"Whew ~ ~" A flare will illuminate the whole night as during the day.


At this time, they didn’t see the number of zombies coming towards the town, and there were many eyes, and there was no end in sight.
Zombies rushed to the town shoulder to shoulder like the tide.
Everyone’s breathing became rapid, and they clenched their weapons involuntarily.
At this time, Yang Guobin sounded all over the whole position. "All units pay attention to mortars and prepare to launch ten shells into zombie dense places."
Hearing the sound of Yang Guobin, everyone acted.
A moment later, the scream sounded and a shadow flew out of the defense line.
The shadow fell into the zombie group and gave a loud bang. A large number of zombies were blown out.
The stump and arm were mixed with mud and splashed around.
Thank you for being hit by shells. Zombies were also exploded. air billow lifted and rolled into a ball.
Zombies suddenly came out of a large area.
When they saw that the effect of the shells was so good, they immediately brightened up and continued to load ammunition and then fired at the zombie group.
"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom."
After ten shells are fired, the whole zombie group can still stand zombies, and it is rare for them to rush outside the defense line.
Those newcomers are excited to see so many zombies killed, and their bodies are no longer trembling behind the fortifications.
Associated with being infected, they can also become mutants, and they all gave birth to a vicious force and decided to kill more zombies and accumulate more meritorious military service to fight for their own future.
Although the first wave of zombies suffered heavy casualties, the number of zombies was too much, and this loss was simply nine Niu Yi hairs for them.
The zombies in the rear kept coming forward, and they quickly filled the gap and continued to impact forward.
"Fire!" Yang Guobin roared to the fire command.
As Yang Guobin made the lucky ones shoot at these zombies, the whole town suddenly got a big fire.
However, Lin Ying and the mercenaries did not have fire, but they all took cold weapons to prepare for melee.
""Lin Ying rushed to the zombies with a horse-chopping knife and then swept away a large number of zombies with one knife.
Mercenaries in the rear are also carrying bayonets or machetes, daggers and other cold weapons to follow Lin Ying to melee.
Lin Ying, although they take cold weapons, their lethality is not underestimated. Their hands are almost all killed by one move, and the efficiency of killing zombies is extremely efficient.
With the battle going on, Lin Ying’s feet also quickly piled up a large number of bodies.
Then Lin Ying and them went to the rear of the bodies, and these bodies were used as walls to cut down the zombies in the rear.
Zombies are like the tide constantly impacting the town, wave after wave.
Yang Guobin hoarse voice constantly screaming up to the command wave after wave to destroy these zombies.
These first zombies are almost all killed by ordinary zombies, and there is no pressure yet.
Wait until a few hours later, there will be evolutionary zombies impacting the defense line.
Everyone has experience in dealing with these evolutionary zombies, and barbed wire and armor-piercing bullets are also ready.
After these evolutionary zombies rushed to the base, they were directly screened before they played any role.
The fighting continued until dawn, and the zombies didn’t break through the town line.
And outside the town, bodies have piled up.
Everyone looked at the mountain of bodies and was also sighing.
Once let a person smell the color change zombie was killed so easily, there are still a lot of evolutionary zombies.
In this case, I couldn’t even think about it before, but now it has actually happened, which is incredible at present.
All the people try their best to hunt these zombies when they grasp it.
After a night of hard work, the whole town was covered with corpses, and a large number of zombies piled up.
Zombies climbed over the corpse and continued to attack the town, but their speed was seriously affected.
But at this time the zombie group ran out of a group of zombie beasts gnawing at the zombie bodies.
Moments later, the speed of the zombie corpse visible to the naked eye decreased, and the momentum of these zombie beasts changed.
Immediately, the zombie beasts rapidly expanded into a monster with a head more than two meters high, and their bodies continued to expand, reaching a height of three meters in an instant.
Seeing this situation, Lin Ying shouted, "Don’t let them eat the bodies any more. Destroy them quickly."