After a cut, Li Yuanqing came to Guanting to be familiar with the plush chair and half-lying lotus root, and served the tea merchants Lao Liu and Ma Dejiang to report the details.


During this period of time, the island’s general trend is stable and everything is going on in an orderly way.
Li Yuanqing’s comparative note’ vegetable basket’ project has been implemented. It is expected that the first batch of vegetables on the island, such as bitter vegetables, will be ready for picking and eating in October, which will alleviate the food pressure on many islands.
The blacksmith’s shop has made more than 2 spears and armor, and some of them are still island branches, which cost 5,200 yuan every month.
Li Yuanqing said that he could accept the so-called "if a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first."
To develop a strong army in Changsheng Island is the first thing, so we should not be stingy with weapons and equipment, but should further increase investment.
In addition, the soldiers, the military marriage merchants Lao Liu and Ma Dejiang, did their best during this period, which is also a top priority
Shang Lao Liu said, "The preparations for the military wedding in Yuanqing are almost complete. All the strong women of school age have been selected, and there are nearly five people. Now the weather is just right. Let’s pick an auspicious day to implement this matter first."
Li Yuanqing nodded to make the soldiers feel a sense of belonging. Marriage and family are very important weights.
This is also Li Yuanqing’s promise to his friends.
"Brother Shang, please discuss this matter with the horse housekeeper. The sooner the better, I will attend."
Two people quickly nodded.
Ma Guanjia also reported to Li Yuanqing about a period of current affairs, including housing allocation, land reclamation and various livestock farms.
The allocation of housing is close to the end, and the soldiers rank according to their qualifications and merits, but there is not much twists and turns, but the land has to face a new problem
The key to the lack of land in Changsheng Island is that the settlements are all here in Nanxinkou. To allocate wasteland means to spread, which is difficult to complete in a short time.
Li Yuanqing said: "Land distribution will be carried out sooner or later. We must plan ahead. Now that the island has a lot of manpower, we can’t do it before. Now there are conditions. After the military marriage is completed, this is the top priority. You two have to work hard."
Shang Lao Liu and Ma Guanjia quickly nodded and saw that Li Yuanqing was tired and they were about to leave.
Shang Lao Liu patted his forehead. "Yuan Qing has another thing. I almost forgot to tell you that Yang Dongzhu sent a batch of them some time ago …"
Shang Lao Liu couldn’t think of how to look at Ma Dejiang at the moment.
Butler Ma said quickly, "The general is a white-haired ghost and some black carbon slaves are little girls."
Li Yuanqing also remembered that there was such a thing that he couldn’t help laughing. "I know about this. Go and get busy."
Looking at two people leave Li Yuanqing couldn’t help laughing.
It’s been several months since I came back from the capital, and I think that ghost Joseph has been ground almost by now.
Joseph was depressed, really depressed.
I met Li Yuanqing. He met the gold master and the man who could change his destiny. But it was hateful that this lowly yellow-skinned monkey simply treated him like a monkey. Although he bought his slave, he directly regarded him as angry and made him stay in the capital for several months in vain.
I finally came to this unknown desert island, but I was told that their general had gone to war and I didn’t know when he would come back.
It’s hard to hear that the general is back, but after five or six days in a row, he has urged the damn servant for more than ten times, but he hasn’t got a reply.
Joseph can’t stand it today. He has to see this hateful Oriental expensive.
It happened that the servant who was guarding him in this humble post office went out for some reason today, and he secretly knocked on the gate and came to the street.
Although the fact that he was’ detained’ in the posthouse was so recognized by Joseph, in fact, these servants did not restrict his freedom.
He has a lot of activities during the day and can walk around this town.
It’s a pity that this town doesn’t even have a grocery store around, and it’s just like holding a prisoner. Joseph has to be restricted where he wants to go. Today, with this opportunity, he must walk around the town and find that hateful Oriental expensive residence and have a good talk with him, so that he can know the consequences of offending him.
Although the street is very simple, it has been paved with bluestones and wide slates, so even though it is drizzling today, the road is not too muddy, and there are signs of the city
Joseph also saw that this oriental aristocrat must be a new aristocrat, because everything in this land seems to be just emerging.
But to Joseph’s surprise, it’s almost noon, and the horse will arrive at dinner, but no one can see the street. What’s going on?
Joseph looked around looking for clues as he walked.
Soon he found something unusual. Many of these annoying houses hung red lanterns at the door. What does this mean?
While he was hesitating, Joseph suddenly heard a large crowd of people shouting excitedly in the distance. It seemed that there were many people.
Joseph couldn’t help laughing. What tricks are these nasty yellow monkeys playing?
But the pace is quickly in the direction of sound.
Soon he came to the sound source, which was a wide square or a military camp that had not been built.
At this time, it is crowded and dark here, and there are even ten thousand people.
Bright red silk is hung all around, which gives people a feeling of being so festive.
"What are these people doing? Is that Oriental expensive to get married? " Joseph thought quickly toward the flow of people in the past.
Chapter 25 Military Marriage (2)
On September 16, the second year of the Apocalypse, it was appropriate to marry Changshengdao, and the long-planned military marriage was officially kicked off.
At this time, the simple tinker in the pro-barracks has become a huge stage.
More than five selected strong women of school age were arranged in a series and subdivided into several phalanxes, and the soldiers of Changsheng Camp entered these phalanxes for official blind date according to their official positions and military achievements.
The women are all dressed up today to show their best and find a husband.
And the soldiers also polished their eyes to find their other half in the crowd.
For those who have long had a heart-to-heart relationship, they will not participate in this blind date if they need to report it in advance, and there will be no mistakes in hitting Yuanyang.
And if the woman doesn’t like the man, the man can’t force it, which also avoids the occurrence of’ stealing relatives’ to a certain extent.
It’s a rule. Although Shang Laoliu and Ma Guanjia have been planning for a long time, it’s hard to be sure that there will be an accident when they are actually implemented. Li Yuanqing also came to the scene early in the morning with several family members. If there is a dispute, they can intervene to solve the problem at the first time.
Although it was drizzling in the sky, it didn’t affect everyone’s interest at all. With the success of Xu Hei’s first pairing, Li Yuanqing personally married them, and the whole scene atmosphere reached a high tide.
Women all envy this woman named Xiulian, who has become Mrs. Qian in one step.