Hard training is indispensable.


Every morning at noon and evening, Taotao will practice for two hours separately.
The evil spirit of Nangong dust will be influenced by the emperor clock, but if he wants to enter the flower, the influence will be isolated from the mysterious soul flower
Taotao put a soundproof symbol on the wall of the room and sat on the bed to practice the three styles of emperor clock.
The clock keeps ringing.
Half an hour later, the door was knocked.
She opened the door, and it was Wu Shanquan outside the house.
He was carrying a pack of leek boxes and breakfast milk. "They had an accident. The car is in the building. I’ll take you to Lushan now."
This northern Han Dynasty is highly effective and helped her arrange her trip directly without asking Taotao’s advice.
Taotao packed her things and sat by the car with him for breakfast while listening to him.
Chaos Tomb also has spiritual teachers stationed near Mount Zhang.
Last night, after Wu Shan Spring got a dinner for her, she called and told the other party to check.
The efficiency of the other party was quickly ascertained overnight.
Judging from the geomantic omen, it is easy to breed mountain spirits and ghosts in places like Mount Zhang where people are outstanding.
It snows all the year round because of the mountain spirit, but the mountain spirit never bothers people, and it has always been a matter of harmony between the spirit and the teacher.
It is an evil spirit event that Feng received graduation practice in Hualing Academy. The location is not in the snow mountain but in the hot spring town at the foot of the snow mountain.
According to Wu Shanquan, Feng came with a boy named Yuan Tian, and they solved the evil spirit incident in less than three days.
He disappeared because something strange happened in Hot Springs at that time.
As early as a month ago, a woman went missing with a mountain bag on her back.
In less than half a month, two men and two women have disappeared in the mountains.
The government sent a search and rescue team to search for a mountain.
Just at that time, the wind had not gone away after dealing with the evil spirit incident, and the local people found him and asked him to go to the mountain to have a look
The wind and the yuan days have come to the mountains.
A few days later, a girl who looked like a child also came to Wenquan Town. After hearing that the wind was missing, the mountain bureau disappeared, just like those before, regardless of the residents’ blocking.
Taotao probably knows the whole story.
Wu Shanquan drove all day at night before stopping at the foot of Wenquan Town, ten kilometers away.
It’s midsummer, and it’s full of heat everywhere, but it’s another season in Hot Springs.
The snow almost closed the mountain and the car couldn’t go in. Taotao was shivering after wearing a thin robe car.
Here, the steep mountain town can develop tourism by planting crops normally.
Fortunately, due to the special climate, many tourists come here all year round to enjoy the snow and soak in hot springs.
Wu Shanquan and Taotao walked for a long time with one foot deep and one foot shallow on the thick snow before they came to the mountainside hot spring town.
Wu Shanquan found a hot spring hotel to stay in and meet the spiritual master stationed here in Chaos Tomb.
The other party has prepared two mountaineering equipment and a stack of materials according to his requirements. They ordered two bowls of hot soup noodles in the hotel without eating for a day.
"Ghost weather freezes people to death." Wu Shan Spring sat by the fireplace to warm his hands. "In the past, although it snowed all the year round, it wouldn’t be so heavy in midsummer. This year is too abnormal. The boss said that the car can still drive to the foot of the mountain. In a few days, the mountain will be completely closed. I can’t get out or get in, but I can still leave while I can. The tourists are almost gone."
Taotao took the information he handed him and ate and watched it.
The first woman who disappeared in Lushan was Ruoya, a 9-year-old drama-killing shop DM, who came here for a trip.
After Ruoya disappeared, two men and two women who disappeared behind also came to Hot Springs.
Although these four people disappeared in the snow-capped mountains at the same time, they knew each other.
They used to be members of a mountaineering club. They climbed Mount Zhang together four years ago in winter.
At that time, there were 15 people in the mountaineering team who had an accident during the mountaineering. A girl in the team fell into an ice cave and disappeared. At that time, there was news.
It is no coincidence that four teammates of the mountaineering team came to Wenquan town one after another and disappeared mysteriously not long after.