Zhu Fujingguang looked at all kinds of parcels on the ground and smiled. "Thank you very much. I made breakfast. Do you want to eat together?"


"Thank you, Sister H-Hongmei. You are really beautiful and kind-hearted." Betty Ross laughed.
Feng Jian almost shed tears of excitement after taking breakfast.
It’s a shame to drop the valley "…"
"Is it called Hongmei?" Hagiwara Kenji squatted in the corner and murmured, "Meow sauce is called zer, which looks like a small woman. It’s called Hongmei. Even the names are very similar. I just didn’t look carefully and now I find that Miss Hongmei is really like holding a little guy in her arms-"
"It’s like a valley drop, isn’t it?" A thick male voice sounded above the valley drop.
Descending valley saw a tough face in the past and appeared in Descending Valley’s eyes.
"Ah? Monitor, have you also become a Piao? " Hagiwara Kenji asked.
Date Wataru nodded. "Yeah, then I heard the two people on the sofa talking about the valley drop and followed them."
Looking down the valley at the sofa, Feng Jian and Betty Ross said to themselves, you really have all kinds of things when you go out once.
"By the way, I told you that we also met-"
Date Wataru sounded with Hagiwara Kenji’s screams, and when he looked up, he saw a joint and broke up with Hagiwara Kenji’s hair. He heard the owner say, "Long time no see, Hagiwara Kenji."
After hearing Matsuda Jinpei’s gnashing of teeth, he felt that if he were a person, he would be shocked into a cold sweat. It was so scary, curly bastard.
"Ow ow-small array flat I was wrong! Always let go first, okay? Although it’s gone with the wind, it really hurts! Stop pulling. It’s really bald! Mediterranean research is second to none! "
It’s cruel to cover your eyes with a grain claw. This scene is not suitable for a kitten like him.
Date Wataru laughed. "Well, it’s rare to meet Song Tian again."
Matsuda Jinpei cut and loosened Hagiwara Kenji’s hair.
Hagiwara Kenji tearfully accused Matsuda Jinpei of saying, "Xiao Lanping is really fierce. Don’t we meet for so long? Shouldn’t we have a reunion hug with Yan Er Sauce? How to pull somebody else’s hair? "
Matsuda Jinpei glanced at Hagiwara Kenji calmly and said, "Let my fist hug your face warmly?"
Hagiwara Kenji decisively shut up.
"So what is this?" Matsuda Jinpei asked.
Date Wataru shook his head. "I don’t know. Maybe it’s a ghost."
"It should be that humans can’t see us, but this is called zer. Kittens can see us," said Hagiwara Kenji.
Suddenly named down the valley "…"
"ha? Zer?” Matsuda Jinpei looked at the cat in front of him and stroked Ba and said, "I don’t know why I always feel that I have found the feeling of falling into the valley."
The down-valley cat is determined to huff at Matsuda Jinpei. Any curly bastard in the world is as poisonous as ever.
Hagiwara Kenji sighed, "Speaking of the small valley, I thought of the small Zhufu. Where have these two men gone? It is really worrying to hear from you as soon as you graduate. "
Date Wataru looked a little sad. Matsuda Jinpei found something wrong with Date Wataru and asked, "Monitor, do you know what happened?"
Date Wataru’s eyes are red. "Zhufu has sacrificed the valley and sent his relics back."
Matsuda Jinpei opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.
Hagiwara Kenji lowered his eyes and said, "Is the little valley left alone?"
Descending the valley with his head down and answering in his heart, yes, the world is as lonely as its own generation.
The door was opened again when the atmosphere was low.
Zhu Fujingguang laughed and said, "Welcome home for dinner."
At the door, I was stunned before saying "I’m back"
Betty Ross said with a sandwich in her mouth, "Welcome home, brother Anyi."
The wind immediately got up and bowed 90 degrees and said, "Mr. Jianggu, welcome home."
"…" Betty Ross patted Feng Jian on the shoulder and said, "Calm down, Mr. Feng Jian, you are so scary."
Zhu Fujingguang smiled with Xiao Kui. "Mr. Feng is so excited."
The cat in the valley agrees. It’s still necessary to practice when the wind sees it.
An Shi-tou thought for a while and said, "It really is necessary to be specially trained."
"Dad, Dad!" Small kwai very happily held out his hand and asked "where have you been? What, I can’t find you again? "
I don’t know how to deal with Xiao Kui. She looked guiltily at the cat sitting on the sofa.
I heard my daughter call someone else’s father down to the valley "…"
Zhu Jingguang "…" It’s too difficult for the question that dad is not dad. Let zer explain it himself.
Hagiwara Kenji & Matsuda Jinpei & Date Wataru "…" Dad? Suddenly, I feel like I just fed the dog.
Just floated back to Scotland with the young trainer "…"
Feng Jian thought it was time for him to retreat, so he ran away without stopping.
Hagiwara Kenji and Matsuda Jinpei patted the Scottish ghost on the shoulder.
Date Wataru said, "Don’t be sad, I think Jianggu still cares about you. You see, this lady looks just like you. I think …" Date Wataru felt that the more he said, the more he set off the slag, so he shut up decisively.
Throughout the game, Betty Ross laughed directly.
The cat in the valley also slapped her mercilessly. Don’t, he doesn’t know who did this.
Betty Ross buried her face and wailed, "Ah, I’m ruined."
"Meow-(don’t whine, my roots won’t stretch my claws)" Tanya’s tail poked Betty Ross and said, "Meow (can you explain to me what’s going on? )”
An Shi Tou looked at the Fujingguang doubtfully.
Zhu Jingguang explained, "zer is asking if Chuxue did something strange that caused the guest content here to exceed the standard."
An Shitou looked puzzled. "Huh?"
Betty Ross, holding the armpit of the valley, said, "Ah, I came here to change my brother first, and there was an unnecessary misunderstanding, but because I am not very skilled, my two wishes were reversed. The content of floating in this room exceeded the standard."
Hagiwara Kenji & Matsuda Jinpei & Date Wataru & Scotland "…" Does she speak Mandarin? Why do I feel that I don’t understand Mandarin?

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