and exclaimed, "How is Mu Chen you?"
Changfeng Yu’s voice is not loud, but it surprises everyone. Is this assassin actually the night haze? Changfeng sunset rain is up a few steps before carefully studying the men in black and then pointed to his lips trembling and shivering "MuChen you want to come to my snow palace to assassinate? The palace and you have a grudge. Do you want the palace? "
"The king didn’t assassinate him …" Muchen hurriedly argued that "the king came here because …"
"Mu Chen, you are an asshole!" At this time, Changfeng Yu has been helped by the toffee and the queen. He stumbled to Muchen with the help of the toffee and raised his hand. He gave Muchen a slap. "You have always regarded you as a friend. You always said that you have an imperial sister in your heart. I didn’t expect you to be a despicable person to do such a thing!"
"Wang Wei!" Muchen got this slap and immediately shouted, "Wang Ziran loves Princess Muyu. How can she plot against her? Wang sneaked into the palace tonight to say a few words to Princess Muyu and didn’t assassinate anyone! "
"Palace you never have anything to say! You hurt Yuchen’s brother’s palace and don’t want to see you again, you shame! " Changfeng dusk rain smell speech a whisking also gave Muchen a slap.
"Because I adore Sister Muyu and worry that Changfeng Emperor will betrothed her to the king, you secretly married people. You took advantage of the banquet held by Sister Muyu in the palace tonight to mix in. You took advantage of the fact that the fireworks that the king gave Sister Muyu were mixed with misty smoke, which made everyone lose their power to resist. You really didn’t want to plot against Sister Muyu. You wanted to take her away and take the opportunity to kill the king!" Cold rain Chen is sort out the mess.
"No, it’s not like this. The king doesn’t know these assassins at all, and he hasn’t instructed who will catch Princess Muyu …" Muchen shook his head and resolutely refused to admit that "you shouldn’t misunderstand the king because you are my brother. You should trust the king! Princess Muyu, it’s okay for others to misunderstand the king, but you must not misunderstand the king. How can the king do such a despicable thing when he is sincere to you? "
"That’s enough to shut up the palace!" Changfeng dusk rain covering her ears as if she heard the most disgusting words in this world. Qiao face blushed with anger and cursed a low one.
"Take him to the Advanced Heaven Prison for personal interrogation!" Changfeng proud eyes a deep light, a wave of his hand body-guard leader will push Muchen to the prison.
"Yu too dusk rain princess you listen to the king said Wang Zhen what all don’t know! Wang is hiding near the rain pavilion and waiting to see Princess Muyu. He has never seen these assassins! ….. "As they walked along, Muchen turned back and shouted" Yu Tai, we have such a good friendship. Why don’t you believe in the king? Princess Muyu really likes you and will never do anything to hurt you. You have to trust the king! "