"Boo hoo hoo"


The cave man who caught him said that he didn’t understand nonsense, and the cave people around him were also excited to respond. Although he didn’t know what to say, it was definitely not a good thing, but he was calm when he was at the end of the road.
He carefully observed the same position as the altar, and there were mysterious words and symbols. You know, this guy Lu Tianyou, vice industry, is an archaeologist! ! !
These fonts and runes caught his attention.
But obviously, the cave man didn’t give him this research opportunity, but tied it up and quickly put it in the center of the altar.
"Hey, what are you going to do to me! ! ! Let me go! " No matter whether they can understand it or not, how can they die in a place like this when they struggle to survive and make way for a day trip?
"Boo hoo! !” Like the leader, the roar was deafening, which almost made him dizzy in the middle of the road. It was even more terrible that their saliva was corroded.
"Damn it seems that there is no way to communicate, but so many quantities seem to be able to do that! !” Lu tianyou has made a decision in his heart. Although it will increase his burden, there is nothing he can do at the moment.
While the cave man was wailing, a touch of blood donation oozed from his fingers, which came from the road of death call. There was also an unknown strange spell in Tianyakou, and a black purple gas gushed from the center of the altar.
Just when everything was ripe and broke out, there was a loud bang, and all eyes looked up at the high surface. There was an object falling, and there was a loud bang, as if something had fallen to the ground.
This sudden scene also disturbed the cave people, but also made the day tour, which was about to release the big move road, look puzzling. What’s the situation now?
"Mom harm labor chase for so long finally caught up with you where do you want to take my snow sister! !” There is a pool of blood on the ground, which is the purple-brown blood of the cave man, and another figure is holding a girl in her arms. Who is it?
This product actually opened a hole from the top floor?
Lu Tianyou saw a face of horror after seeing it. "Forget the dust head, you" looked up and saw the ceiling.
"Ah Lu Tian You, why are you here?" Forget dust a face of don’t understand said
"That’s not the point." Lu Tianyou was just about to speak when suddenly a figure stormed in and forgot the dust. His feet quickly drifted away and kicked fiercely, but he didn’t expect that the other party actually blocked his leg kick.
"Oh, there are two." Just finished, a cave man hit again on the right side, and then all around came to forget the dust. Instead of shrinking, he shouted "Come on! !”
"Hey, Colonel Forgotten Dust, come and save me! Help me!" Lu Tianyou was so anxious. Didn’t this cargo see that he was tied up? He should have come to save himself at the first time. He actually fought with them. This is playing with his own rhythm.
And more cavemen kept approaching them.
Forgetting the dust and feeling their hostility, so many of them made him horrified. "It seems a little tricky for you to find your way with Xueluo."
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"Big ye, you are quick to save me! !” Lu tianyou said with excitement that he was almost anxious. How can this * * let himself run?
Forget the dust and turn back. "When did you get tied up in the trough?"
After listening to Wang Chen, he said that Lu Tianyou was really drunk and he had been tied up all the time, okay?
"Sand blade!" Snow fell in my arms and launched an attack, which untied his rope. "I will fight even if I forget the dust."
"When the snow falls, you and Lu Tianyou go first, and I’ll block this place."
"But" Xueyuan also wants to say that the road trip has arrived. "Xueyuanmei has too many enemies, and it is more than enough to forget the strength of the dust head and want to escape. We will be in the way here."
Snowfall got the message and forgot to look at the dust and rushed out. At the moment, they were surrounded by angry cave people.
"Slaughterhouse! !”
"This way!" When the slaughterhouse opened the road, blood was flying and limbs were splashing.
The three men rushed out of the slaughterhouse. Although it lasted for a while, it was obvious that there were still strong middlemen among the cave people. If the ability was stronger than the decentralized slaughter force, it would not be seriously affected.
But we fought our way out smoothly
After forgetting the dust, the two men immediately looked for directions. Before leaving, forgetting the dust had circled the terrain, and there was an extension road on this road.
Woo hoo! !
The caveman roared and launched a partner attack. He forgot the dust and grinned. "I can’t let you walk through here."
Angry cave people rushed to kill the dragon, and the dragon’s anger reverberated throughout the crypt. The right fist was even more fierce, like the rain, and the battle was fierce. Ten thousand people forgot to dust, so that tens of thousands of cave people could not step forward on their own.
The plan is going well, and the two have successfully entered the extended road.
But at this instant, a mace caveman killed him head-on and held a knife to stop the boom collision. Suddenly, the fire was so powerful that he actually trapped his feet. How much strength does it take to do something? !
"Break through the soul realm cave man lying trough! ! !” Just touching the dust, I realized that this thin caveman was terrible. It turned out to be a breakthrough in the realm of the soul. The caveman is simply a hegemon in a place like this! ! !
If there is no accident, forget the dust and fight at the moment and you will be the leader of the cave man! !
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four A full moon
The desert caves are awe-inspiring and full of energy, and the whole underground is constantly colliding and deafening, and the blasting is coming out in an endless stream.
The cultivation realm, the acquired realm, the innate realm and the soul realm are divided into three stages except the cultivation realm, but at the peak of the soul realm of creation, the focus is not the opposite, it is just the beginning.
In fact, the gap between the previous grades is not very big, because other aspects are reliable to make up for it. There is still a big gap, and there is still the possibility of victory. However, from the peak of the realm of the earth and the soul to another realm, it is already said that it is not visible on the edge of the three continents.
The creation of the nine continents is complicated, but the people who really broke through the spiritual realm are all geniuses, and the figures are also famous in the mainland.
Because everything that can break through the peak of the soul realm is bound to survive the apocalypse, that is, after the breakthrough of the soul power, it is called heaven and man like God.
That is, the realm of the soul and the realm of heaven and man! ! !

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