However, they are not worried about these post-dangers. They know very well that they are death squads. How can there be any worries about the situation?


The fastest advance didn’t last long, and when Ji Rong Xin Yue’s reinforcements lost their advance, the road ahead collapsed and was blocked. That was the last time that Ji Rong Xin Yue’s passage caused damage when it made nuclear weapons.
However, they did not give up on determining the temporary completion of the passage, and the follow-up support troops quickly rushed in and carried all kinds of ordnance. They cleaned the passage that had been blocked.
Ji Xinghe’s reinforcements rushed to the transition base faster. They walked through Ji Xinghe’s battlefield, shocking all kinds of debris and ruins, making them feel as if they had witnessed the battle Ji Xinghe had experienced.
Not afraid of death, they become even more afraid of death.
However, they didn’t see that many enemy bases kept their fire ports intact, and they didn’t even fire during their continuous advance.
Going deep into the base, they can’t hear that the fighting is bound to be accompanied by explosions, and they can’t feel that the fighting will lead to vibration.
For them, of course, this situation will enable them to live for a short time when they are ready for sacrifice, but they don’t want this situation to last, not because they don’t want to live, but because they all have a common and simple understanding
If the base of the empire has stopped fighting, does that mean …
"Thorn … thorn …"
Suddenly there was a noise in the communication channel of the fastest mobile command team, and before they found the signal source, the sound was relatively clear.
"Our department is an independent group … Ji Jia Xiao Tuan … I … Ji Xing Yue"
Independent regiment mecha squad?
Ji Rong Xin Yue?
I gave myself a surname, Xingyue, and ignored her name, which was too similar to Ji Rongxinyue. When the first team heard her full name, the federal soldiers took her as Ji Rongxinyue, and it was considered that the communication signal was bad and she could not come.
But these are not important. What is important is that the mechanical spider has confirmed that when Emperor Wu III has led a team to evacuate this transition base, it has established communication with the federal troops who came to support them.
The sound of the stars and the moon becomes clearer with the two-way trip.
"We’ve … we’ve hit this transition base … now, the command center of the forward transition base … dash, please immediately send the intelligence command."
The three of us? In addition to Ji Xinghe and Ji Rong Xinyue, who else broke into this transition base?
Did you call?
Why are you rushing to the command center of the transition base when you call?
There are too many questions, but the information they have got has been handed back to the headquarters of the gods mountain at a very high speed, which has brought more questions and confusion, as well as consternation and joy.
But how can strategic principles and tactical ideas be easily changed if there are too many questions? Although the imperial forces that fought against the imperial forces may have been abandoned if they came or didn’t retreat, they could bring huge casualties to the federal forces
Let Yang Antai dare not easily make many questions answered one by one as the mechanical spider repeats and becomes clearer and clearer.
"Our department is the strongest mecha squad in the independent regiment. I am Ji Xingyue, and I am ordered by General Ji Xinghe, the head of our department, to reach important information to the headquarters."
"We drove away Emperor Wu III, and we hit this transition base."
"We won!"
Chapter 71 I can still play
The news of victory has already come before the war on the Mountain of Gods is over.
Instead, it was decided that Emperor Wu III’s visit to the alien battlefield was "beaten away" by the independent team of Ji Xinghe, Ji Rongxinyue and Ji Xingyue and "forced" to give up the last transition base of the imperial alien, and all tactical policies should be changed.
In particular, after going to the transition base to support Ji Xinghe’s troops and paying great casualties, he successfully went deep into the transition base and got the news that Ji Xinghe had occupied the transition base command center.
The enemy has lost its command, and all units in the enemy have got the news of retreat. They are rapidly heading for the transition zone junction and returning to the Empire Star through the continuous star transition gate. When the star transition gate is opened, it really looks like a circular gate, which is large enough for the spacecraft to pass through. However, when the elite of the transition base is about to evacuate, it is impossible for the Empire to have reinforcements to pass through it and come to the battlefield of different stars.
The enemy has a large number of units that are not worth retreating (for Emperor Wu III). This is the case. The commanders at all levels in Shenshen Mountain naturally need to change their tactics, given that the federal forces have not stopped attacking.
But after the change, the war is still very fierce and has won. The situation is slowly advancing? impossible
The value of a transition base is enough for the Federation to invest a lot of resources. What’s more, when the empire has been built for twenty years, what about the first transition base? The anti-nuclear strike structure covering an area of more than 10,000 square kilometers was perfect before it was destroyed, and human beings were able to adapt to the oxygen system and energy system. Even if there was no empire in it, it would be enough to make the sacrifice of this war to some extent equivalent to "returning" or "making big profits"
What’s more, it is absolutely impossible for the empire to withdraw all weapons and equipment of great value to the Federation, including some civilian-grade equipment, which is also of great value to the Federation. If there are enough samples, the Federation has a great chance to complete the decoding of the imperial communication technology, computer technology and so on.
The Federation needs to quickly occupy the No.1 transition base and pay as much as cleaning it up to prevent the entire transition base from being destroyed after the empire completes its retreat.
In this case, Ji Xinghe, who is in the command center of the transition base, received suggestions from the headquarters of the gods mountain and the headquarters of the worse gate to retreat.
"In order to ensure that you and Ji Rongxin are safe in school, we unanimously recommend that you lead the Ji family team to evacuate the transition base command center. We have arranged to meet the command center unit …"
"Suggestions?" Ji Rongxin frowned.
Although she is well aware that her grandfather Ji Xinghe has always had a bad habit of violating military orders, it is normal for the Shenshishan Theater Command to suggest that the federal military command sequence is equal to the theory of World War II, and it is also normal for the Nantianmen Command to suggest this.
But this is not what she expected, so it is very abnormal.
"Of course it’s a suggestion. I don’t believe anyone dares to give orders to the master after today." Xingyue replied in a natural tone. "From now on, we will order others. No one can order us to win the greatest victory of this era because we led the Federation!"
Ji Rong Xinyue smiled and asked, "Xingyue, do you really think so?"
"Of course," the tone of the moon and the moon continued to be happy. "I know what you are worried about. No, the master is not a donkey, and we are not worried that the birds will do their best. But the problem is how dare they have me? Who dares to give them courage?"
"well said"
Ji Rong Xin Yue didn’t change her mind because of the words of Xingyue. Instead, she frowned, not because she didn’t agree with Xingyue’s truth, but because she had been paying attention to Ji Xinghe when she talked with Xingyue, and Ji Xinghe remained silent in the process.
The command center of transition base No.1 is huge, and there is more than one command center that they command at this time, which is the most important and functional one. The intuition with Ji Xinghe is not great, mainly because the imperial orangutans and monkeys were tortured briefly and carefree during the sudden development of the analysis ability of the stars and the moon.