Yan light winding to also wonder what this little maid-in-waiting saw her like a ghost. It was only after listening to her such a call that she dared to * come home and treat her like Yan light winding a pretty face. She rushed out to cover her mouth with rain and dew.


"Hey … little maid-in-waiting … you give me back to little ye …" Before the word was exported, there was already a soft sword to Yan’s neck.
"Who are you?" A scream of rain and dew has already aroused Yan Ruyi’s idea that Yan Ruyi is staying asleep. Shen Menglu heard the noise and hurried over.
Yan Ruyi said that Shen Menglu wanted to take a nap. First, it was an excuse. Who knew that Shen Menglu fell asleep in a daze when he arrived at Xuanyuan Temple? At this moment, Shen Menglu just slept soon. Yan Ruyi was afraid that the rain and dew would disturb Shen Menglu’s rest.
"Take the sword for Xiao Ye!" It’s very bad to be treated as a rogue Yan Qingluo. At the moment, being touched by a sword against Bo Yan Qingluo is just 7: 00 smoking. "One by one is blind. I don’t know Xiao Ye. Am I the savior of your family?" Is this how you treat your guests in the Muwangfu? Young master, I really should give your prince a poison! "
Yan Ruzheng looked at Yan Qingluo a little hard to believe what she said. Yan Ruyi realized that this Yan medical sage had to be an old uncle. Such a brat really has no credibility.
"No matter who you are, trespassing in Xuanyuan Temple is capital punishment! Get out! " Yan Ruyi pushed a Yan Qingluo from behind and motioned for her to go out. It’s damn who disturbed the rest of the young lady.
"You want to die!" How dare you push her! Yan light winding to the fire with a snap of his finger will Yan as a frame, her neck soft sword bites to the ground, and her palms are a condensate backhand, which gives Yan as a palm. Yan light winding this palm almost does her department’s capability. This Yan as a spark is instantly beaten by her to fly out two meters and fall into the courtyard and vomit blood.
"If you don’t lose your temper, you will think that you are a sick cat!" Yan light winding up Yan Ruyi angrily soft sword walked up to her and looked at her condescendingly. "Say! Where is Shen Menglu? Otherwise, I won’t break your clothes if I look at you! " Said soft sword has threatened to pick Yan as a neck buckle.
Yan Ruyi regretted that she had underestimated this smelly little girl. She glared angrily at Yan Qingluo and returned to "I don’t know!"
"Oh, hey, it’s quite backbone. I’ll bare you to see if you are still so backbone." Yan Qingluo was angry at the thought of those rumors that slandered their reputation.
Have to ….. Since you treat me as a thief, I will be a thief once to show you! Otherwise, how can you live up to that deliberate spread of rumors Shen Menglu! Yan Qingluo hissed and picked Yan as a neckline dress to reveal her snow-white skin.
Yan Ruwan never imagined that this seemingly 14-or 15-year-old boy could be so vicious as to really do such a thing. Although Yan Ruyi was careless and often dressed as a man when she was a dark guard, in the final analysis, she was a Yunying unmarried girl who was teased by Yan Qingluo and suddenly turned pale.
Yan Ruyi is too white. There are so many dark guards in this Muwangfu. I don’t know how many pairs of eyes are staring at them in this dark place. I think that my reputation will be destroyed. This bad boy is so angry that his teeth rattle.
"say! Where is Shen Menglu? " Yan Qingluo pressed angrily again.
"no! Know! Tao! " Yan Ruyi looked at Yan Qingluo bitterly. "You have something to kill me!"
"Kill you? Wouldn’t it be dirty little ye hand "yan light winding cold hum a ear tip to hear the rain and dew.
"* the thief is over there, hurry up" and then the guards responded.
Yan Qingluo soft sword rubbed Yan as a bar with malicious intent. "If the guards came and saw you naked, I don’t know how it would react? Gee … I feel interesting when I think about it, but you have to tell me where Shen Menglu is and I will let you go. "
Yan Ruyi also heard the guards saying that Yan Qingluo was simply going to kill her. Yan Ruyi closed her eyes and remembered that she had already died once. It was a big deal to die again! It’s a pity that she didn’t have a chance to serve the young lady again. Although Shen Menglu didn’t stay around for a long time, Yan Ruyi really took her as the Lord.
"You are dead this heart! Even if you cramp me and skin me, I won’t say it! " Yan Ruyi simply closed his eyes and stopped looking at Yan Qingluo.
"Oh, it’s really clashing! I won’t do anything about cramping and skinning, little ye, but it’s a piece of cake to light your clothes. "Yan Ruyi’s heroic attitude provoked a burst of blockage in Yan Qingluo’s heart. The more Yan Ruyi maintained Shen Menglu’s Yan Qingluo’s heart, the less it tasted.
Why is she going to be slandered as a thief Shen Menglu, but someone is so reckless to protect her?
To say that Yan Qingluo had threatened her by saying that she wanted to be as light as Yan Ruyi, now she is determined to teach Yan Ruyi a lesson.
Yan light winding uncomfortable to hum a sword to Yan as a greeting in the past, but her hand sword haven’t met Yan as a bead to shoot down, and then a cloak fell to Yan as a suit.
"It’s bad at a young age. This shows that the family education in Yanmen has made great progress!" Shen Menglu’s cool voice came from the steps.
Yan Qingluo and Yan Ruyi turned to Shen Menglu at the same time.
"Miss …" Yan Ru couldn’t help choking at the sight of Shen Menglu.
Shen Menglu took the steps and reached for her cloak for her. "Silly girl, the most basic principle of do miss people is to protect yourself. Miss said that no one can take your life, including yourself."
"Hum, you’re out." Yan Qingluo looked at the master and servant, and they were super-unhappy. "What you said is better than singing well, little ye. If I really want her life, how can you resist little ye?"
"My girl should be low-key and don’t be too arrogant." Shen Menglu shook her head and stared at Yan Qingluo Gherardini. Everyone in Yan Men pursues a low-key style. How did such a high-profile little girl die? !
Shen Menglu has recognized her identity since she heard this crazy little guy named Yan Qingluo. With such an arrogant tone and eyes, Zhang dares to say that he is a sage of Yan medicine. Who else but that bold little girl who dares to flirt with her in the middle of the night?
Little girl? ! Yan Ruyi glanced suspiciously at Yan Qingluo and glanced at Shen Menglu’s soothing eyes. Yan Ruyi’s mood was a little calmer, but her anger at Yan Qingluo was not diminished. Even if she was a woman, it was a sin to expose her skin in front of the dark guard.
"Miss, do whatever you like. Did you manage it early?" Yan Qingluo grumpily retorted.
"How do you miss is out of your control, but if you hurt me, miss has to take care of it." Shen Menglu’s tone condensed. "Is it a child’s play for women’s reputation?"

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