Someone knocked at the door in forgetful Sichuan
Li Xingyun woke up from a deep sleep.
He went out of the room and gently closed the door, only to find a blood-red jade bead hanging on the door.
Li Xingyun slightly surprised.
He carefully compared and verified the blood on the door, and found that this was the token of Luo Changfeng’s robe.
He is more confused!
He didn’t speculate on anything unrealistic, and he wouldn’t even recognize that he turned Luo Changfeng out last night and ignored Luo Changfeng. He took this blood bead to the door and no longer wanted him to be a companion.
Born Li Xingyun knew that this kind of thing might be done by Jiang’s impulsiveness, but Luo Changfeng was not an easily carried away person.
What must have happened!
Li Xingyun had a bad feeling in his heart.
He hurriedly found Huangfuyi with blood jade beads.
Huangfuyi sat quietly in the courtyard for a whole night.
He has been guarding Daozong outside the door.
He was a little surprised when he heard a rush of footsteps.
He knows that this life in Li Xingyun has always been slow, and everything is well-organized and even more so, he is full of ordinary life and sour taste.
Huangfuyi hasn’t seen anything that can make this look dull and anxious. I’m a little more curious about what I’ve achieved in this hurried pace.
"Did granduncle Shi ever see Changfeng this morning?" Li Xingyun asked with ceremony.
Huangfuyi frowned slightly and was slightly unhappy.
Realizing that his words were wrong, Li Xingyun corrected and said, "Can my granduncle ever be in Sichuan?"
Huangfuyi saw Li Xingyun’s blood and jade beads in his hand were silent for a moment and said, "I was forgetful last night. Why?"
Li Xingyun looked solemn. "Maybe something really happened!"
Peach blossom forest, three spiritual realm, the strong confrontation is still desperately.
Fang Tianji, the God of the White House, will draw a lake in Wang Yang. Please ask Tiandong to exchange gifts after crossing the sea with the stars in World War I. I never thought that Mo Xing Tian Xing joined hands to move a towering mountain that day.
Move mountains and fill the sea!
These are naturally enchantment means.
Enchantment is a virtual plane, except for the edge of the enchantment deep in the peach blossom forest or the snow in Luochangfeng, all the people in the Pu courtyard naturally can’t see such a powerful means.
The White House God will obviously fall into the wind with one enemy and two enemies.
A high mountain fell in the marginal Wang Yang.
The monstrous waves stirred up the layers of waves and swallowed the sky, which was unstoppable.
That mountain is not an ordinary mountain.
But the seclusion of the twelve stars in the east, the east, the east and the twelve stars.
There are twelve houses in that Xingchuan.
Although I haven’t seen more than 12 stars in Jingtian, the ten smells left in Xingchuan have merged together to form a kind of terror and coercion that is no less than that of the saints who are led by God.
The White House God can’t bear the heavy pressure.
Stir in your heart and spit out blood
He was shaken by a thousand waves and flew out from the enchantment of the vast sea.
The peach blossom forest was littered with mud, and Luo Changfeng finally found the opportunity.
There was a sharp edge in his eyes, and those were all murders.
He has been waiting for this moment for too long.
Los Changfeng unexpectedly jumped up at the moment.
His whole body is a complete sword boundary, and a lotus flower comes out from his eyebrows. He has a Youlong cold gun in his hand.
He is still some distance away from the inverted White House God, but he is desperate to get rid of it.
Lotus blooms with holy brilliance, and the White House God will be trapped in the lock.
Short and small, in an instant, a clear dragon song echoed through the heavens and the earth, and a real ice dragon roared out of Youlong.
That’s the soul of Youlong, ranked 23rd on the magic list.
The ice dragon will break free from the shackles of lotus glory in an instant, and the White House God will freeze up again.
The White House God will draw an ice sculpture to freeze the emptiness.
Then the cold gun in Luo Changfeng’s hand followed!
He shot through the glittering and translucent jade ice sculpture in the virtual space!
An ancient catalogue in Luo Changfeng’s micro-motion ice sculpture reappeared and entered Luo Changfeng’s knowledge in a flash!
Mantis catches cicada and yellowbird!