"If you don’t think it’s enough, we can add three more copies of dragon marrow."


Aoxing once again argued that he wanted the other party to promise to learn from each other who was stronger in the prosperous state: Aotian and Luchen. Luchen Daoji’s injury could not be repaired in one year, and Aotian was unlikely to lose.
If Tianhua Lu just said that it was to replace Lu Chen and Ao Tian with Lu Shui, then Aoxing would hesitate, but Tianhua Lu didn’t say to change personnel.
Liu Chen coughed again and coughed up a lot of secret blood. "The younger generation will be injured even if it can’t be cured, and there is no hope of winning the first world war with the injury and the proud brother Tian. The mortal casino will also make a odds. The younger generation thinks that this exchange can’t be played."
Ao Tian felt a little strange when he heard Lu Chen’s words. He always felt that the other party called his name a little out of tune.
"Forget it or not. Let’s go back to Wushen Mountain to recuperate. If they dare to start work, they will kill Ao Tian."
Tianhua Lu patted Lu Chen on the shoulder like a kind old man.
Aoxing looked at the old man and the young man performing here and felt bored. "Now there are two dragon fruit in our Gulong Grottoes. If you win, I will give them to you."
"Ahem …"
Liu Chen kept coughing up blood and motioning with his hand, "No, the younger generation can’t really beat the elder. Now I want to go back to my hometown and have a look before this life comes to an end."
The elder said gently, "Let’s go home when the children leave."
Qian Xue looked at the strange face and said that the captain had become like this.
She knew early in the morning that Lu Chen was ready to engage in war, because people like Lu Chen never avoid war, especially arrogant like Ao Tian, which is very challenging. The conditions of the first world war are very attractive to Lu Chen.
But Lu Chen refused to agree to the road injury, and he didn’t exaggerate to the point where there was no blood to cough. He also forced himself to cough.
At the moment, the root of cough is not caused by the instability of Daoji, but forced out by Lu Chen himself.
"Two dragon fruit and three million-year-old dragon marrow!"
Aoxing gritted his teeth. Although he felt that Aotian could not lose to a sick seedling, he still had a dull pain in his heart when he said this.
Because I don’t know what, he feels that Tianhua Lu and Lu Chen are playing him. Since the other party dares to play, it is said that the other party is a little sure.
Aoxing always feels that he is drilling into the set, but he still has to drill into the Gulong Cave today. The loss is already great, so this tense situation can force Wushenshan to make a choice between war and peace.
He must facilitate this exchange and agree that Ao Tian will win the Gulong Cave, and the future will be a bright dragon, which will transform the Gulong Cave.
"Ow ~?"
Xiaojinlong’s face expression is a little weird at this time, and Lu Chen secretly strokes.
"What the doyen seduce you! ?”
Lu Chen was shocked and shouted
Ao Tian was dumbfounded, and Ao Xing was flushed. "Big talk!"
Just now, he did tell Xiaojinlong about dragon occultism, but it means that he promised many benefits after coming to Gulong Cave, such as a lot of female dragons in Gulong Cave.
If you want to talk about seduction, this may also count.
But how does it feel that it doesn’t taste right to say it so bluntly from your small mouth?
"Oh, that’s what I mean."
Liu Chen looked at Xiao Jinlong again and gestured again before he realized that he understood the meaning differently and scratched his head. I’m sorry to say, "Forgive me, my predecessors have misunderstood me."
Aoxing looked rain or shine, and Lu Chen beat him. Tianhua Lu didn’t nod in agreement with him. He knew that the other party was forcing them to increase the price.
The value of the real dragon cub is definitely estimated, but if necessary, according to the dragon ancestors, the real dragon cub may not grow for a long time, so the value of the dragon fruit is not lost to the real dragon blood.
It’s fine if you win, but what if you lose? Aren’t they going to bleed out in the Gulong Cave?
He took a deep breath to adjust his mind.
Tianhua Lu Aoxing has reached the limit and it is impossible to increase the price. When Aoxing suddenly looks like he has received a sound saying, "Two pieces of dragon fruit and a million-year-old dragon marrow friend should be worth the latter."
The dragon marrow in Gulong Cave is not the dragon marrow, but it is not the dragon marrow liquid that covers the sky, but the dragon gas in the ancient dragon burial site condenses and condenses into an essence, and the longer it takes, the stronger its effect will be.
Can help people quickly break through the practice of physical stability. The basic principle is that the dragon marrow of thousands of years is enough to turn mortals into immortals. If it comes, it will be even more effective.
Tianhua Lu shine at the moment. As far as he knows, the Gulong Grottoes also have this ten million-year-old dragon marrow. Even the dragon ancestors are reluctant to take it out as a bet?
He had to rethink the competition. Although Lu Chen was strong, Ao Tian was really amazing and Lu Chen was in a wrong state …
"Big elders junior … ahem … feel … ahem … still struggling to do it"
Lu Chen really coughed this time and was a little excited, mainly because
"What do you think?"
Tianhua Lu is to let Lu Chen grasp his physical condition when he makes an appointment.
Now that Lu Chen is ready to engage, he believes Lu Chen.
"The younger generation is really seriously injured at this time, so it is always necessary to be stable for a period of time. If this proud brother insists on the morning of World War I, he will have to wait for a year."
When Lu Chen sets a buffer, he can’t talk for too long, otherwise the people in Gulong Cave won’t promise each other, just keep an eye on his current injury.

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